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Linex #16

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Linex user manualReed more and buy Linex on this pageComposition of LinexThe composition of Linex includes viable lyophilized lactic acid bacteria, namely: Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium...

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Linex user manual

Reed more and buy Linex on this page

Composition of Linex

The composition of Linex includes viable lyophilized lactic acid bacteria, namely: Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium.
In addition, the composition has additional ingredients: dextrin, lactose, magnesium stearate, potato starch.
The capsule shell consists of gelatin, titanium dioxide.

Form of issue

Form release means Linex - capsules. Color white, inside the capsule contains a colorless powder with no pronounced odor. The foil blister contains 8 or 16 capsules. Blisters are put in packs of cardboard. Also capsules can be contained in vials of dark glass for 16 or 32 pieces.

pharmachologic effect

Annotation suggests that Linex is a combined preparation, which consists of three different types of lactic acid viable bacteria from different parts of the intestine. These are the bacteria that form a normal microflora in the intestine.
Getting into the human body, the bacteria that are contained in the drug, ensure the regulation of microflora and the maintenance of its normal physiological balance.
In the body, bacteria contribute to the active synthesis of vitamins K, B1, B2, B6, B12. Also, under the influence of lactic acid bacteria, the pH shifts to an acidic medium. In an acidic environment, the growth and development of pathogenic microflora is suppressed. In addition, it is the acidic medium that is most optimal for the active action of digestive enzymes in the body.
Improvement of the patient's condition is also due to the prevention of lactic bacteria by the process of attaching pathogens to the intestinal wall of pathogenic microorganisms. Lactic acid bacteria produce bacteriocins, these are substances that exhibit antibacterial activity. Under the influence of these bacteria, stimulation of local and humoral immunity in the intestine occurs. They participate in the metabolic processes of bile pigments and acids.
Thus, the medicine Linex helps maintain normal microflora in the intestine and restore the disturbed balance of microorganisms. Violation of this balance can occur after the development of bacterial and viral infections in the body, due to the use of a number of drugs, antibiotics, after irradiation of a number of organs.
Preclinical studies indicate that this drug is a probiotic that is safe to use in terms of toxicity and carcinogenicity.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After oral administration, lactic acid bacteria act in the human digestive tract.

Indications for use of Linex

Indications for use of this tool are determined by a specialist. Tablets Linex appoint in the case of imbalances in the microflora of the intestine. In this condition, the patient, as a rule, develops diarrhea, constipation, nausea, regurgitation, flatulence, indigestion, bloating and abdominal pain.
Thus, the drug is used for constipation, with diarrhea and other symptoms associated with digestive disorders.


As a contraindication, doctors determine a high sensitivity to the components of the drug. People with a deficiency of lactase, a violation of the absorption of glucose-galactose, as well as those who do not tolerate galactose, Linex is contraindicated.

Side effects

Side effects are likely only in rare cases. The likelihood of hypersensitivity is not ruled out.

Linsex capsules, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Instructions for use Linex provides that for newborns, as well as children up to the age of two, the medication is prescribed 1 capsule three times a day. Children aged 2 to 12 years should use 1-2 tablets three times a day. Adults and adolescents after 12 years are prescribed 2 tablets three times a day.
If Linex or Linex Bio is prescribed for children under 6 years of age who suffer from diarrhea, it is necessary to undergo treatment under the supervision of a specialist. The method of administration and dose in this case the doctor determines, depending on the patient's condition. If diarrhea does not stop within two days, you should definitely contact a specialist, so that he corrects the therapy scheme.
If a child can not swallow a capsule due to age, it is allowed to mix the powder that is contained in it with water (1 teaspoon of water). This mixture must be taken immediately.
Since gastric juice can adversely affect lactobacilli, it is recommended to take Linex in the process of eating. How to drink capsules, the doctor should tell. However, it should be remembered that you can not drink capsules at the same time as alcoholic beverages or with hot drinks.
How many days to take the medicine, depends on the patient's condition, the cause of the disease, the individual characteristics of the course of the disease. In most cases, the appropriate dosage is prescribed until the patient's condition improves. The course of treatment depends on the disease. The complete treatment program provides that the drug should be taken for a while and after improving the general condition.


Currently, there is no evidence of an overdose of the drug.


Linex can be drunk when taking antibiotics. How to take this medication when taking antibiotics, you should ask the doctor who prescribes treatment. To increase the effectiveness of the drug, it is recommended to drink three hours after antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs.
With other drugs, there was no clinically significant interaction.

Storage conditions

Keep this medicine in a dry place, the temperature should not be more than 25 ° C. If the drug is stored in a vial, it must be closed tightly. After the vial has been opened, it can be stored for no more than 4 months.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the drug Linex - 2 years.

special instructions

It is important to ask the doctor how to take Linex or how to give capsules to children in the following cases: if the body temperature exceeds 38 ° С, from diarrhea, if it lasts more than two days, with diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain, dehydration, weight loss .
It is also necessary to consult a doctor before taking the medication, if the patient suffers from chronic illness (heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes and other ailments).
Linex or Linex Bio contains milk protein in the composition, so that allergic reactions may occur when taking the drug.
Does not affect the ability to drive vehicles or perform any other actions related to the speed of the response.
How to take Linex with antibiotics or with other drugs in parallel, you should ask the treating specialist.
There are also varieties of this drug. Which tool to choose - Linex Forte or Linex, depends on the recommendations of a specialist.
How to take this drug for prevention and whether it is worth doing it depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Analogs of Linex

The price of analogues of this drug can be either less or more. Linex and its analogs are drugs that contain live bacteria. Therefore, you should ask your doctor for information about what this medicine can be replaced with.
A similar preparation is Lactobacterin.
The Russian analogue of this drug is Bifidumbacterin. This substitute is cheaper, but whether it is worth taking it to children or adults in each specific case, only a specialist can decide. What to take - a preparation Linex, analogues cheaper or other preparations, it is not necessary to solve independently.

Which is better: Bifidumbacterin or Linex?

Bifidumbacterin contains one type of bifidobacterium, it is used to treat conditions associated with dysbiosis. Both drugs work similarly, Bifidumbacterin is a cheaper drug.

Which is better: Linex or Lactofiltrum?

Lactofiltrum is an enterosorbent of plant origin, it is used for intoxication, poisoning, also for dysbiosis. Prescribe the drug should only a doctor. Sometimes both drugs are prescribed simultaneously. However, you need to consider how to take, before meals or after. Lactofiltrum should be drunk 1 hour before meals.


Wikipedia indicates that the tool can be used for children from birth. It is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, patients in adolescence, some experts recommend the use of Linex from acne, for which they apply the medicine according to a certain scheme.

Linex for newborns

Reviews about Linex for newborns indicate the effectiveness of this tool. The instruction provides, that for грудничков it is necessary to give one capsule of an agent three times a day. But before starting treatment, how to give Linex to newborns, the treating doctor should tell.

With alcohol

You should not combine Linex with alcohol.

Linex during pregnancy and lactation

This drug can be used in women during pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding. Reviews about Linex during pregnancy testify that it does not provoke manifestations of undesirable effects. But experts nevertheless advise to carry out treatment of a diarrhea at pregnant women at precise control of the doctor.

Reviews about Linex

Very often there are positive reviews about Lineex on the forums and on a variety of thematic sites. Basically, users write that this drug is effective for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, both in adults and in children. As positive points, it is noted that the drug can be used during pregnancy, and also give it to the newborn.

The doctors' testimonies testify that this preparation, provided it is correctly administered, allows very quickly to improve the general condition of the body and overcome unpleasant symptoms in children and adults with dysbiosis. How to drink tablets Linex, from what help, it is necessary to learn from the doctor, as uncontrolled reception of the product is undesirable.

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