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Iodine 5% 10ml

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Iodine user manualYou can buy Iodine hereCompositionOne milliliter of a 5% alcohol solution contains 50 mg of iodine, as well as auxiliary components: 96% ethanol, potassium iodide and purified water.Form of issueA solution of Iod..

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Iodine user manual

You can buy Iodine here


One milliliter of a 5% alcohol solution contains 50 mg of iodine, as well as auxiliary components: 96% ethanol, potassium iodide and purified water.

Form of issue

A solution of Iodine alcohol 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%.
    a bottle of dark glass 10 ml;
    vial-dropper 10 ml;
    1 pencil bottle.

pharmachologic effect

Iodine solution of alcohol (in Latin - Solutionis Iodi spirituosae) has antiseptic, local irritant and anti-inflammatory effects.
Iodine crystalline antimicrobial, distracting, antiseptic and hypolipidemic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

What is Iodine?

Iodine (INN: Iodine + [Potassium iodide + Ethanol]) is a solid, having a molecular crystal lattice, substance. It is a black-gray color with a purple hue crystals (or plates) with a characteristic odor.
With mild heating sublimes (sublimation of iodine - this is the transition of matter from solid to gaseous state), volatile.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic parameters

The substance is characterized by the ability to form iodine. The absorbed part is distributed in organs and tissues, selectively absorbed by the thyroid gland (thyroid gland).
The substance is secreted by the kidneys (the main part), as well as by the intestines, milk and sweat glands.
It shows cauterizing and tanning properties, bactericidal effect. Irritant to mucosal and skin receptors. He takes part in the synthesis of thyrotoxin (the main hormone of thyroid gland), favorably acting on protein and lipid metabolism (lowers the concentration of LDL and cholesterol), enhances the processes of metabolic decomposition (dissimilation).

Indications for use

Alcohol solution is used as an antiseptic and irritant for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, to prevent infection of minor skin lesions, to reduce inflammation in neuralgias and myositis (has a distracting effect), to treat the edges of wounds, fingers of the surgeon and operating field.
Also, the agent can be used for the following indications:
    tertiary syphilis;
    inflammatory infiltrates;
    atrophic laryngitis;
    chronic intoxication with lead or mercury.


Contraindication to the use of the solution is hypersensitivity to iodine. The agent should not be used to treat trophic and diabetic ulcers.

Side effects

Side effects of iodine and iodine preparations are called iodism. They are manifested in the form of lesions of the mucous membranes, increased saliva and / or lacrimation, skin rash, broncho- and rhinorrhea, urticaria, digestive system disorders, contact dermatitis, and Quincke edema.
In people especially sensitive to I, the listed symptoms are accompanied by malaise and fever, there is a metallic taste in the mouth.
The most frequent skin manifestations are iodine acne, which has the appearance of papulo-pustular eruptions scattered across the face and body.
Sometimes, toxicodermia (iododerma) associated with intolerance can develop, which manifests itself in the form of purpura, blisters, erythema, vegetative nodes, or blisters.

How is the allergy to the substance manifested?

Allergy to Iodine is one of the types of drug intolerance. Typically, the toxic effect of iodine is due to chronic diseases of internal organs or an overdose of iodine-containing drugs. Rarely, it is associated with individual idiosyncrasy.
Iodine refers to a family of halogens that are not capable of being true allergens. However, it should be remembered that as a hapten, the substance collects a molar mass due to high molecular weight protein compounds in the human blood.
Formed as a result of the reaction of the substance with tissue proteins (antibodies), the antigenic complex is precisely the cause of allergic reaction and sensitization.
Symptoms of allergies vary depending on the way the element enters the human body.
With external application, allergic dermatitis is possible: redness, itching, burning, swelling of the tissues at the site of application of the solution, and sometimes - pain.
When taking iodine-containing medications, a rash appears reminiscent of urticaria, which is accompanied by itching and burning.
In more severe cases, angioedema develops and breathing is disrupted (if swelling spreads from face to larynx). With intravenous iodine preparations, bronchospasm and anaphylactic shock were recorded.
Continuation of contact with the substance in spite of allergies promotes the intensification of its manifestations.

Instruction for the use of iodine (Method and dosage)

Instruction for a solution of iodine alcohol

With external application, the solution is moistened with a cotton swab that is used to treat damaged skin.
Inside Iodine is taken after meals, previously dissolved in milk. The dose is selected individually depending on the indications.
For the treatment of atherosclerosis, adults are prescribed 10-12 drops of a solution of 3 r. / Day. For prophylactic purposes, the drug takes 2-3 r./year for 30 days in a dose varying from 1 to 10 drops.
In tertiary syphilis take 5-50 drops of 2-3 r. / Day.
The upper permissible limit of a single dose is 20, the daily allowance is 60 drops.
Children can take the solution inside from the age of five. Single dose - 3-5, daily - 6-15 drops.
A grid of iodine is an effective remedy for bruises, bruises, acute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, influenza, bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis. Its application is also suitable for myalgia, ligament damage, arthritis and arthrosis, lumbosacral radiculitis, spinal osteochondrosis.
Penetrating through the skin into deep tissues and blood, the solution with the drug has a local-irritant effect, activates blood circulation, relieves inflammation and swelling of tissues. When applying the solution on the skin does not cause systemic effects, which makes it safer for patients over one year of age (in the absence of allergy to I).
For the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, eye drops are used. Potassium iodide - 2% solution in bottles-droppers.
Indications for the appointment are: fungal keratitis and conjunctivitis (ancillary), atherosclerotic and myopic changes in the choroid of the eyeball and retinal vessels, associated with syphilis, atrophy of the optic nerve, bleeding in the lens, clouding of the lens.
When infectious inflammatory (acute or chronic) diseases of the vagina, as well as for the prevention of infectious and inflammatory complications after gynecological operations, the drug Iodoxide - vaginal suppositories with povidone-iodine is used.
Radioactive Iodine for the treatment of thyroid diseases
Wikipedia states that iodine-131 (radioiodine) is a radioactive nuclide of iodine with a mass number of 131 and atomic number 53, which is used to treat thyroid disorders with hyperthyroidism syndrome (primarily DTZ-diffuse toxic goiter).

In most countries, preference is increasingly given to the treatment of thyroid cancer and Graves' disease with iodine-131 (in the US it is received from 70 to 90% of patients with DTZ). The reasons for this are the higher efficacy of the method compared with conservative therapy with thiamazole (Mercazolil), and the absence of such dangerous side effects as hypersensitivity reactions and agranulocytosis.
I-131 is taken orally in the form of capsules. In this case, the patient, as a rule, is sufficient for a single dose of the drug. Radioactive iodine selectively accumulates in the thyroid tissues, which is due to a high uptake of iodine thyroid during DTZ.
In the decay of I-131, β- and γ-radiation is formed. γ-radiation gives a radiation load on sensitive tissues (primarily on the sex glands), which is comparable with the load during intravenous urography.
β-rays are not able to penetrate the skin, because of which they do not pose any threat to others; rays of this type cause radiation inflammation of the thyroid gland with an outcome in fibrosis.
In this case, the function of the organ decreases (irreversibly) until the development of hypothyroidism, which is the expected result of treatment.
At forums the treatment of DTZ with radioactive iodine is very actively discussed. As doctors say (and this is confirmed by statistical data), by the end of the first month thyrotoxicosis develops in about a third of patients. In general, the thyroid status changes rapidly during the first three months, later the rates slow down significantly.
Most often, patients with thyroid disease can not decide where to receive treatment with radioactive iodine - in Obninsk or Nizhny Novgorod.
Comments on the effects of thyroid treatment in Nizhny Novgorod are overwhelmingly good. There is information that according to statistics in the clinic after the passage of therapy no more than 6-8% of patients return.
In Obninsk, according to people treated, the cost of the procedures is much higher, and the percentage of returning patients is higher.
As an alternative to Russian medical institutions, doctors often advise a clinic in Tartu. All without exception, reviews about treatment with radioactive iodine in Estonia are positive. Patients undergoing the procedure note the simplicity of treatment, the absence of side effects, as well as the care of the staff and the good organization of treatment.

Iodine and soda from thrush

Douching with soda and iodine is very popular in folk medicine for treating vaginal candidiasis. Iodine removes inflammation, soda suppresses the fungus. In addition, such procedures help wash away the curdled vaginal discharge.
The solution is prepared as follows: in 1 liter of water boil for 2 minutes, 30 g of salt, and when the liquid cools, add 5 g of baking soda and 5 g of iodine.
Douching is carried out twice a day (morning and evening) for 5 days.

Treatment depriving Iodine

Treatment depriving a person of iodine is carried out using a 1% solution. The remedy is effective enough for cutting, multicolored and pink deprive, nevertheless the best results can be achieved if the disease occurs in a not very neglected form.
Apply it very simply - the solution is applied to the affected areas of the body by lubricating 3 or 4 r. / Day. Alternating iodine with greenery is allowed. As a rule, treatment lasts no more than 10 days.
Is it possible to smear with iodine if the disease is found in the child? It is possible, but also no more than 10 consecutive days and provided that the child does not have any allergies to the drug. Since the disease is transmitted most often to children, the animal may also need to be treated.
Lubricate the stains in deprivation in cats should be within the first 3-4 days after the start of treatment. In addition, the animal is given Clotrimazole in the first 5-7 days of the course.

How to check for lichen Iodine?

For checking, the stain that appears on the skin is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in iodine. If the contour of the spot is black, it is deprive. The technique is used for pityriasis. Sometimes the spots on the skin are so small that the use of iodine is the only way to determine whether it is a fungus or not.

Is it possible to cradle the papilloma with iodine?

Before using the solution, the lace of formation is washed with soap and dried. Then the areas around the papilloma are greased with a fat cream, and the preparation itself is applied with the help of a cotton swab.
With this method of treatment, the papillomas themselves fall off after about 2 weeks. It should be remembered that with improper application of the solution, scars may remain.

Treatment of gout with iodine with Aspirin

With gout, a beneficial effect is provided by iodine in combination with Aspirin. To prepare the medicine, you should grind the Aspirin tablets (5 pieces) and add 10 mg of iodine to the powder. If everything is done correctly, iodine will become discolored.
The mixture is used to lubricate the affected joint and the area around it. (the medicine is applied to clean, dry feet). The procedure is repeated no more than 3 r./day for 3 days, after that make a two-week break and repeat the three-day course. Continue treatment should be until noticeable improvement.

Treatment of bones on legs

There are several ways to eliminate cones and bones:
    apply camphor oil on a steamed leg with a thin layer, and draw a mesh with iodine from above;
    treat the build-up with iodine, from above apply a layer of medical bile, polyethylene and insulate everything with a sock (procedure is done at night);
    pour 0.5 cups of hot water 200 medicinal raw materials from dandelion flowers, add iodine (20 drops), infuse the medicine for 4 days, then apply to lubricate the sore spot;
    grind tablets of Analgin (6 pieces) and mix the powder with 50 g of iodine; The resulting gruel is applied to the bone 1 rub. / day, under a bandage of cotton fabric.
Limitations of the duration of application of any of these drugs in the absence of side effects and allergies.

How to treat a heel spur?

Based on iodine, several effective agents can be prepared to treat the calcaneal spur.
The first method of treatment: mix liquid honey (1 tablespoon), small table salt (1 teaspoon) and iodine (1 fl.) In one container, apply the finished medicine to the sick heel once a day, before going to bed, under the bandage (the leg before the procedure is steamed in warm water).
Before you remove the bandage in the morning, you need to walk with it about half an hour. After that, the remnants of the medicine are washed off with water. Duration of treatment - 5 days. The drug helps to eliminate pain, increase blood flow in tissues, improve the tendon.
The second method of treatment is effective when you need to quickly remove the pain. With prolonged use of the drug, the spur disappears completely.
To prepare the medicine you need tablets of Analgin (4 pieces), tablets of Aspirin (4 pieces) and 100 ml of iodine solution. It is mixed with powdered tablets and insists in a dark place for a day. Apply ointment to a sore spot you need 1 time a week. The course consists of 4-5 procedures.
To soften the heels and reduce pain can be with the help of trays with soda. To prepare them for 3 liters of water add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda and 2 tbsp. spoons of iodine. Legs soar for 15 minutes, then put on socks.
To stop pain and improve blood circulation, you can resort to a massage with camphor oil. Before the massage, the legs are steamed, then the oil is applied to the sore spot, an iodine net is made on top and a sock is put on.
And baths, and massages can be done every day until the spur disappears completely.

Rinse throat with salt and iodine

Gargling with salt, iodine and soda is a time-tested remedy for sore throat. Rinse throat with soda can be used as a supplement to antibiotic therapy and with angina. Such a composition, of course, does not heal, but it significantly alleviates the patient's condition, since it contributes to the purging of the purulent plugs from the lacunae.
To prepare a solution, which can gargle, salt, soda, iodine (in proportions, respectively, 1 tsp, 1 tsp and 3 drops) mix with 250 ml of water (boiled).
Gargle with salt, soda and iodine need 3-4 r. / Day. The temperature of the solution should be close to body temperature. After rinsing for half an hour, nothing is eaten or drunk.
Iodine for nails: can I apply nail polish with alcohol solution?
Cosmetologists do not recommend using a pure iodine solution to strengthen the nails more often than once a month, since such treatment can have the opposite effect - with regular use iodine will dry the nail plate and it will even more easily separate.
Optimum to do baths for nails with iodine or add the drug to the mask.
Reviews allow you to conclude that the most popular are oil baths with orange juice, as well as oily lemon-iodine masks.
To prepare the tray, iodine (4 drops) is added to a solution made from orange juice (100 ml), water (100 ml), sea salt (2 tsp). The exposure time is 15 minutes.
The oil mask is used to nourish the nails. Iodine (3-4 drops) is added to a tablespoon of preheated olive oil, then the resulting mixture is lubricated with nails and put on the hands of cotton gloves. The procedure is done once a week, at night.
Similarly, the formulation for the iodine-lemon mask is prepared. Only to butter and iodine, also add lemon juice (3 drops). Mask rubbed into the nails, left for 10 minutes, then wipe your fingers with a napkin.
Treatment of nail fungus with iodine
With the fungus of the nails, the solution is applied to the affected nail 2 r. / Day for 1 drop (trying not to get the drug on the skin around the nail). The nails on the adjacent fingers are also treated: the solution is applied to them 1 drop every 2 days.
Approximately after a week of treatment, unpleasant sensations (itching, burning) can appear. It is believed that they are signs that the drug has started to act. The testimonies indicate that 3 to 4 weeks are required for a complete cure.

Is the breast growing from Iodine?

On the forums sometimes there are recommendations, how to use the means to enlarge the breasts, which can even be confirmed by reviews of the effectiveness of iodine for breast augmentation.
So, how to increase the breast with iodine? If you believe the articles on the Internet, to increase the bust should be daily applied to the chest a frequent iodine grid.
However, experts say that breast augmentation with iodine is no more than a myth. In addition, regular use of iodine for the breast can provoke chemical skin burns.
Thus, the answer to the question "Is it possible to smear chest with iodine for growth?" Is unambiguous - it is not worth it. At a minimum, this will not give any result.

Iodine from stretch marks

Some women use iodine to fight stretch marks. With the regular application of a 5% alcoholic solution, the upper layers of the skin are "burned" and replaced by a layer of new cells. In this case, the action of iodine is similar to the action of Badiaga (a freshwater sponge).
To get rid of stria iodine is applied to the place of their appearance 4 r. / Day. After 5-6 days, the skin begins to peel off and exfoliate (as when burning in the sun), along with the relief of stretch marks, and instead a layer of young skin is formed.
Since this new layer is very thin and delicate, it can not be applied to it - it can cause a burn. To prevent this from happening, you should take a break of 7-10 days. Further treatment is continued depending on the results achieved.

Can I burn the pimples with iodine?

Iodine is a good antiseptic and has the ability to penetrate well into tissues. In this regard, the following questions arise: can iodine pimple and help iodine with acne on the face?
Dermatologists most often do not object to the use of iodine against acne. The product dries the skin, relieves inflammation, removes excess greasiness. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that it should be applied pointwise and in no case should it be used to treat inflammations that occupy large areas of the skin.
Solution I against acne is usually used at night, but in the morning the face is better to wipe with salicylic acid.
Remove comedones can be an aqueous solution with salt and solution I. To make it, to 100 g of boiling water add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt and four drops of the drug. The medicine is used to rub the face (the procedures are repeated 2 r./day with the use of a warm solution).
To get rid of internal pimples, lotion is prepared in a similar way, only the powdered tablets of Analgin are added to the listed components.

Than to wipe from a skin a solution of Iodine?

In the treatment of acne, the question often arises as to how to remove the red spots from the skin of the face.
So, than to wash off from a skin a solution? Suitable agents for removing stains are hydrogen peroxide, lemon, ammonia, alcohol, a solvent for removing varnish.
The more sensitive the dyed skin, the more sparing the remedy should be.
Soviets, how to wash off iodine from the face, a lot. It is usually recommended to first rub the face with alcohol, then with lemon juice, and then wash and apply cream on the skin (and alcohol, and the substances contained in the juice greatly dry the skin).
Another tip is how to remove stains from solution I from the skin of the face: a cotton swab is heavily moistened with peroxide and applied to the dyed skin for several minutes, then removed and thoroughly wiped with the same place with a new swab with peroxide.

Tanning with a solution

To prepare the tanning agent, I (3-5 drops) is added to the olive oil (100 ml) and mixed thoroughly. Apply oil to the body in a thin layer, massage movements.

Can I smear of chickenpox with iodine?

When chickenpox, iodine is not used as a disinfectant, as it helps to intensify skin itching.

Is it possible to smear herpes with iodine?

To treat herpes, I do not use solution I in pure form, but Iodine. You can also use self-prepared solution I with sugar, starch and citric acid.
To make the medicine, add citric acid (at the tip of the knife) to 50 ml of warm water (boiled), starch and sugar (10 grams), and at the very end - a teaspoon of solution I.
This remedy can be applied to the affected areas several times a day.

Whether it is possible to smear a furuncle?

If the boil has only appeared, cover it with coloring solutions (green, solution I) can not. If the boil is opened, it is treated with peroxide, and the area around the wound is treated with an antiseptic (for example, with the same solution I). After such treatment, a wet napkin moistened in furacilin solution is fixed in place of the abscess.

Is it possible to smear callus?

Blistered calluses can not be treated with solution I - this can cause a burn. Usually a sore spot in such cases is sprinkled with streptocide. I can only be used to treat the edges of the wound.
The use of a solution for removing the "tattoo"
The use of iodine is considered the safest way to remove tattoos at home. To get rid of the annoying figure on the skin, the solution is applied with a cotton swab on the contours of the picture 3 r. / Day.
For 4-6 weeks, if you believe the reviews, you can reduce the "tattoo" with iodine.

Instruction on Iodine monochloride

Iodine monochloride is a veterinary drug used to treat ringworm, antiseptic treatment of udders of dairy animals, forced and preventive disinfection of premises.
The concentration and method of application of the solution are selected depending on the indications.
For example, a 10% solution of the drug on triethylene glycol is applied to the udder of the cows after milking, and the ringworm is treated by applying a 10% solution of triethylene glycol or a 10% aqueous solution with a cotton-gum swab or brush.
The use of preparations I for rabbits is advisable in intestinal and hepatic coccidosis (to pregnant females give 0.1%, and to rabbits - 0.2% solution I).
Aerosol treatment of air in rooms where respiratory diseases are found in animals or birds is carried out by exothermic sublimation of chlorine and iodine aluminum vapor, which are formed when iodine monochloride is combined with aluminum (for example, with pieces of rejected aluminum products or aluminum chips).


Symptoms of overdose when inhaled vapors I: laryngospasm, upper respiratory tract burn, aseptic inflammation of the mucous membranes at the site of excretion of the substance (paranasal sinuses, salivary glands, respiratory tract).
Symptoms of poisoning when taking a concentrated solution inside: erythrocytolysis, severe burns of the digestive canal, hemoglobinuria.
A dose equal to 3 g is fatal.
Elementary I is a very toxic substance. Poisoning is manifested in the form of severe pain in the abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea. The cause of death is a shock from the irritation of a large number of nerve endings.
Under the conditions of production, the effect of vapors I causes lacrimation, coughing, swelling of the parotid glands, conjunctivitis, tinnitus, headaches, dizziness. As a result of chronic intoxication, a general eating disorder and catarrh of the mucous membranes develop.

Symptoms of excess iodine in the body

The daily norm I varies from 100 to 200 μg.
Symptoms of overabundance in the body are noted in hyperthyroidism, when the overall level of I in the human body increases dramatically. In this case: an increase in thyroid disease, the development of Graves' disease with goiter, tachycardia and exophthalmos, a tendency to diarrhea, emaciation, muscle weakness, irritability, sweating.
In humans, the main metabolism increases, dystrophic changes in the skin and its appendages are observed, hyperthermia, early graying, muscle atrophy, vitiligo (skin pigmentation in limited areas).

How to remove from the body an excess of substance?

Treatment of poisoning I involves the use of anti-shock therapy, as well as therapy aimed at restoring the balance of water and electrolytes.
Recommendations on how to remove iodine from the body differ depending on the thyroid function.
With hypofunction of the body, thyroid hormones normalizing metabolism are used. With hyperfunction of the organ (if the drug is not abolished for the self-recovery of the body), the following can be used:
    thyreostatic (and, if required, intensive) therapy;

Symptoms of Iodine deficiency in the body

Symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body occur against the background of a decrease in the intake of this element with water and food, as well as in people with reduced thyroid function.
Signs of deficiency in the body:
    drowsiness, fatigue, chronic fatigue;
    decreased response, memory impairment, poor stress resistance;
    dry skin, stratification of nails, fragility and hair loss;
    anemia, weight gain, frequent colds, puffiness, chilliness;
    disorders of the reproductive system;
With severe hypofunction or complete removal of the thyroid gland, a myxedema develops, the symptoms of which are: articular pains, puffiness of the face, deafness, thickening of the mucous membrane, hoarseness of the voice, drowsiness, a feeling of "crawling" along the body, speech slowing, baldness.
In children, lack of iodine leads to a sharp change in the entire structure of the body: the child is marked by a delay in mental and physical development.


The substance is pharmaceutically incompatible with solutions of ammonia, essential oils and mercuric amidochloride (an explosive mixture forms during the interaction).
At simultaneous application with agents containing organic compounds for external application denaturation of protein components is possible.
Weaken the strugogenic and hypothyroid action of Li (lithium) preparations.

Iodine and starch

One of the properties of starch is the ability to stain in blue when interacting with substance I. To see the effect of iodine on starch, you can drop the solution on a slice of bread or a cut of potato.
If the iodine solution is added to the starch solution, a blue color will appear. When heated, the blue solution gradually becomes discolored, upon cooling, its color is restored.
The equation for the reaction of starch with iodine is as follows: I2 + (C6H10O5) n => I2 * (C6H10O5) n

Terms of sale

Without prescription.

Storage conditions

Vials should be stored in a light-shielded place at a temperature of no higher than 15 ° C.
Shelf life - Three years.

special instructions

The chemical element belongs to the group of halogens. Its molar mass is 126.90447 (3) amu. (g / mol). The structure of the crystal lattice is orthorhombic.
The following preparations are listed in the Pharmacopoeia: alcohol solution 5% and alcohol solution 10%.

Physical properties

The substance is one of the non-metals. Dry iodine is solid, has the appearance of crystals of dark purple or black-gray color. There is a specific smell. The vapors are colored in a characteristic violet color.
When the substance is heated at atmospheric pressure, it sublimes, turns into vapors, and when cooled, passing the liquid state, turns into crystals. The liquid substance is obtained by heating under pressure.
Poorly soluble in water, well - in organic solvents, carbon disulfide, aqueous solutions of iodides.

What is the melting point of Iodine?

The melting point of the substance is 113.5 ° C.
Other thermodynamic properties of the substance:
    the boiling point is 184.35 ° C;
    the heat of evaporation is 41.95 kJ / mol;
    heat of fusion - 15.52 kJ / mol;
    thermal conductivity (300 K) - 0.45 W / (m • K);
    The density (at n / a) is 4.93 g / cm3.

Chemical properties

The element contained in nature consists of only one isotope (I-127). The following oxidation states appear in the compounds: -1, 0, +1, +3, +5 and +7 (valencies - I, III, V, VII). Is halogen. By activity inferior to bromine and chlorine.
Electronic formula of iodine: 1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p64d105s25p5.
Vigorously interacts with metals, forming iodides. For example, as a result of the reaction of the substance with aluminum, in which a drop of water is used as a catalyst, heat is released, and unreacted I is heated and sublimated, forming vapors of violet color.
Is able to form a number of acids: iodine, iodine, iodine, iodine, iodine. It is weaker in comparison with bromine, chlorine, fluorine oxidant.
When dissolved, it partially reacts with water. With hydrogen reacts incompletely and only when heated.

What do I do?

Methods of obtaining iodine:
    processing of sea algae;
    processing of nitrate production wastes;
    extraction from natural iodine-containing solutions;
    ion-exchange method.
Iodine enters the environment from sea water.

Safety measures when using alcohol solution

Caution is advisable to use the preparation for the treatment of mucous membranes, since the alcohol contained in the solution can provoke severe irritation and burn.
Do not allow the solution to penetrate the eye mucosa.
Special care is recommended when using the product in blonde patients.
Because of the risk of developing a burn, do not use the drug to treat large areas of the body.

Can I burn the skin with Iodine solution and what should I do if I get burned?

Alcohol solution is a very affordable antiseptic. However, despite the fact that the bottle with a dark liquid is in every home, often people who are faced with the need to disinfect the damaged skin are asked by questions - "Can I smear the wound with iodine?" And "will this cause a burn?".
Doctors say that an iodine burn with a five percent alcohol solution is not uncommon. It occurs when the recommendations are violated in the instructions attached to it (used to treat open wounds, applied to mucous or extensive areas of the body, etc.).
There are a number of recommendations, like how to treat an iodine burn at home. With chemical burns, the necessary measures must be taken as soon as possible. This will stop the effect of the substance on the skin.
If a burn is just obtained, it takes 10 minutes to flush if more than 20 minutes have passed - at least half an hour.
After washing, the skin is treated with a neutralizing agent: 20% sugar solution or soapy water. Then the burned area is sprinkled with chalk or tooth powder. Good results are also obtained from the use of sea buckthorn oil.
There are also tips on how to treat a burn from iodine with a Herculean porridge. This mask is effective for severe skin lesions. Apply it directly to the burned skin.
To accelerate the healing, disinfect and anesthetize the burn allows the use of Panthenol aerosol.

Benefits and harms of Iodine: what is good for the body and what can be dangerous?

This is an element, the deficit of which affects primarily on the thyroid gland. It is involved in the synthesis of thyrotoxin - I-containing thyroid hormone, which actively affects the function of all organs and metabolism. With its deficiency, the body can not normally grow and develop, and mental activity decreases.
Iodine is needed for hair, teeth, nails, skin. If it comes in insufficient quantity, the hair becomes brittle and begins to drop strongly, the skin is dull and dry, the nails are brittle.
However, an excess is no less dangerous than a deficit for the organism. Abuse of iodine preparations and a diet in which foods with a high content of this element are present may cause thyroid dysfunction and hormonal failures.
It should be remembered that the norm per day for an adult is 1-2 μg / kg (that is, about 120-150 μg / day). Pregnant and lactating women, this dose is increased by 25-50 μg.
Products containing Iodine: in which products are many Iodine and where is the minimum amount of Iodine contained in the products?
People who have problems with thyroid disease, it is very important to know where the iodine is most contained, and where it is almost absent.
The content of iodine in food depends on how saturated this element is with soil and plants in the fields on which animals are grazing, as well as on what feeds are used for feeding farm animals and birds.
So, for example, fish that are grown on special fodders on farms, is a product with a high content of iodine, when compared with a fish that lives in the wild.
Products with a high content of iodine are primarily seafood (sea fish, sea kale, shrimp, oysters).
What contains iodine? In the baked breast of turkey, boiled eggs, milk, natural yoghurt, cheddar cheese, Himalayan salt, sea beans, white bread. A teaspoon of iodized salt contains 400 μg of the substance.
Which vegetables and fruits contain iodine? In baked potatoes, cranberries, bananas, persimmons, green beans, canned corn, strawberries.
Iodine preparations for the prevention of iodine deficiency disorders
For the prevention of pathological conditions caused by insufficient intake of iodine in the body, iodine-containing preparations in tablets are used: Iodomarine, Antioxidants with iodine, Brewer's yeast with iodine, etc.

Is it possible to drink Iodine with water?

What happens if a person drinks water with a solution of iodine? The irritating effect of the substance in this case depends on the concentration of the solution. If the dose is small, there is no threat.
In high concentrations, the solution causes destruction of the protein structures of the body cells. The administration of such a solution provokes a burn of mucous membranes, swelling and severe pain. Hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylactic shock are possible.
The edema of the larynx, bronchi and lungs leads to suffocation, and since the substance is well absorbed into the blood from the digestive tract, symptoms of general intoxication with signs of liver, nervous and cardiovascular systems, kidneys are quickly manifested.

What does the appearance of the taste of Iodine in the mouth signal?

The characteristic taste in the mouth can be a signal about the presence of problems with the teeth, abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract, exacerbation of liver diseases, thyroid dysfunction, excessive iodine in the body or poisoning of it (poisoning changes the color of the tongue, vomiting and temperature rises).
Also, it can be a consequence of prolonged treatment with hormonal drugs.

Application in horticulture

For plants used in the form of the drug Humate + 7 Iodine. The product is used as a fertilizer for vegetables, houseplants, shrubs and fruit trees.
Reviews on the forums about it are pretty good, but most gardeners recommend using it not as a basic top dressing, but only as an additional source of trace elements.
The instruction for Humate 7 differs depending on the culture for which the agent is applied.
Usually a solution of diluted in the following proportions is used: 1-1.5 g of Humate per 10-20 liters of water (although for processing strawberries, although for top dressing of tomatoes), however, the application schemes for different plants are different.
Sprinkle strawberries spend in the spring (1 or 2 times), as well as after harvest (1 or 2 times with a break of 10-15 days). According to a similar scheme, root feeding is also carried out.
Spraying of tomatoes and other vegetable crops is carried out 3-4 times a season at intervals of 10-15 days. Root top dressing for tomatoes is also shown 3-4 times per season. It should be started after emergence or after planting seedlings.
In late blight, experienced gardeners advise doing sprinkling of milk and iodine tomatoes. The treatment of tomatoes from phytophthora is made with the solution prepared according to the following recipe: 1 L of low-fat milk and 20 drops of iodine per 10 L of water.

What to wash off your clothes iodine stains?

To remove the stain from the clothing, the soiled place is dampened with water, the stain is stained with starch and then the starch is rubbed into the fabric. After the starch turns blue, the thing is erased as usual.
Also for the removal of stains, you can use a concentrate for washing dishes. It is applied to a wet cloth and left on it for a couple of hours. After that, the thing is erased as usual.
Solution of Iodine with sugar: the effects of artificial temperature increase
Many teenagers know that a couple drops of alcohol tincture I with sugar is a proven tool for raising the temperature. The effect develops quite quickly - after half an hour the temperature rises above 37 degrees.
However, this can not be a reason for joy: the consequences of taking undiluted solution can be quite serious. Most often they are expressed as a burn of the throat, esophagus and stomach, nausea and / or vomiting, diarrhea, toxic liver damage.

Milk and Iodine for abortion

On the Internet, there are many questionable recommendations on how to disrupt early pregnancy.
Milk with iodine for monthly grief-advisers recommend drinking under different schemes, however none of them is medically sound.
Positive feedback on such ways to cause menstrual bleeding can be due only to the fact that in fact, there was no pregnancy at all, and the onset of menstruation has no connection with "treatment" at all.
Still it is worthwhile to figure out what will happen if I drink iodine with milk, and how does this "medicine for children" work?
In pregnancy, I is indispensable for both mother and child, but in reasonable quantities.
Regular use of milk with iodine provokes the fading of pregnancy, which will unequivocally require a doctor to have an abortion.
If the operation is unsuccessful, or if the hospital does not promptly seek help, the consequences can be very serious. Particularly severe cases can result in sepsis and even infertility.
Another side effect of taking miscarriages can be irreversible thyroid dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.

How to check honey?

To check the quality of honey, it should be dissolved in a glass of warm water, and then drop 3-4 drops of solution I into the solution. If the liquid does not change color, honey is natural. The appearance of bluish divorces may indicate that flour or starch is added to honey for thickening or weight gain.
Identify substandard products can also be, by dripping into the honey solution a small amount of table vinegar. The hiss indicates that there is chalky honey in honey.

Interesting experiments: reaction to alcohol

The cotton wool is moistened with "alcohol" (the role of which is performed by ammonium thiocyanate), then wipe the skin with it. To disinfect the scalpel, use "iodine", the role of which is performed by a solution of FeCl3 (ferric chloride).
"Scalpel" is processed without sparing the antiseptic and after that is carried out to them on the skin area treated with "alcohol". The result is the appearance of "blood".
For the healing of the "wound" a solution of NaF (sodium fluoride) is used.

Brilliant green or Iodine - which is better?

Iodine and Brilliant green are antiseptics, the basis of which is alcohol. The action of iodine is more aggressive, and this is what distinguishes it from green. That is, the difference in the drugs is that the first one can not be used for the treatment of open wounds (it is applied only to the whole skin or to the edges of the wound), while the green parts can also be treated with parts of the body with broken integrity of the skin.
The brilliant green solution not only does not dry the skin, but also stimulates the healing of wounds. In addition, it can be used for people with sensitive skin.

Iodine for weight loss

Presumably, I accelerates metabolism, so consuming it in large quantities can contribute to weight loss.
Nevertheless, before you start fighting with extra pounds, you should evaluate the potential risks: uncontrolled use of I-containing drugs for weight loss can lead to the development of serious violations of thyroid function.
Iodine during pregnancy

What is Iodine used for in pregnancy?

For pregnant women, it is very important that iodine enters the body in sufficient quantities, since its deficiency leads to a serious lag in the child's physical and mental development.
Children who experienced intrauterine iodine deficiency suffer from chronic hypoxia, and after birth they have a high risk of developing purulent-septic complications.
Women who do not receive iodine are prone to miscarriage (fetal fading and miscarriage are possible). If the pregnancy still persists, it often occurs with serious complications, one of which is the violation of labor.

Symptoms of Iodine deficiency in the body of a woman

Iodine is needed for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. With its deficiency, the concentration of hormones in the body decreases.
Symptoms of iodine deficiency during pregnancy are manifested in the form of: a decrease in overall immunity, the appearance of puffiness, brittle nails and hair, dry skin, mental and physical fatigue, constipation, inhibition of the development of mammary glands, weight gain. In the future, milk production may completely stop.
In time, signs of a deficit in the body during pregnancy can be noticed only by a qualified doctor, since hypothyroidism usually proceeds in a latent form. The increase in thyroid gland, which is a clear sign of insufficient intake of the substance, indicates that the problem became known at a late stage.
To prevent this, it is recommended to undergo regular examinations: ultrasound, a blood test for the level of its hormones, etc.

What foods contain Iodine for pregnant women?

Products containing a substance for the thyroid gland are seafood (in particular, they are rich in cod (in particular, its liver), milk, cheese, poultry meat, chicken eggs, figs.
In the food industry, many products are produced iodized. Foods rich in iodine: salt, eggs, bread, biscuits, cereals, milk.
If the body of a pregnant woman produces a normal amount of hormones, it is enough to find out what foods are rich in iodine, and introduce them into the diet. However, in a situation where the hormonal balance is disturbed, it is impossible to rely solely on obtaining an element from water and food.
In order for the pregnancy to proceed normally and the fetus develop correctly, a woman should receive 250 micrograms of iodine daily. At the planning stage, the daily dose is 100-150 mcg, if conception occurs, it is increased to 200 mcg.

How to test pregnancy with Iodine?

The definition of pregnancy with iodine is one of the so-called "grandmother's" methods.
Determine pregnancy with a solution can be as follows: collect the morning urine in a container and add a couple of drops of the drug (the solution is injected very carefully, keeping the bottle as close to the surface of the liquid). If he stayed (or at least stopped) on the surface, conception occurred if he dissolved into the urine (or blurred) - the woman is not pregnant.
The second way to check pregnancy: paper moistened with morning urine and drop on it a couple drops of alcohol solution of iodine. If the paper changes color to lilac / violet, the result is interpreted as positive if the paper is painted blue - there is no pregnancy.
To learn pregnancy with the help of these methods is possible only if the test is conducted with morning urine and not later than the 10th week.


Reviews about the drug are exceptionally good. Despite its cheapness, the remedy not only perfectly disinfects, relieves inflammation in neuralgia and myositis, it helps from nail fungus.
In addition, it is quite actively used for cosmetic purposes. For example, some women use iodine and ammonia to remove unwanted hair, while others praise strengthening masks for nails and hair, rejuvenating face creams, and homemade tanning agents with iodine solution.
In this case, all women warn - pure iodine can be used only pointwise. If you smear your fingernails or your skin with undiluted solution, you can not only exacerbate the problem, but also provoke a severe burn.

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