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Verona caps #60

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Verona Instruction for useReed more and buy Verona on this pageCompositionThe capsule contains extracts of the following herbs:    winter cherry - 100 mg;    creeping anchorites;    bea..

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Verona Instruction for use

Reed more and buy Verona on this page


The capsule contains extracts of the following herbs:
    winter cherry - 100 mg;
    creeping anchorites;
    beautiful arguire;
    itchy mucus.
The auxiliary component is talc.

Form of issue

The drug Verona for men is available in capsules of gelatin. Capsules have a red color, on the cap an inscription with the name of the drug "Verona" is visualized. The size of the capsule is zero, the contents are hygroscopic, amorphous powder with a fragrant smell, the color varies from dark brown to light. In a plastic bottle there are 20 capsules. The pack contains instructions and 1 bottle.

pharmachologic effect

Phytopreparation, the pharmacological effect of which is due to the effects of extracts of several herbs. Verona tablets suppress astheno-neurotic reactions, which positively affects the sexual life of men: the time of sexual intercourse increases, the erection and sexual desire increase. The positive, regulating influence of medicinal herbs on spermatogenesis is also noted:
    increased concentration of spermatozoa;
    the number of pathogenic spermatozoa decreases;
    their mobility increases;
    increases the volume of sperm.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The International Convention (EMEAHMPWG11 / 99) permits not to conduct isolated studies on the evaluation of pharmacokinetic parameters of herbal preparations.

Indications for use

The medicine of Verona for men is prescribed for various functional disorders of the sexual sphere:
    premature ejaculation;
    weakening of an erection;
    suppression of sexual desire.
These disorders can be combined with asthenospermia, oligospermia, and other pathologies of spermatogenesis, formed as a result of a chronic asthenic state.


Capsules Verona is not prescribed for individual hypersensitivity.

Side effects

Of the negative reactions, most often allergic responses are recorded in predisposed individuals.

Verona Tablets, Instructions for Use (Method and Dosage)

Capsules are taken twice a day for 2 pieces (in the morning, in the evening). It is preferable to drink medicament with milk. Duration of treatment - 56 days. According to the decision of the treating doctor, a repeated course can be conducted or the duration of the course carried out.


The cases of poisoning in the medical literature are not described by Verona phytopreparation.


The manufacturer does not provide a description of the drug interaction with other medicines.

Terms of sale

Verona Capsules can be purchased at a pharmacy. Leave is made without a prescription form.

Storage conditions

The original packaging allows you to keep the effectiveness of the drug when stored up to 25 degrees.

Shelf life

24 months.

special instructions

If there is no therapeutic effect after a single course, a doctor's consultation is recommended. Independent repetition without agreement with the doctor is unacceptable.


It is inadmissible to use it in pediatric medical practice.

With alcohol

Direct interaction between alcohol and the drug Verona is not described, but it is worth considering that alcoholic beverages have a negative effect on potency, so it is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol during the entire course.

With antibiotics

The interaction of phytopreparation with antibiotics is not described.

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