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Barsucor balm-cream for children 50ml

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Barsucor balm-cream for children instructionYou can buy Barsucor balm-cream for children hereMany parents have heard about the healing properties of Barsucor cream-balm for children, which is recommended for children from 3 years ..

Barsucor balm-cream for children instruction

You can buy Barsucor balm-cream for children here

Many parents have heard about the healing properties of Barsucor cream-balm for children, which is recommended for children from 3 years old for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Apply it for hypothermia, cough, runny nose, colds and even flu. However, not all parents share the opinion that this cream balsam is safe and is a panacea in the winter. There are so many different reviews about this remedy.
Detailed instructions will help everyone to get acquainted with all the properties and characteristics of Barsucor for children, the features of the drug, as well as allow him to know the cost.

Composition and release form

Cream balm "Barsucor" for children is released without a prescription from the doctor in special bottles of 50 ml. At the heart of the cream balm for children are such natural ingredients as:
badger fat;
peppermint essential oil;
pepper extract.
The cream also contains additional ingredients:
demineralized water, higher fatty alcohols, vaseline oil, antioxidant, stearate-2, perfume, propyl-paraben, demitecone-200, methyl parabel, stearate-21.
Like any therapeutic agent, balm has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications.

Indications for use

The cream is effective and is indicated for use in cases of:
hypothermia child, in order to quickly warm the child's body;
in the treatment of various diseases of the upper respiratory tract in combination with other drugs;
for the prevention of colds;
for warming massage after active games or sports;
for super sensitive baby skin;
protects the baby’s skin from environmental hazards;
for the purpose of nutrition and hydration.
The main properties of the balm cream "Barsucor" for children:
easily absorbed into the skin;
has a warming effect;
contains only natural essential oils;
has a wide range of applications.


The age of the child is up to 3 years old: children up to 3 years old are very sensitive to external factors, and the reaction to their body can be completely unpredictable. It is better to refrain from the use of this tool to kids of the specified age.
the individual sensitivity of the child’s body to certain components of the balm;
Allergic reactions - children prone to allergic reactions may get the opposite effect. Instead of alleviating the condition - a sharp deterioration, rash, shortness of breath;
irritations and damage to the skin of the child are an indicator for the abolition of balm. Pepper, which is part of the cream, will cause pain, hitting even a small wound on the skin.

Application features

Cream balm "Barsucor" for children is designed to be rubbed into the skin of a child with a heating purpose. However, we should not forget that with regard to children, special care must be taken when using various cosmetic and medicinal products. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to apply a small “pea” of balsam cream to the skin of the child. Neat circular massage movements need to rub the cream into the skin until it is fully absorbed. After this procedure, you should wrap the child and give him a good warm. The cream is applied on the upper back of the child and the chest.
After rubbing in the balm, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly, as even a small touch of smeared cream to the eyes or mucous membrane will cause a strong burning sensation. If this product comes into contact with eyes, immediately rinse them with running water and then seek medical help.


The feedback we received from our experienced parents helped us to establish several more new methods of using Balsukor balsam for children. The cream is recommended to be applied not only on the back and chest of the child, but also on the child's feet. This will allow him to quickly warm his legs and prevent overcooling of the entire children's body.
After a massive entry into the markets of the country of balsam cream, the feedback from grateful parents, who shared another discovery in the area of ​​using Barsucor, “fell down”: it turned out that the balm can be successfully applied in the fight against the cold. This method is suitable for older children (from 7 years). If you have a cold, you need to apply a small amount of balsam cream on the wings of the nose or under it. According to the reviews, this procedure “pierces” the nose, will allow the essential oils to enter the respiratory tract and exert their medicinal effect on them. Apply the cream should be very careful not to cause severe pain and burning.
Testimonials from people with hypertension have discovered another property of a therapeutic cream: by smearing the cream on your feet, you can quickly and painlessly reduce your pressure!
Reviews of each consumer who has purchased this balm are very important both for drug developers and buyers. Leaving your comments, we help ourselves to identify all the useful properties and qualities of Barsucor for children.

Terms of sell

You can buy Barsucor balm-cream for children without a prescription.

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