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Ecofemin caps vag. #12

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Instruction for EcofeminReed more and buy Ecofemin on this pageCompositionVaginal capsule Ecofemin contains active substance - lactobacillus acidophilus.Auxiliary components: lactose monohydrate and magnesium stearate.The capsule ..

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Instruction for Ecofemin

Reed more and buy Ecofemin on this page


Vaginal capsule Ecofemin contains active substance - lactobacillus acidophilus.
Auxiliary components: lactose monohydrate and magnesium stearate.
The capsule shell consists of gelatin.

Form of issue

Ecofemin is available in capsules, 6 or 12 pieces each, placed in an aluminum container, sealed with a plastic stopper with a desiccant. Applicators can also be attached to the drug.

pharmachologic effect

Lactic acid bacteria, contained in capsules, normalize, regulate and maintain the physiological balance of the vaginal microflora.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Vaginal capsules allow you to deliver lactobacilli into the vagina. These bacteria are characterized by antagonistic activity aimed at inhibiting pathogenic microflora. The implementation of antagonism occurs through the production of hydrogen peroxide, hydrolytic enzymes, lactic acid, acidophilin, lactocidin as a result of the vital activity of lactic acid bacteria. In this case, lactic acid bacteria do not have a negative effect on the normal microflora. Penetrating into the vagina, microorganisms normalize its biocenosis, stabilize the acid-base balance. Therefore, capsules of vaginal Ecofemin can be used as a prophylaxis of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the vagina, therapy of bacterial vaginosis.
Pharmacokinetics of the drug is not provided.

Indications for use

Ecofemin capsules are indicated for use when:
    violations of the microflora of the vagina;
    prevention and treatment of diseases caused by imbalance of the vaginal microflora;
    prevention of postoperative infectious complications, in order to prepare for gynecological operations and diagnostic procedures;
    prevention of ascending development of infections during labor during prenatal training;
    restoration of vaginal microflora, impaired systemic or local antibiotic therapy.

Contraindications for use

The main contraindications to the use of capsules are:
    vaginal candidiasis;
    intolerance of the components of the drug.

Side effects

As a rule, Ecofemin suppositories do not cause side effects. However, it should not be excluded the occurrence of itching and irritation.

Instructions for Ecofemin (Method and Dosage)

In the treatment with this drug, one single vaginal capsule is prescribed 2 times a day for at least 6 days. If there is a need, the doctor can prescribe a second course.
To prevent the development of vaginal diseases, it is recommended to use one vaginal capsule at night, with a course of 3-7 days.
In addition, candles Ecofemin, instruction for use, both for treatment and for prevention, advises to enter before or after menstruation.
When capsules without an applicator are used, the vaginal capsule is inserted with a finger deeper into the vagina.
If there is an applicator, the vaginal capsule is placed on its tip and inserted into the vagina. Then the inner tube of the applicator moves upward, and the applicator needs to be simply removed and discarded.


Cases of an overdose of Ecofemin not established.


It is established that this drug can be used simultaneously with various drugs.

Terms of sale

You can buy capsules without a doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions

Storage requires a dry, dark place, protected from children, at temperatures up to 25 ° C.
Shelf life - 2 years.

Analogues of Ecofemin

Popular analogues of Ecofemin are represented by drugs: Acilact, Lactobacterin, Lactonorm, Vagilac, Acipol, Narine and Linex.


Direct contraindication to the simultaneous use of alcohol and vaginal capsules is not available, but the violations in which this drug is prescribed, require the refusal to drink alcohol.

Reviews of Ecofemin

As you know, modern pharmacological companies offer a whole series of tools. Among them are quite popular capsules for the treatment of vaginal disorders, manifested by itching, irritation and so on.
At the same time, reviews of Ecofemin candles at various forums only confirm the effectiveness of this remedy. Many women report that almost from the first days of therapy they felt a significant relief - the disappearance of itching, discomfort, improvement in overall well-being.
It should be noted that almost all patients note not only the high efficacy of the drug, but also the absence of side effects. Nevertheless, if after applying the capsules unwanted symptoms return again, then you need to see a doctor, as they can arise because of the development of a serious pathology in the female body.

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