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Enema 2 litres

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Enema instruction for useYou can buy Enema on this pageHow to put an enemaWith the help of the enema, the liquid is introduced into the lower part of the large intestine with a therapeutic and diagnostic purpose. Enema, purulent, ..

Enema instruction for use

You can buy Enema on this page

How to put an enema

With the help of the enema, the liquid is introduced into the lower part of the large intestine with a therapeutic and diagnostic purpose. Enema, purulent, siphonic, medicinal and drip.
Cleansing enema for cleansing the intestines from stool and gases.

Indications for setting a cleansing enema

stool retention; preparation for X-ray examination; poisoning and intoxication; before taking a curative and drop enema.


inflammatory phenomena in the large intestine; bleeding hemorrhoids; prolapse of rectum; gastric and intestinal bleeding.
Necessary accessories:
Esmarch's irrigator;
rubber, enameled or glass tank up to 2 liters with a rubber tube, at the end of which there is a tap regulating the flow of water;
Glass or ebonite tip, cleaned and boiled;
spatula (stick) for lubricating the tip with petroleum jelly;


Before use, check the tip (do not break the edges) and lubricate with petroleum jelly.
Fill the Esmarch mug with 2/3 of water at room temperature.
Close the valve on the rubber tube.
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Close the valve on the tube again.
Suspend Esmarch's mug on a tripod.
Lay the patient on the couch or bed closer to the edge, on the left side, with legs bent and pulled to the stomach.
Under the buttocks, put an oilcloth, free its edge, put it in a bucket.
Remove the Esmarch's mug from the tripod and keep it below the bed.
Open the tap on the rubber tube, release some liquid and air, then close the tap.
Spread the buttocks and rotate gently into the rectum tip.
Open the tap on the rubber tube and raise Esmarch's mug above the bed.
Gradually introduce water into the rectum.
Monitor the patient's condition: when there are pains in the abdomen or urges to empty the intestine, the Esmarch mug is lowered to expel air from the intestine.
When the patient calms down, again raise the mug above the bed and hold until almost all the liquid comes out.
A little liquid is left to not introduce air from the mug into the intestine.
Carefully remove the tip from the rectum of the patient with a rotational movement with the cock closed.
The patient should be in the "lying" position for 10 minutes.
"Walking" patient goes to the toilet to empty the intestines.
The patient, who is on a bed rest, should put a bedboard.
After emptying the bowel, wash the patient.
Cover the liner with a glue and bring it to the toilet.
It is convenient to lay the patient and cover with a blanket.
Esmarch's mug is well washed and disinfected with 3% bit of chloramine.
Tip the tip thoroughly with hot soapy water.
Keep the tips in clean jars, at the bottom of which is cotton wool; Before use, the tips boil.
The action of the cleansing enema is mild. Only the lower part of the intestine is emptied. The introduced liquid has a mechanical, thermal and chemical effect on the intestines, which slightly increases peristalsis, loosens the stool and facilitates their excretion. The enema comes in 10 minutes and the patient does not have to push.

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