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Travogen cream 1% 20gr

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Instruction for TravogenReed more and buy Travogen on this pageCompositionIsoconazole nitrate, polysorbate, sorbitan stearate, liquid paraffin, cetyl stearyl alcohol, petroleum jelly, purified water.Form of issueWhite opaque cream..

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Instruction for Travogen

Reed more and buy Travogen on this page


Isoconazole nitrate, polysorbate, sorbitan stearate, liquid paraffin, cetyl stearyl alcohol, petroleum jelly, purified water.

Form of issue

White opaque cream 1% yellowish color for external use in aluminum tubes of 20 and 50 g in cardboard packs of 1 tube.

pharmachologic effect

Antifungal, antibacterial.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The main active substance isoconazole belongs to the group of imidazole derivatives. Acts fungistatically (partially inhibits and stops the growth of fungi), with increasing concentration has a fungicidal effect (completely inhibits the growth and life of the fungus). The mechanism of action is to suppress the process of synthesis of ergosterol and changes the structure of the cell membrane of the microorganism.
Travogen is active against dermatophytes, molds, yeast-like and yeast fungi, as well as the causative agent of erythrasma (Corynebacterium minutissimum) and streptococci and staphylococci.


Cream Travogen when applied to intact skin has a slight systemic absorption.

Indications for use

Cream Travogen is prescribed for fungal lesions of the skin, including, with the secondarily infected lesions: microsporia, rubrofitia, trichophytosis, mycosis of smooth skin of various locations and stops, candidiasis, epidermophytosis and pityriasis.


Hypersensitivity to the drug. Pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

Travogen is well tolerated, but in rare cases, dermatological reactions are possible: sensation of itching and burning, erythema, very rarely allergic reactions to the skin occur.

Cream Travogen, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Adults and children, starting from one month of age, the drug is applied to the areas of the affected skin with a thin layer and lightly rubbed. The treatment period lasts 3-4 weeks. According to the indications, the course of treatment can be extended.
Instructions for the use of Travogen contains an indication of the need to continue rubbing the cream for another two weeks after the disappearance of mycosis symptoms in order to prevent relapse.


There are no reports of an overdose of the drug.


No data available.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Travogen.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry place. Storage temperature not higher than 30 ° C. List B.
Shelf life - 5 years.

Reviews about Travogen

Reviews about the cream of Travogen favorable. Many parturient women note its high effectiveness in the appearance of thrush on the folds of the skin in the genital area with prolonged intake of antibiotics.
Quite quickly removes the symptoms of fungal lesions of the foot and interdigital spaces.

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