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Comfoderm ointment 0.1% 15gr

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Comfoderm instruction for useYou can buy Comfoderm ointment on this pageRelease formOintment for external use 0.1% from white or to white with a grayish or yellowish tint, a characteristic odor is allowed.Packaging30 g - aluminum ..

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Comfoderm instruction for use

You can buy Comfoderm ointment on this page

Release form

Ointment for external use 0.1% from white or to white with a grayish or yellowish tint, a characteristic odor is allowed.


30 g - aluminum tubes (1) - cardboard packs.

pharmachologic effect of Comfoderm ointment

GKS for external use. Suppresses the function of leukocytes and tissue macrophages. Limits the migration of leukocytes to the area of ​​inflammation. Violates the ability of macrophages to phagocytosis, as well as the formation of interleukin-1. It contributes to the stabilization of lysosomal membranes, thereby reducing the concentration of proteolytic enzymes in the area of ​​inflammation. Reduces capillary permeability due to histamine release. Suppresses the activity of fibroblasts and the formation of collagen.
Inhibits the activity of phospholipase A2, which leads to the suppression of the synthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Suppresses the release of COX (mainly COX-2), which also helps to reduce the production of prostaglandins.
Reduces the number of circulating lymphocytes (T-and B-cells), monocytes, eosinophils and basophils due to their movement from the vascular bed to the lymphoid tissue; inhibits the formation of antibodies.
Methylprednisolone aceponate suppresses the release of ACTH and--lipotropin by the pituitary gland, but does not reduce the level of circulating энд-endorphin. It inhibits the secretion of TSH and FSH.
When applied directly to the vessels, it causes a vasoconstrictor effect.
When applied topically and locally, the therapeutic activity of methylprednisolone is due to the anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and anti-exudative (due to the vasoconstrictor effect) action.

Indications for Comfoderm

    Inflammatory skin diseases sensitive to therapy with topical glucocorticosteroids:
    atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, children eczema;
    true eczema;
    microbial eczema
    professional eczema;
    simple contact dermatitis;
    allergic (contact) dermatitis;
    dishydrotic eczema.


cleanliness or syphilitic processes in the field of application of Comfoderm; viral diseases (eg, chicken pox, shingles) in the area of ​​application of Comfoderm;
rosacea, perioral dermatitis in the area of ​​application of Comfoderm; children's age up to 4 months;
skin areas with reactions to vaccination; hypersensitivity to the drug.

Use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding

If necessary, the use of the drug Comfoderm during pregnancy and during breastfeeding should carefully weigh the potential risk to the fetus and the expected benefit of treatment for the mother. During these periods, prolonged use of Comfoderm on the extensive surfaces of the skin is not recommended; nursing mothers should not apply the drug to the mammary glands.


100 g
methylprednisolone aceponate (in terms of 100% substance) 100 mg
Auxiliary substances: petrolatum - 44.7 g, liquid paraffin - 34.1 g, castor oil seed oil - 3.2 g, white beeswax - 17.9 g.

Dosage and administration

Apply externally 1 time / day with a thin layer on the affected area, slightly rubbing. Use with an occlusive dressing is possible. Typically, the treatment is for adults no more than 12 weeks, and for children - no more than 4 weeks. During the year it is possible to conduct several courses of therapy.


When studying the acute toxicity of megilprednisolone aceponate, there was no risk of acute intoxication in case of excessive single skin application (application of Comfoderm over a large area under conditions favorable for absorption) or unintentional ingestion. With excessively long and / or intensive use of glucocorticosteroids for paired use, skin atrophy may develop (thinning of the skin, telangiectasia, striae).

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