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Acilact supp #10

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Instruction for AcilactReed more and buy Acilact on this pageCompositionThe preparation includes active substances: living specimens of acidophilic lactobacilli and additional components, depending on the form of the preparation.F..

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Instruction for Acilact

Reed more and buy Acilact on this page


The preparation includes active substances: living specimens of acidophilic lactobacilli and additional components, depending on the form of the preparation.

Form of issue

Issue Acilact in the form of lyophilizate for the preparation of a suspension, a substance-powder, suppositories of vaginal and tablets.

pharmachologic effect

Acilact is a probiotic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This preparation contains living acidophilic lactobacilli with antagonistic activity, namely strains Lactobacillus acidophilus 100аш, NK1 and К3Ш24. Lactobacilli in the preparation are preliminarily lyophilized and supplemented with sucrose-gelatin-lactic medium. Acylactus is characterized by high antagonistic activity against pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms, for example, staphylococci, proteas and enteropathogenic E. coli. In the course of treatment, recovery of bacteriocenosis of female genitalia was noted, glycogen metabolism was improved before the formation of lactic acid, the pH of the vaginal fluid was normalized. As you know, an acidic vaginal fluid is considered unfavorable for the emergence of acid-sensitive pathogens, so the drug helps to increase local immunity.
Data on the pharmacokinetics of acylactone are not available.

Indications for use

Tablets and suppositories Acilact, like other forms of the drug, are prescribed for combined treatment:
    various gynecological diseases, accompanied by a violation of the normal state of the microflora of the vagina;
    nonspecific colpitis, dysbiosis of the vagina;
    subacute and chronic forms of inflammatory diseases of female genitalia and appendages, in order to restore microflora;
    hormone-dependent and atrophic colpitis and so on.
Also, the drug is recommended for use as a prophylaxis for the development of vaginal dysbiosis or infectious complications as a result of gynecological operations and during labor.
In the treatment of severe diseases, the drug can be administered immediately in the form of tablets and, for example, suppositories.


It is not recommended to use Acilact in vaginal candidiasis. In such cases, a specific therapy is preliminarily performed, and then this drug can be prescribed for the purpose of restoring the vaginal microflora.

Side effects

The development of side effects with the use of this drug is not noted.

Instructions for the use of Acilact (Method and dosage)

Candles Acilact instructions for use recommend intravaginal use. Packing material from them must be removed only before the introduction. Suppositories should be placed on the back, as deep as possible in the vagina. Preliminary it is recommended to wash hands and external genital organs thoroughly. Tablets, like a solution of the drug can be used additionally. Preparation of the solution is performed according to the instructions attached to the preparation.
The duration of therapy, as well as the dosage of Acilact, is determined by the attending physician. The average daily dosage is 1-2 suppositories with a duration of 10 days. If necessary, after 10-20 days, the therapeutic course can be repeated.


Information about the overdose of Acilact is not provided.


During the treatment, you can share the vaginal suppositories of Acilact and other antimicrobial, antiviral and immunomodulating medications. It is recommended to refrain from the simultaneous use with intravaginal forms of antibacterial agents.

Storage conditions

Any form of the drug should be stored in a place with a temperature of 2-10 ° C, inaccessible to children.
Shelf life - 1 year.

Acilact during pregnancy

All dosage forms of this drug can be used for pregnant women, since it contains lactobacilli, which do not harm the body. In this period, many women are concerned about the problem of vaginal dysbiosis, and candles during pregnancy help to normalize the condition.
In addition, with the help of this tool, various forms of dysbiosis are treated, microbial balance is restored, disturbed by the intake of antibiotics or hormonal changes. But it is important to remember that for the treatment of thrush, Acilact does not fit.

Reviews about Acilact

In most cases, you can find feedback about Acilact in the forums dedicated to women's health, or rather the treatment of various diseases of the reproductive system. At the same time, many women try to find out the reasons and the name of the violations, the methods of treatment and so on from other participants of discussions or doctors online. Also they are often interested in, the suppositories of Acilact from which help best and how to apply them correctly?
Of course, specialists try to answer the questions of patients, but to accurately diagnose the disease, as well as to appoint competent treatment, is thus almost impossible. At the same time candles Acilact doctors' reviews are very ambiguous. For example, some argue that the use of this drug can cause candidiasis, while others report that it is unlikely. No less actively discussed is the question of how to apply candles during pregnancy, how effective it is and whether it can cause complications.
Although it is believed that this drug does not contain harmful substances for the body, it is not recommended to use it without prescribing a doctor. The fact that the diagnosis of "dysbiosis" requires preliminary research. At the same time, it is checked whether there are pathogenic fungi in the body and how active they are. Therefore, with thrush this drug is not used.
In general, there are many ways to restore the normal microflora of the vagina, for example, through the intestine. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid secondary infection, and the recovery process is more effective.

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