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Spermaktin Forte powder 10gr #15

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Spermaktin Forte instructionYou can buy Spermaktin Forte on this pageThe composition of Spermaktin includes the following components: L-carnitine acetyl and fumarate, silica, a small amount of glucose, citric acid, propylene glyco..

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Spermaktin Forte instruction

You can buy Spermaktin Forte on this page

The composition of Spermaktin includes the following components: L-carnitine acetyl and fumarate, silica, a small amount of glucose, citric acid, propylene glycol, povidone, and flavors.

Pharmacological group

Medication refers to dietary supplements that have a stimulating and metabolic effect on spermatogenesis. Mobility, structural features, sperm count are improved by the constituent components of the dietary supplement.

pharmachologic effect

L-carnitine is a natural substance rich in vitamins. Under its influence, the process of formation of sperm and saturation of their energy. This affects the ability of every man to conceive a child.
With a lack of active substance, the energy supply of sperm cells decreases, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of sperm. In order to enhance the energy supply of motile spermatozoa and their ability to fertilize, other equally important components are included in the composition of the additive. With a sufficient amount of acetyl carnitine entering the body, the effect of the use of this tool appears almost immediately.
With prolonged use of such a biological additive, the viscosity of sperm decreases. Active ingredients contribute to the production of substances that are necessary for the good and fast transport of active sperm directly to the egg.

Indications for use Spermaktin Forte

Despite the fact that the remedy is a harmless biological additive, before starting treatment of male infertility, it is recommended to undergo necessary examinations and consult a doctor.
Main indications for use:
    treatment of male infertility of unexplained genesis;
    correction of the number and activity of the sperm cells themselves, an increase in the number of cells of the correct form;
    preparatory therapy before reproductive procedures;
    improving the quality of biomaterial intended for donation or cryopreservation;
    regulation of metabolic processes during spermatogenesis;
    elimination of functional defects and energy metabolism of male cells.
The course of treatment for each patient is set individually, depending on the susceptibility of the sperm cell membrane to the active substances.

How to take Spermaktin Forte?

The powder is recommended to be dissolved in boiled water, tea or juice. Supplement is intended only for ingestion. It is advisable to drink during meals.
Dosage depending on the pathology is 2-3 sachets per day. Since no addictive means does not cause, then you can take it from 2 months to six months. After the end of the treatment course, the man must undergo all the necessary examinations to ensure a positive result.
    It is best to take the powders at the same time every day, without missing. But you can not allow overdose. The dosage and time of use are negotiated with the doctor in order to avoid possible side effects.

special instructions

Before you begin treatment, you need to remember that Spermaktin Forte is not a drug. Therefore, the effect of its use will not appear immediately.
Changes in the functioning of the male reproductive system often arise from already existing diseases of the genital organs - inflammation of the prostate, varicocele and venereal diseases. Therefore, it is first necessary to engage in the treatment of the underlying disease, and only then proceed to the restoration of sperm function.
In order for the body to recover faster, you need to constantly take vitamin complexes and minerals. Spermaktin Forte has a special Mens formula that affects the quality of seminal fluid.
It is recommended to take the supplement several months before the intended conception. Since sperm on average matured about 72 days, then the minimum course of admission must be at least 3 months.

Side Effects of Spermaktin Forte

In the treatment of Spermaktin Forte side effects are practically not observed. Only a few patients complain about the appearance of undesirable reactions, which pass on their own with a decrease in dosage.
The most common adverse reactions are heartburn, flatulence, and abdominal pain. Diarrhea may occur. If such signs appear, it is recommended to reduce the dosage of the drug. If this does not help, it is better to seek help from a doctor.


BAA is not assigned if identified:
    individual intolerance of some components of the powder;
    various pathologies of the kidneys;
    chronic hepatitis and other abnormal liver function.
All these contraindications must be considered before the start of treatment. If necessary, the appointment of supplements for patients with diseases of the kidneys and liver therapy should be under the constant control of changes in health status. Dosage should be minimally effective.
    This dietary supplement is prohibited for the treatment of female infertility, not used in pediatric practice.


Cases of overdose are rare. But if you accidentally take a large dose of powder may aggravate adverse reactions from the digestive system. Sorbents will help to get rid of excess amount of carnitine in the body. In more severe cases, gastric lavage and detoxification therapy are prescribed.

Interoperability and compatibility

The interaction of Spermaktin with other dietary supplements is permitted. This supplement goes well with other groups of drugs. The exceptions are anticoagulants. This combination provokes a deterioration of potency, affects the fact that sperm cells become less mobile.
Do not recommend taking the supplement and with multivitamin complexes, because This leads to the development of hypervitaminosis.

With alcohol

Do not take dietary supplements in conjunction with alcoholic beverages, because absorption of components of the drug slows down, which reduces its effectiveness. It is especially important to observe this rule in the treatment of teratozoospermia.

Terms of sell

You can buy Spermaktin Forte without a prescription.

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