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Calamine lotion 100ml

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Calamine instructionReed more and buy Calamine on this pageComposition of CalamineLotion composition:    As active substances contains calamine (15%) and zinc oxide (5%).    The auxiliary ingredients ..

Calamine instruction

Reed more and buy Calamine on this page

Composition of Calamine

Lotion composition:
    As active substances contains calamine (15%) and zinc oxide (5%).
    The auxiliary ingredients include such substances: glycerol, bentonite, sodium citrate, liquefied phenol and purified water.
The composition of the cream or ointment includes calamine, medical clay, zinc oxide, iron oxide, phenol, glycerin, sodium citrate, distilled water and plant extracts.

Form of issue

Produced in the form of lotion and tablets in the shell (60 mg and 80 mg). The lotion is sold in a 100 ml glass vial. Each bottle is in individual carton.
The medicine can also be found in the form of an ointment. But this dosage form is more often used in veterinary practice.

pharmachologic effect

It refers to cosmetic products for the improvement of skin condition in rashes, characteristic of chicken pox. Has a cooling, soothing effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Active substances dry and soothe the skin, reduce irritation, puffiness, itching, inflammation, disinfect, form a protective barrier on the damaged surface of the skin.


With the proper use of lotion and ointment, there is no significant systemic effect on the body. There are no official data on the pharmacokinetics of tablets.

Indications for use

Lotion Calamine is used in the presence of one of such problems: itchy skin, chicken pox, rubella, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, sunburn. Also it is used in the complex treatment of many skin diseases: dermatitis, shingles, hives, herpes and others. Can be used to treat postoperative wounds.


Lotion Calamine with chickenpox is contraindicated if there is an increased sensitivity to one of the components that make up its composition.

Side effects

Allergic reactions with intolerance to lotion components.

Lotion Calamine, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Instructions for chickenpox lotion, as well as other conditions, when it can be prescribed, provides for exclusively external application of the drug.
How to correctly apply the medicine in this pharmacological form:
    well and repeatedly shake the bottle;
    apply lotion on cotton wool or cotton pad;
    gently lubricate the skin areas where itching is felt or rashes are observed;
    wait for a while when the medication dries.
The procedure can be repeated several times a day.
The drug in the form of an ointment is used very rarely, but no less effective. More often it is used in veterinary medicine than in medical practice. Ointment with chickenpox is applied several times a day.
Daily dose of tablets - 2 pieces. It is accepted for 2 times.


When applying the drug to treat different groups of patients, there were no cases of overdose. Usually unwanted effects occur only in the event of a violation of the instructions for use.


Lotion Calamine with chicken pox and other skin diseases should be used only after consultation with the attending physician regarding the possible interaction with other medicines that will be applied to the same skin area.

Storage conditions

In a cool place
Shelf life - 3 years

special instructions

It is strictly forbidden to swallow a medicine.
It should be ensured that the lotion or ointment does not get on the mucous membranes


It is allowed to apply even with chicken pox in children under 3 years old, except tablets. Data on the safety of the tablet form of the drug in the treatment of children at this time, yet.

In pregnancy and lactation

The use of the medicine is allowed.

Reviews of Calamine

Reviews of Calamine Lotion with chickenpox show that it is effective in combating the unpleasant sensations characteristic of this disease. It perfectly removes the itching, cools, reduces inflammation.
However, reviews about Calamine with chicken pox and other skin diseases are similar in cases of its use in adults, and when assigned to young children.

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