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Canephron N tabs #60

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Canephron N instructionYou can buy Canephron N hereCompositionThe composition Canephron N, produced in the form of pills includes 18 mg of dried herb centaury, rosemary leaves and roots of a medicament lovage (in powder form), and..

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Canephron N instruction

You can buy Canephron N here


The composition Canephron N, produced in the form of pills includes 18 mg of dried herb centaury, rosemary leaves and roots of a medicament lovage (in powder form), and corn starch (Maydis amylum), colloidal silica (Silicium dioxide colloidal), lactose monohydrate ( Lactose monohydrate), povidone (povidone), corn starch modified (modified maydis amylum), riboflafin (E101; Riboflavin), calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate), dextrose (dextrose), titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide), talc (talc), sucrose (Saccharose), shellac (Shellac), corn oil (Oleum maydis), iron oxide red (E172), glycolic g ornny wax.
The composition of 100 grams drops Canephron N included 29 grams of a hydroalcoholic extract prepared using the Grass centaury, rosemary leaves and roots of a medicament lovage (to prepare 100 ml of extract is used 600 mg of each crude drug plant component) and adjuvants: 16- 19.5% vol. Ethanol (Ethanol) and purified water (Acqua purificata).

Form of issue

The annotation to the drug indicates that Canephron N is available in the form of a tablets and in the form of a solution for per os administration.
    Dragee biconvex, have a round shape. Their surface is smooth, the color is orange. In the sale of dragee comes packaged in 20 pieces in contour squares, 3 packs in a cardboard bundle.
    The solution is a transparent and slightly cloudy aromatic liquid of a yellowish brown color. In pharmacies, it is sold at 100 ml, in bottles equipped with a metering drip device.
During storage, a slight cloudiness of the solution and the loss of a small amount of sludge on the bottom of the bottle are possible. Neither of these affects the pharmacological activity of the drug.

pharmachologic effect

Spasmolytic, diuretic, antimicrobial (antiseptic), anti-inflammatory.
Wikipedia also indicates that the drug stimulates excretion of urea, indican, creatinine, uric acid, which are the end products of nitrogen metabolism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The drug is characterized by anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic activity and is intended for the treatment of urological diseases.
The unique combination of herbs, which are active substances Canephron N, the drug has a diuretic effect, reduces the intensity of inflammation, spasm of urinary tract eliminates, increases the efficiency of antibiotic treatment, normalizes the voiding process, reduces the risk of recurrent exacerbations of chronic cystitis.
Applied as one component of complex treatment of cystitis, H Canephron reduces the severity of pain in the bladder and disappearance rezey when urinating.
The drug is characterized by good tolerability and can be used in combination with antibacterial agents, even if a long-term use is required.
Canephron N is also effective for the treatment of patients who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases and require constant maintenance or anti-relapse therapy.
Numerous studies confirm that the use of the drug reduces the number of repeated exacerbations of chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, which significantly improves their functional state.
The chemical composition within the Canephron N medicinal plants presented essential oils, phenol carbonic acids and several other biologically active substances which have a pronounced antiseptic action. A similar effect is noted when using a tablets and a solution of Canephron N.
The plant components of the drug affect the glomerular system and the tubule of the kidneys, which helps to reduce the excretion of protein in patients with proteinuria.
Pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drug are not provided.

Indications for use

What helps the medicine? In the description to the drug manufacturer indicates that the product can be used for both the primary (base) treatment, and as a component of complex therapy, the purpose of which is the treatment of acute and chronic infections of the bladder and kidney (including including cystitis and pyelonephritis ).
Indications for the use of Canephron N are also chronic kidney diseases of non-infectious genesis, including interstitial nephritis and glomerulonephritis.
As a prophylactic agent, Canephron N is prescribed to prevent the development of urolithiasis (application of the drug is indicated including to patients who underwent the operation of removal of urinary calculi).


The use of Canephron N in the form of a solution is contraindicated in alcohol dependence, as well as in patients with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. Also, you should not prescribe a solution to people who have successfully completed treatment for chronic alcoholism.
With care agent in the dosage form is recommended if a patient diagnosed certain liver diseases (Canephron N can be assigned only after consultation with a doctor and to assess the feasibility of application).
Contraindications to the appointment of a tablets are hypersensitivity to the constituent components, as well as age to 6 years.
In addition, both dosage forms are contraindicated to prescribe:
    patients with peptic ulcer in the stage of exacerbation of the disease;
    for the removal of edema in patients with renal or heart failure.
Canephron N is undesirable to be used as the main agent for the treatment of patients with kidney failure.

Side effects

Clinical studies have shown that Canephron N is well tolerated by patients.
In patients with hypersensitivity, side effects were expressed mainly in the form of flushing and itching of the skin, the appearance of rashes on it, urticaria.
In some cases, there were side effects such as vomiting, nausea, laxative effect.
If any side reactions develop in connection with taking Canephron N, the medication should be discontinued and consult a doctor. Urgent treatment for medical care requires such conditions as hematuria (the appearance of blood in the urine), acute retention of urine, as well as impaired urination.

Instructions for use Canephron N

Both dosage forms of the drug can be recommended for long-term use. The timing of the treatment depends on what the tablets or drops are prescribed from, and also from the neglect of the pathological process.
After the clinical effect is achieved, it is optimal to take Canephron N for another 14-18 days. According to the indications, it is allowed to treat the courses.
Canephron N is available only in the form of a solution for oral administration and in the form of a pill, so it is useless to look for other medicinal forms (for example, suppositories or injection solution).

Canephron N: how to take - before or after meals?

In the instructions that the manufacturer applies to the drug, there is no clear indication as to when it is better to take pills and a solution, as well as any information about the effect of the food taken on the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drug.
In this regard, the decision when to drink Canephron - before or after a meal - the patient takes at its discretion.

Canephron tablets: instructions for use

The optimal dosage of the drug in the form of a pillis selected individually depending on the age of the patient.
For adult patients, tablets are taken for 2, for schoolchildren - by 1. Multiplicity of receptions - 3 times a day.
Tablets should be swallowed whole, with a small amount of liquid.

Canephron drops: instructions for use

Droplets should be dosed depending on the age. Single dose for an adult - 50 drops, for schoolchildren - 25 drops, for a preschool child - 15 drops, for a baby - 10 drops.
Multiplicity of receptions - 3 times a day.
Before use, the drug should be diluted in a small amount of liquid. Because the taste of the solution is bitter, small children are allowed to mix it with any liquids.

Instructions for use in pregnancy

Before taking during pregnancy Canephron N, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor who is conducting a pregnancy, as well as to carefully study the instructions accompanying the drug.
Frequency of admission and dose is determined by the attending physician depending on the degree of development and features of the course of the pathological process.
As a rule, the standard scheme for the use of Canephron N during pregnancy involves the daily intake of 6 drops or 150 drops of solution. The indicated dose should be divided into 3 doses.
According to the doctor's decision, other options for taking the medicine are possible: for example, 30 drops three times a day or 20 drops twice a day. Dosage may be less also in cases when the drug is prescribed for prophylactic purposes.
The duration of Canephron's treatment depends on the clinical situation.

Application in veterinary medicine

Canephron N is often prescribed as a cure for cystitis for cats. The standard dose is 1 tablet a day. It should be divided into 2 receptions.


To date, in the practice of the drug there are no reports of cases of overdose and intoxication.


The use of Canephron N as a supplement to antibacterial therapy allows to increase the effectiveness of antibacterial agents.
Data on any other drug interactions are absent.

Terms of sale

You can buy Canephron N without prescription.

Storage conditions

The solution is recommended to be stored in a place protected from direct sunlight, inaccessible to children, where the temperature is maintained from 15 to 25 ° C.
Dragee is stored in the original packaging in a light-shielded place at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

Shelf life for tablets is 4 years, for a solution - 2 years from the date of release. The contents of the opened bottle are suitable for use for half a year. The expiration date indicated on the package with tablets determines the possibility to use them until the last day of the month.
During the storage of the solution, the formation of a precipitate is possible, which is due to the plant components included in the preparation. This effect does not affect the safety and pharmacological properties of Canephron N.

special instructions

During treatment with Canephron, you need to consume as much fluid as possible.
When using the drug in the form of a solution for oral administration, the vial should be stored in an upright position. Before using drops, the vial with the solution must be shaken.
When using a tablet form for the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus, it should be remembered that 1 dragee contains less than 0.04 XE (bread units) of digestible carbohydrates.
The solution contains 16-19.5% ethyl alcohol (volumetric ratio).
When used in therapeutic doses, the drug has no effect on the speed of psychomotor reactions and does not impair the ability to drive a car or any other mechanisms.

What is better - drops or pills?

It is believed that there is no fundamental difference between drops and tablets of Canephron for the kidneys. However, some doctors tend to argue that this opinion is not entirely accurate, and the drops have several advantages over the tablet form.
First, the contents of one bottle are enough for a full course of treatment lasting a month. Packages of pills №60 at the same cost is enough for 10 days, in connection with which the course of treatment will cost 2-3 times more expensive.
Secondly, tablets of Canephron N are contraindicated to people with intolerance of the constituent sugars (glucose, lactose, sucrose, galactose). In solution, however, only herbs and alcohol are contained, so it is permitted to use it, including for the treatment of this category of patients.
Thirdly, the probability of allergic reactions to the tablet form of Canephron is an order of magnitude higher than that of the solution. This is due to the fact that the pellet contains more components, including dyes, which often provoke allergies.
Fourth, the drops are allowed to be used from the age of one, the pills are prescribed only from 6 years.

For children

For children older than one year, Canephron is administered in the form of drops. Tablets are indicated for use since the age of six.
Nevertheless, the drug is often prescribed for children up to a year. The optimal dosage for infants is 30 drops per day, divided into 3 doses.
Medicinal plants that are part of the solution are well tolerated by children, and the concentration of alcohol in it is not so great as to harm the child's body. Therefore, it is believed that Canephron for infants up to a year is absolutely safe.
In this case, the agent can be used for a long time and in combination with any other medicines.
The only side effects may be allergic reactions due to the individual intolerance of a particular component.

Canephron during pregnancy

Can I drink Canephron during pregnancy? The answer to this question is positive.
Since the drug contains a complex of herbs, future mothers are often prescribed Canephron for cystitis, pyelo- and glomerulonephritis, as well as for a number of other problems on the part of the urinary system.
Many women are also interested in whether a diuretic or not Canephron, and whether it is possible for pregnant women to take it with swelling.
As indicated by the manufacturer, the drug has a pronounced antimicrobial and antibacterial effect, relieves spasm, prevents the development of infection in the urinary tract, improves the functional state of the kidneys and bladder, which during pregnancy experience increased stress and often need support.
In addition, drops and tablets have a diuretic effect, which allows them to be used as a remedy for edema, which can accompany pregnancy. The drug helps reduce puffiness, reduces the intensity of low back pain and improves the overall health of a woman.
In some cases, the doctor may advise taking Canephron N to prevent gestosis and exacerbation of various kinds of kidney pathologies, which are extremely undesirable during the period of gestation.
So, why do they prescribe Canephron during pregnancy:
    for the treatment of infectious and non-infectious diseases of the urinary tract (the agent is effective in cystitis, interstitial nephritis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis);
    for the prevention of nephrolithiasis (nephrolithiasis);
    to reduce excretion in the urine of the protein.
One of the merits of the medicine is that it can be safely taken for a long time, if there is a need (including during breastfeeding).
In addition, the use of Canephron in lactation does not oblige the nursing mother to transfer the baby to the mixture and the cereal, but allows to continue breastfeeding without fear of harming the baby's health.
The standard dosage of Canephron during pregnancy is the following: 6 drops or 150 drops with a multiplicity of applications 3 times a day. However sometimes tablets at pregnancy appoint or nominate accept on 1 twice a day, and a solution - on 25-50 drops twice a day.
Despite the fact that the drug has virtually no contraindications and rarely causes undesirable side effects, it should be remembered that its main components - rosemary and lovage - have the ability to increase the tone of the musculature of the uterus.
In their pure form, these plants are contraindicated for pregnant women, so when treating Kanefronom should strictly adhere to a doctor-appointed scheme.

Reviews about Canephron N

Reviews about Canephron N, left on the forums, the overwhelming majority of good. For many patients, the drug is a kind of rod-zashchalochko.
Its main advantages are the natural composition (and in addition a minimum of auxiliary components), the absence of side effects, the ability to take tablets and drops for a long time, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Reviews about Canephron during pregnancy indicate that the drug acts quickly, gently and effectively. The remedy quickly eliminates unpleasant symptoms, removes excess fluid from the body, normalizes the concentration of protein in the urine and improves the overall condition of the kidneys and urinary tract.
With renal colic it significantly reduces the intensity of pain, accelerates the passage of stones and prevents the development of cystitis.
Many positive reviews were also left by the moms who used Canephron N for children. Drops to children are prescribed from the age of one year, but in situations where necessary, they are allowed to be used for the treatment of infants.
Focusing on the reviews of doctors, it can be concluded that the effectiveness of the drug directly depends on how well chosen treatment scheme. So, for example, with cystitis or pyelonephritis, it is advisable to administer Canephron N in combination with uroseptics, antibiotics or bacteriophages.

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