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Endocrinol cream-gel 50ml

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Endocrinol cream-gel instruction for useReed more and buy Endocrinol cream-gel on this pageEndocrinol cream-gel for local protection of the thyroid gland.Modern formula with the highest possible content of plant components.For ext..

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Endocrinol cream-gel instruction for use

Reed more and buy Endocrinol cream-gel on this page

Endocrinol cream-gel for local protection of the thyroid gland.
Modern formula with the highest possible content of plant components.
For extra local thyroid care, use Endocrinol cream-gel. The cream, acting outside, creates an optimal concentration of the active substances of plants.


Aqueous extract of star spraying medium, oil extract of flax seed, water-alcohol-glycerin extract of cinquefoil white, glycerin, triethanolamine, euxil K300, emulsifier T-8 (polysorbate 20, dipropylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil), carbopol, aromatic composition.
Method of application Cream-gel is applied 1-2 times a day to the skin of the neck and the thyroid area.
Release form - cream
Weight 50 g
Expiration date 2 years
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not lower than 0 ° С and not higher than 25 ° С.
Poor environmental conditions, daily stress, unhealthy diet, bad habits - all this makes the thyroid gland work at the limit of possibilities. And to maintain health, you need to take care of this important organ. For this purpose, you can use the cream-gel "Endocrinol" from "Evalar". It consists of a complex of natural components: extracts of Potentilla, Lnjanki, and Starlet. The concentration of active substances in the tool allows you to use it as a means to maintain the normal thyroid gland.

Indications for use of the cream "Endocrinol":

    deterioration of the skin in the neck;
    reduced skin turgor;
The product does not contain hormones, which ensures its mild effect.

Instructions for use of the cream "Endocrinol"

Means in small quantities rubbed into the neck once or twice a day. The optimal course of use - 1 month or more, together with capsules "Endocrinol", which also help maintain the thyroid gland in normal conditions. The instruction of the cream-gel "Endocrinol" prescribes the rejection of the use of funds in the event of individual allergic reactions.

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You can buy Endocrinol cream-gel without a prescription.

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