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Lovelas Forte caps 650mg #16

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Lovelas Forte instruction for menYou can buy Lovelas Forte for men on this pageIn today's article we will consider what Lovelas Forte is, the instruction for use, the price of the drug.For the first time with a drug to enhance mal..

Tags: prostatitis, men, caps

Lovelas Forte instruction for men

You can buy Lovelas Forte for men on this page

In today's article we will consider what Lovelas Forte is, the instruction for use, the price of the drug.
For the first time with a drug to enhance male health, a strong sex collided a few years ago. Then the drug was called Lovelas.
Gradually, manufacturers strengthened and improved the formula of the facility, making it even more efficient and effective.

Form of the preparation

Lovelas Forte comes in the form of capsules, each of which is covered with a safe gelatin shell. The product belongs to the group of active biological additives and is completely safe to use. Sold on the official website or in pharmacies.


The main active ingredients of the drug are the following:
    Endurance of the root of eurycoma. The substance quickly eliminates all the bacteria that can provoke the inflammatory process. The root extract clears the body of toxins, which has a beneficial effect on sexual function.
    Chinese Cordyceps. Its extract has been used since ancient times by the Eastern peoples to treat impotence and reduce sexual desire.
    The root of a non-sweet-flowered smilax. It enhances the effects of other components, giving them better penetration into the body cells.

Lovelas Forte: indications for use

The drug is prescribed exclusively to men in the presence of the following pathologies:
    erectile dysfunction;
    constant reduction of sexual desire;
    weakness or lack of orgasm;
    problems with the reproductive system;
    diagnosed chronically prostatitis and prostate adenoma;
    genito-urinary infections, including urethritis.
In addition, when using Lovelas Forte, a man develops an emotional state, improves his physical form, and improves his quality of life.

Lovelas Forte: a way of using

To achieve real results from the use of capsules, you should follow a specific instruction:
    Take 1-2 capsules per day, if the problem is long and severe, it is better to choose a larger dose;
    the drug is taken strictly at the time of food intake, it is better to do this during breakfast or dinner;
    After swallowing the capsule it is worth to drink 100-150 ml of mineral or pure water.
    It is strictly forbidden to drink coffee or tea.
During the drug is completely excluded from alcoholic beverages, it is desirable to give up smoking and unhealthy food. The course of therapy can last from 14 to 30 days, it all depends on the complexity and neglect of the disease.
The use of Lovelas Forte for prophylactic purposes is permitted, for this purpose one capsule is taken every three days.

Effectiveness of the drug

Regular use of the medicinal product guarantees the following:
    the duration of sexual intercourse is markedly increased;
    there are new sexual possibilities;
    the work of the reproductive organs improves;
    sperm quality improves;
    there is a brightness of orgasm;
    ejaculation is more active;
    erection occurs more quickly and has better characteristics.
Refusal to eat harmful food, establish a healthy lifestyle guarantee an even faster result, which will last a long time.

Contraindications to use

Despite the proven effectiveness and ability to solve even the most difficult problems with potency, Lovelas Forte has several important contraindications:
the presence of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of the drug;
    intolerance to the finished formulation of the drug, which is quite rare;
    dangerous violations of the cardiovascular system, especially after 55 years;
    unstable psyche and frequent nervous breakdowns, tantrums;
    frequent insomnia and other sleep disorders.
Ignoring these contraindications may lead to a deterioration in overall health, which may require a doctor's consultation.
The drug is not suitable for admission by patients under the age of majority, as well as women of any age.
Tired of feeling inferior and suffering from their own impotence in bed? Take the risk to buy Lovelas Forte and become an animal in bed for yourself and your second half!

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