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Trijex tabs 4gr #20

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Trijex instruction for useYou can buy Trijex on this pageThe human body is a laboratory of various chemical and biological processes. All of them occur due to certain substances, which include vitamins and minerals.It is very diff..

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Trijex instruction for use

You can buy Trijex on this page

The human body is a laboratory of various chemical and biological processes. All of them occur due to certain substances, which include vitamins and minerals.
It is very difficult to constantly maintain the required level of these substances, which causes beriberi.
Sometimes, avitaminosis reaches such a degree that the body malfunctions: metabolism deteriorates, protective functions suffer.
Coping with such an affliction is possible with the help of a "shock" dose of vitamins. Among the drugs with this effect is Trijex.
Tablets Trijex is a biologically active additive to food with a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Doctors advise these vitamins in case if

    the body lacks vitamins;
    insufficient micro- and macroelements;
    it is required to restore metabolism;
    it is necessary to strengthen protection against infections.
Like many intensive vitamins, Trijex is not always suitable for people with these indications, so you need to consult a doctor.

Form of issue

The drug Trijex manufacturers produce in the form of "effervescent" instant tablets of 4 grams each, in the package they contain 20 pieces. The tablets are sweetened and flavored with lime.

Composition of Trijex

The composition of the Trijex tablets requires special attention, because the preparation contains many different elements. Among them, 8 vitamins, including 5 groups of B, and 10 micro- and macro-substances.
Let us dwell on the role of each ingredient in detail, starting with vitamins.
    Vitamin B12 helps restore nerves, fight allergies, narrowing of blood vessels, participates in the normalization of pressure and the synthesis of amino acids, activates blood clotting, the exchange of fats and carbohydrates, is an immunomodulator.
    Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, among the most important functions of the vitamin - stimulation of the synthesis of adrenal hormones (glucocorticoids), antibodies and neurotransmitters.
    Vitamin C is required for a person in the greatest quantities and it is most often found in medicine. Widely known properties of this vitamin are restorative properties, reinforcement of peristalsis, vitamin is also involved in the synthesis of collagen for tendons, ligaments, bones, vessel walls, helps in the processing of cholesterol.
    Vitamin B2 is a catalyst in cellular respiration, helps in the formation of red blood cells and the production of hemoglobin, which makes it one of the main elements in a person's life. In addition, B2 helps eyesight, the formation of DNA.
    Vitamin B3, more commonly known as PP, also helps cellular respiration, and at the same time regulates digestion, participates in the brain, is used for the synthesis of hormones and bile acids, the processing of carbohydrates and fats. Although it is often lacking in a metropolitan inhabitant, it is impossible to go too far from PP - after 60 mg per day the element becomes harmful.
    Vitamin B1 will save brain cells from toxicity and death, freeing them from glucose decay products. Its lack leads to the nervous syndromes of Beri-beri and Gaye-Wernicke, while no one has suffered from the excess of this vitamin.
    Vitamin A is an active participant in oxidation-reduction reactions, which also regulates the production of protein and the function of cell membranes, important for vision, slows down aging.
    Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is necessary for new cells, as it participates in DNA replication. The need for a vitamin is high in the formation of blood cells and spermatozoa, and the lack of B9 can provoke cancer.
    Vitamin B6 helps to synthesize hemoglobin and neurotransmitters - substances that control the work of nerve cells, participate in "reading" information from DNA. In addition, B6 regulates glucose levels and helps the nerves get nutrients. Thanks to this vitamin improves working capacity and improves mood.
    Vitamin E, being an antioxidant, protects cells from cancer and aging. The substance is involved in the formation of the musculature of the vessels and digestive system, stimulates muscles, sex glands. Lack of vitamin stimulates neuromuscular damage.
    The main role of iodine in the human body is associated with the thyroid gland - this microelement is contained in the thyroid hormones, and its deficiency leads to mild headaches, fatigue, depression, irritability, memory and intelligence impairment, iodine deficiency provokes disease and cretinism.
    Selenium in our body interacts with vitamins, enzymes and cell membranes, participates in oxidation-reduction processes, regulation of the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
    Zinc plays an important role in the metabolism of vitamin E, it is necessary for the work of the prostate and the production of sperm with male hormones (including testosterone), is also involved in the breakdown of alcohol.
    Iron is a part of hemoglobin and is vital for saturation of cells with oxygen, there are a number of iron-containing proteins synthesized in the human body.
    Magnesium participates as a cofactor in many fermentation reactions and is necessary for the creation of ATP, the universal energy source of the body.
    Copper is necessary for man to form a number of proteins, including those involved in the growth of bone tissue.
    Calcium is primarily needed to form bones and teeth, but its role is also evident in many intracellular processes, including muscle cell contraction.
    Molybdenum enhances the effect of vitamin C, participates in tissue respiration, enhances the synthesis of amino acids and promotes the exchange of nitrogen.
    Manganese is especially important for the growth of the body, it affects the formation of blood and the function of sexual glands.
As auxiliary components in Trijex include citric acid E330, sodium bicarbonate E500, sweetener aspartame E951, polyethylene glycol E1521, dextrose filler, flavor "Limon-Lime"

Dosing and Administration

You can drink Trijex adults and children over 4 years. However, it is recommended for adults.
Take Trijex one tablet a day after a meal or during. The tablet should be thrown into a glass of drinking water (200 milliliters) and drink the resulting solution.

Drug Interactions

The drug Trijex has no "special relationship" with other drugs, its effect is not enhanced by drug-related proximity. However, there are a number of precautions because of the vitamins contained in its composition.
First of all, it is necessary to avoid drugs containing vitamins of group B, as well as vitamin complexes when taking Trijex.
In this supplement, a lot of vitamins, a dose of the majority - above the requirements and additional intake of vitamins can cause hypervitaminosis or an overdose.
The drug Levopod for the treatment of Parkinson's disease can lose its effectiveness when interacting with vitamins.
At the same time, some vitamins from the complex are worse absorbed in combination with anticonvulsants: Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, Kabamazepine; treating gout with colchicine; prescribed diabetics Biguanids; treating isonizidum tuberculosis.

Side effects and contraindications

Trijex tablets are sweetened with aspartame, which in the body turns into phenylanin. Therefore, Trijex is strictly contraindicated in people with phenylketonuria.
Individual intolerance to other components of the drug is also a contraindication.
Otherwise, this drug may cause such side effects as an allergic reaction.

In pregnancy

If there is no reason to abandon Trijex because of intolerance to the components, this drug is well suited to pregnant women, because during their gestation their need for vitamins grows, and vitamins and trace elements are also important for the baby in the womb for growth and formation of cells and tissues.

Terms and conditions of storage

Tablets Trijex should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight, the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life of the drug is 3 years.


On Internet forums and medicines dedicated to the customers of Trijex describe it as an effective, easy-to-use, tasty drug.
Despite the fact that it is recommended by an adult, many reviews suggest that users offer it to their children during a period of intense workload.
Users do not notice any negative effects.
More detailed reviews of the drug can be found at the end of the article.


Bioadditive Trijex can help with beriberi and some related problems if you follow the instructions:
    It is used to normalize the body's processes in beriberi;
    helps to cope with illnesses and compensate for a meager diet;
    It is useful in pregnancy for the replenishment of vitamins and minerals;
    is forbidden by suffering phenylketonuria;
    high concentrations of vitamins can cause an overdose;
    before buying you need a doctor's consultation.

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