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Complivit superenergy #10

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Instruction for Complivit superenergyYou can buy vitamins Complivit superenergy on this page onlineIndications: "Complivit Superenergy with ginseng" is recommended as a biologically active food additive - an additional source of v..

Instruction for Complivit superenergy

You can buy vitamins Complivit superenergy on this page online

Indications: "Complivit Superenergy with ginseng" is recommended as a biologically active food additive - an additional source of vitamins C, group B (B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin, biotin), mineral elements (magnesium, zinc , selenium), L-carnitine, the source of ginsenosides, which play an important role in reducing the risk of chronic fatigue, in maintaining efficiency and well-being (including under stress), with increased physical and mental stress.
Can be used for chronic fatigue syndrome, stress.
Contraindications: Individual intolerance of components, arterial hypertension, insomnia, increased nervous excitability, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

composition of Complivit superenergy

The action of "Complivit Super Energy with Ginseng" is due to the properties of the constituent components (according to the literature data):
- Vitamin B1 - plays an important role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, as well as in the processes of conduction of nervous excitation in synapses.
- Vitamin B2 - the most important catalyst of cellular respiration, participates in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, in maintaining normal eye function.
- Vitamin B6 is involved in the metabolism; is necessary for the normal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system.
- Vitamin C is involved in the regulation of oxidation-reduction processes, in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, blood clotting, and tissue regeneration. Maintains healthy blood vessels, skin and bone tissue, enhances the protective properties of the body, participates in immune reactions, improves the absorption of iron.
- Niacin (B3) is involved in the processes of tissue respiration, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Folic acid takes part in the synthesis of amino acids, nucleotides, nucleic acids, is necessary for normal erythropoiesis, improves the regeneration of damaged tissues.
- Pantothenic acid participates in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, accelerates regeneration processes, participates in the transmission of nerve impulses.
- Vitamin B12 is an important factor in the growth, hematopoiesis and development of epithelial cells, it is necessary for the metabolism of folic acid and the synthesis of myelin, which forms the envelope of nerve fibers. Increases the resistance of erythrocytes to hemolysis. Increases the ability of tissues to regenerate.
- Biotin is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Promotes the growth of cells, participates in the biosynthesis of fatty acids, glycogen, the metabolism of amino acids, in the assimilation of other B vitamins. Insufficient intake of biotin potentiates a violation of the normal state of the skin. Biotin has insulin-like action, normalizing blood glucose level.
- Zinc is part of the main enzymes involved in various biochemical reactions; in the processes of synthesis and decomposition of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nucleic acids, in the stabilization of cell membranes, has immunomodulatory properties.
- Magnesium participates in many enzymatic reactions, reduces the excitability of nerve cells. Magnesium takes part in the formation of muscle and bone tissue, as well as in the synthesis of protein. It alleviates the symptoms of nervous tension. Promotes normalization of arterial pressure.
- Selenium has an antioxidant effect, reduces the impact on the body of external negative factors (unfavorable ecology, stress, smoking, chemical carcinogens, radiation) capable of enhancing the formation of free radicals that destroy cell membranes; has a protective effect when heavy metals enter the body; helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. In combination with vitamin C, it improves the adaptive abilities of the organism under the influence of extreme factors.
- Ginseng root extract, containing biologically active substances ginsenoside, has an adaptogenic effect under stress, improves physical and mental performance, supports the immune system, and restores after ailments.
- L-carnitine is a vitamin-like substance. Participates in protein metabolism and synthesis of muscle tissue, favorably affects the cardiovascular system. Activates fat metabolism, mobilizes fat from fat stores, increases the tolerance of physical activity, restores working capacity after prolonged physical exertion. Helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, the excess of which is a potential risk factor for the development of a number of vascular diseases. Stimulates regeneration processes. Compatibility of components in one tablet is provided with special technology

mode of application

Adults take 1 tablet 1 time per day with meals, dissolving in a glass (200 ml) of water.
The recommended course of admission is 10 days. If necessary, in consultation with the attending physician, the course can be repeated.

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