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Salvia evalar tabs #20

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You can buy Salvia evalar on this pageInstruction for Salvia evalarFor a healthy throatTablets for resorption Salvia Evalar contribute to improving the functional state of the upper respiratory tract, including the throat. They ar..

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You can buy Salvia evalar on this page

Instruction for Salvia evalar

For a healthy throat
Tablets for resorption Salvia Evalar contribute to improving the functional state of the upper respiratory tract, including the throat. They are convenient to use, because at any time you need, they create in the oral cavity an effect similar to mini-inhalation, "water" the throat with useful substances of extract and essential oil of Salvia.
Tablets containing extract and essential oil of Salvia are ideal for maintaining the health of the upper respiratory tract and throat.
Tablets for resorption Salvia Evalar contain biologically active substances from natural components, and most importantly, do not contain sugar.
Specially selected composition of the biologically active complex Salvia Evalar promotes the maintenance of adaptive mechanisms of local immunity, improvement of the structural and functional state of the oral cavity and throat.
1 pack of Salvia Evalar tablets is designed for 4 days of reception, which is convenient, because this is the same as the recommended duration of the course. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.

How do the ingredients work?

Salvia extract - a complex of biologically active substances from the leaves of the Salvia medicinal - supports the processes of natural renewal of the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. For centuries, since the time of Hippocrates, Salvia has been known for its useful properties. And this is not accidental. Even the very name of this beautiful fragrant plant comes from the Latin word "savior". Even Greek poets in their poems sang Salvia and liked to brew a special "Greek" tea from the leaves of this plant. The ancient Romans considered Salvia a sacred grass. In the famous Salerno Health Code Salvia is given special attention: "You are our savior, Salvia, and helper, the nature given."
Essential oil softens the mucous throat and supports the processes of its natural renewal.
Flavonoids of citrus fruits (a complex of 150 flavonoids from citrus peel, most of which is represented by hesperidin, possessing P-vitamin activity) and vitamin C are supported by adaptive mechanisms of local throat immunity.


Salvia Evalar contains essential oil and Salvia extract, vitamin C, bioflavonoids of citrus fruits.

Form of issue

Released tablets.

pharmachologic effect

The drug is recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Salvia Evalar helps to improve the work of the upper respiratory tract, the drug is also used for sore throat. After intake, it creates in the mouth an effect resembling a mini inhalation and "watering" the throat with substances that give the essential oil and extract. They have bactericidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Indications for use

BAA is used for inflammation in the mouth, respiratory organs and pharynx. It is taken in the case of acute respiratory disease, tracheitis, chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, and angina.


Do not take Salvia Evalar with a negative reaction of the body to its components, lactation and pregnancy.

Side effects

With individual intolerance of this remedy, allergic reactions are possible.

Instructions for use (Method and doSalvia)

Adults and children from 14 years of age should take 1 tablet to dissolve 4-5 times daily. The course is designed for 4-5 days. If necessary, the therapy can be repeated.


Data on drug overdose are not provided.


Significant interaction with other drugs is not established.

Terms of sale

Salvia Evalar is available in the pharmacy chain without a prescription.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect the drug from the negative effects of the sun. The tablets are stored at a temperature of 25 ° C.

Shelf life

You can not use dietary supplements after two years from the date of manufacture.

Reviews about Salvia evalar

Opinions about the drug, mostly positive. Patients note a convenient form of release of the drug. They report that the pills help get rid of the sore throat as soon as possible.

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