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Acriol Pro cream 2.5% + 2.5% 5gr


$14.20 Ex Tax: $14.20

Acriol Pro user manualReed more and buy Acriol Pro on this pageIndications for useIndicated for use in adults for superficial anesthesia:- superficial anesthesia of the mucous membrane of the genital organs before carrying out pai..

Acyclovir cream 5% 2gr


$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50

Acyclovir cream instruction for useYou can buy Acyclovir cream hereForm of release, composition and packagingCream for external use 5% white or almost white, homogeneous.100 gAcyclovir 5 gAuxiliary substances: macrogol and fatty a..

Adaklin (Adaclean) cream 30gr


$29.37 Ex Tax: $29.37

Adaklin cream instruction for useReed more and buy Adaklin (Adaclean) on this pageCompositionIn 1 g of adapalene, 1 mg. Methyl dextrose stearate, natural squalane, macrogol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, disodium edetate, propyl par..

Advantan cream 0.1% 15gr


$30.52 Ex Tax: $30.52

Advantan instruction for useReed more and buy Advantan hereCompositionIn the composition of the Advantan ointment, the active substance is included in a concentration of 1 mg / g. As auxiliary components, white wax, soft white par..

Afloderm cream 0.05% 40gr


$27.96 Ex Tax: $27.96

Afloderm instruction for useYou can buy Afloderm cream on this pageCompositionThe drug contains dipolpionate as an active substance of alklomethasone.Cream Afloderm also has the following additional components: propylene glycol, s..

Akriderm cream 0.05% 30gr


$9.67 Ex Tax: $9.67

Instruction for AkridermReed more and buy Akriderm cream on this pageCompositionThe preparation contains the main component: betamethasone dipropionate.Additional ingredients: nipagin, petrolatum, paraffin, propylene glycol, vasel..

Akriderm Genta cream 30gr


$18.75 Ex Tax: $18.75

Akriderm Genta user manualReed more and buy Akriderm Genta on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug includes the active components: betamethasone dipropionate and gentamycin sulfate.Additional components: nipagin, propyl..

Aplun (Eplan) cream 30gr


$14.29 Ex Tax: $14.29

Aplun user manualYou can buy cream Aplun on this pageCompositionIn 100 grams of cream contains 7.2 g of glycolane and excipients: triethylene glycol (TEG), ethyl carbitol, polyethylene glycol, glycerin and water.The composition of..

Argosulfan cream 2% 40gr


$24.83 Ex Tax: $24.83

Argosulfan user manualYou can buy Argosulfan on this pageCompositionIn 1 g of cream contains 20 mg of silver salt of sulfatiazole. Auxiliary components of the base: dihydrogen phosphate and sodium lauryl sulfate, methylhydroxybenz..

Artrocin cream 50ml


$9.42 Ex Tax: $9.42

Artrocin cream user manualYou can buy Artrocin cream hereArtrocin cream is a chondoprotective agent that helps to restore the structure and functionality of the joints, facilitates the activity of movements and gives a feeling of ..

Azix-Derm cream 20% 30gr


$38.45 Ex Tax: $38.45

User manual for Azix-DermReed more and buy Azix-Derm cream on this pageCompositionThe composition includes the base material: azelaic acid.Auxiliary components: purified water, crodamol, benzoic acid, arlton, cutin, glycerol, sili..

Beloderm cream 0.05% 40gr


$16.41 Ex Tax: $16.41

Beloderm instructionYou can buy Beloderm cream on this pageCompositionCream Beloderm contains the active ingredient betamethasone dipropionate. As auxiliary substances in the product include sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate..

Belogent cream 40gr


$21.51 Ex Tax: $21.51

You can buy Belogent cream hereInstruction for BelogentCompositionOne gram of the cream Belogent for external use contains 0.64 mg of betamethasone dipropionate and 1 mg of gentamicin sulfate.Excipients: sodium dihydrogen phosphat..

Ben-Gay cream 50gr


$16.29 Ex Tax: $16.29

Ben-Gay instruction for useYou can buy Ben-Gay hereClinical and pharmacological groupPreparation with local irritating and analgesic actionForm of release, composition and packagingThe cream for external use is white, homogeneous,..

Bepanthen cream 5% 100gr


$41.30 Ex Tax: $41.30

Instruction for BepanthenReed more and buy Bepanthen on this pageBepanthen cream along with the eponymous ointment is the most popular for today, a means for caring for irritated skin. He actively stimulates the processes of regen..

Bepanthen Plus cream 30gr


$22.44 Ex Tax: $22.44

Instruction for Bepanthen PlusYou can buy Bepanthen Plus hereBepanthen's compositionThe composition of Bepanthen Plus cream is as follows: 1 g of cream contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol, 5 mg of chlorhexidine dihydrochloride. Also in..

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