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Panavir solution for injections 0.004% 5ml #5

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Injections Panavir instruction for useYou can buy Panavir injections on this pageComposition, release formThe drug is produced in the form of a colorless liquid that is odorless. The solution is packaged in 5 ml ampoules.Each 5 ml..

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Injections Panavir instruction for use

You can buy Panavir injections on this page

Composition, release form

The drug is produced in the form of a colorless liquid that is odorless. The solution is packaged in 5 ml ampoules.
Each 5 ml of the medication contains 200 μg of the active compound in the form of an extract from the plant Solanum tuberosum.
As additional compounds, water for injection and sodium chloride are used.
The drug is sold in carton packs of 10, 5 or 2 ampoules enclosed in a cell of a polymeric material.

Pharmacological properties

Panavir for injections has an immunomodulatory effect and fights against pathogenic viruses. The active compound from the shoot extract is hexose glycoside.
As a result of taking the drug in the body, the process of production of interferon is activated, and the immunity of a non-specific form increases.
The essence of the action of the main compounds of Panavir for injections is based on the fact that the DNA production of viruses in the body cells affected by the same virus is suppressed.
When treating Panavir for injections with the use of therapeutic dosages, there is no negative effect (embryotoxic, teratogenic, allergenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic) on the body.
Also, the active component exhibits analgesic and antipyretic effect, suppresses inflammatory processes in the body, activates the healing process of ulcers. A positive effect of the drug on the retina and optic nerve was observed.
After an intravenous injection, the active ingredients can be detected in the blood 5 minutes after the injection. The drug is excreted from the body with the help of the lungs and kidneys, while the selection process is quite fast. 30 minutes after use, polysaccharides can already be detected in the air that a person exhales, and in the urine.

Indications for use

Intravenous injections of Panavir are prescribed for the following diseases:
    Herpes virus infection (ophthalmic herpes, herpes zoster, herpes on the genitals in the recurring stage);
    Infection of cytomegalovirus nature (prescribed to patients with a viral infection in the chronic stage in preparation for conception, as well as women if they are not pregnant);
    Immunodeficiency with secondary conditions resulting from an infectious disease.
    High susceptibility to any component of Panavir for injections;
    Children under 12 years old.
Also, the medicine is prescribed in the complex therapy:
    SARS and flu;
    Rheumatoid arthritis, which is combined with an infection of a herpevirus nature;
    Ulcer disease of the duodenum and stomach with long-term non-healing ulcers;
    Prostate caused by a bacterial infection in the chronic stage;
    Tick-borne encephalitis;
    Infection of human papillomavirus origin.

Dosing regimen

The solution of the drug Panavir is prescribed in the form of intravenous injections, which must be done with a jet and slowly. The therapeutic dosage is 200 µg of the main compound, which corresponds to 1 ampoule.
In the treatment of tick-borne encephalitis and infection of the herpevirus nature, the drug is applied 2 times a day with an interval of 1-2 days. Sometimes the treatment should be repeated after a month.
In the treatment of cytomegalovirus and papillomavirus infections, the drug is administered three times during the first 7 days with an interval of 48 hours and twice during the next 7 days with an interval of 72 hours.
In case of an aggravation of an ulcer disease, 5 injections are prescribed with an interval of 1 day. Therapy takes 10 days.
In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with the presence of an infection of the herpevirus nature, 5 injections are prescribed with an interval of 1-2 days. Treatment may be repeated after 2 months.
For the treatment of SARS or flu, 2 injections are prescribed with an interval of 18-24 hours.
In the treatment of prostatitis, provoked by a bacterial infection, in the chronic stage, 5 injections are prescribed with an interval of 2 days.


Cases of the use of the drug in a dosage exceeding the therapeutic rate are not registered. Studies have shown that the drug has low toxicity.

Drug interaction

The drug Panavir injections can not be mixed with other solutions of parenteral form in the same syringe.

Lactation, pregnancy

Panavir for injections medicine can be prescribed to patients during pregnancy only after the specialist assesses the likely risks and perceived benefits of the treatment.
If there is a need to take treatment during lactation, then breastfeeding should be interrupted.

Side effects of Panavir for injections

Injections are usually well tolerated. But sometimes the use of the medication can provoke such undesirable manifestations as allergic reactions on the skin. In case of high susceptibility to the drug, you must immediately cancel the medication and inform the specialist.


The drug can not be prescribed in the following situations:

special instructions

Panavir for injections may be administered intramuscularly only as directed by a specialist. In case of turbidity of the liquid, the drug can not be further used.
There is no reliable data proving the danger of the use of the drug to patients, driving vehicles and working with complex mechanisms.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drug is stored at a temperature of 2-25 grams in a place remote from small children. The drug is allowed to use within 3 years from the date of its release.

Terms of sell

You don't need a prescription to buy Panavir for injections.

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