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Enema 206 ml

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Enema 206 ml instruction for useYou can buy Enema 206 ml on this pageAn enema is a medical procedure that is accompanied by the introduction of water, herbal and oily solutions into the intestines with a purifying and healing purp..

Enema 206 ml instruction for use

You can buy Enema 206 ml on this page

An enema is a medical procedure that is accompanied by the introduction of water, herbal and oily solutions into the intestines with a purifying and healing purpose.
But it can be carried out not only in specialized hospitals, so everyone will be useful to know how to properly make an enema at home. Such skills will be useful in case of poisoning, cleansing of the body, in case of constipation in your child.


Indications for the enema are as follows:
    cleaning activities of the intestinal tract;
    first aid for poisoning and intoxication;
    Relaxing effect with stool retention for more than 3 days;
    Ineffectiveness or contraindications to the treatment of constipation with medication;
    preparation of the body for certain analyzes and surgical interventions;
    treatment of proctitis, sigmoiditis, dysbacteriosis by the introduction of medicinal suspensions, solutions and herbal decoctions.


chronic inflammation of the intestine in the acute stage (colitis, proctitis, sigmoiditis);
recurrent hemorrhoids with heavy bleeding;
intestinal tumors;
anus fracture;
condition after strokes and heart attacks;
high body temperature;
Menses, pain in the abdomen.

How to put an enema child

To children of younger age by virtue of anatomic structure of an intestine it is impossible to use an inventory for adults. Therefore, at home, you need to be able to make an enema pear, not having a hard tip.
Before use, the pear and hands should be sterilized. Then draw in the solution, which should displace all air from the pear.
Soft pear tip is smeared with baby cream and injected into the anus at 4-5 cm. By compressing the pears pour from 100 to 300 ml of liquid, depending on the age. The procedure is carried out on the back with legs pressed to the abdomen. Half an hour later, put the baby on the pot.
Ability to put an enema at home can help with various violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially useful are such skills in food poisoning, when you need to give the victim first aid. However, it must be remembered that the appointment of an enema for therapeutic purposes requires a doctor's consultation.

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