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Barsucor (Badger Fat) capsules 200 mg #100

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Barsucor (Badger Fat) instruction for useYou can buy Barsucor (Badger Fat) on this pageNutritionists say that today a huge number of people suffer from a shortage of nutrients in the body. This deficit is most often due to an inad..

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Barsucor (Badger Fat) instruction for use

You can buy Barsucor (Badger Fat) on this page

Nutritionists say that today a huge number of people suffer from a shortage of nutrients in the body. This deficit is most often due to an inadequately balanced diet, excessive mental or physical loads, and various disruptions in the activities of organs and systems. So a rather widespread form of such deficiency is the lack of fatty acids. For its correction, various drugs can be used, including Barsucor in capsules, the instruction for its application will become the topic of our today's conversation on Also consider its analogs, use, indications, contraindications, effects, side effects, dosage, composition, overdose.

What is Barsucor's capsule composition?

Each capsule of the drug Barsucor has in its composition badger fat in the amount of 0.2 grams. And this product is a source of provitamin A, vitamin E, vitamins of group B (B2, B6 and B12). It also saturates the body with a significant amount of linoleic fatty acid (and other acids from the Omega-3 class), linolenic fatty acid (and others from the Omega-6 class) and oleic fatty acid (and others from the Omega-9 class).

What does Barsucor have in capsules?

Barsucor is a biologically active additive. It is believed that badger fat has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, immunomodulating qualities. In addition, such a substance perfectly prevents atherosclerosis, has a good bactericidal and restorative effect.
Badger fat is able to improve metabolic processes, it positively affects the activity of the cardiovascular, genitourinary, endocrine and nervous system. Its constituent particles are able to prevent the development of cancer and regulate the amount of glucose in the blood.
The powerful antioxidants of Barsucor help to slow the processes of cell damage due to oxidative processes. Also vitamins A and E activate the production of steroid hormones and increase the activity of the organs of the reproductive system. In addition, they improve the digestive processes, stimulate the secretion of saliva, as well as gastric and pancreatic juice.
And vitamins of group B allow to normalize metabolic processes: protein, fat, water-salt and carbohydrate.

What are the indications for use in Barsucor capsules?

Barsucor is advised to take patients with colds, obstructive bronchitis, severe and protracted pneumonia, as well as silicosis and pulmonary tuberculosis. Such a drug will help cope with drug intoxication, digestive tract diseases (gastritis, stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer). This tool will benefit patients with atherosclerosis, various ailments of the cardiovascular system (and hypertension including). Barsucor is often advised to take a patient with thrombophlebitis, cerebrovascular disorders, rickets and dystrophy.
Most often such a tool is recommended to be used as a biologically active food additive, namely as a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

What does Barsucor use in capsules? What is the dosage of Barsucor in capsules?

Barsucor is usually advised to take four or six capsules twice a day. This is the optimal dosage for adults. Children from five to twelve are recommended to take two or three capsules twice a day. The duration of such therapy is three to four weeks.

What are the Barsucor capsules contraindications for use?

Badger fat in capsules, the instruction for use does not permit the use of patients with individual intolerance to any of its components. Such a remedy is not shown to children until the age of five (in some sources up to the age of six). Specialists say that these children do not yet have lipase in their bodies to break down fatty acids.
In no case can you consume Barsucor during the period of bearing a child, and also during breastfeeding. This remedy is also contraindicated to all those who suffer from liver diseases, chronic pancreatitis and ailments of bile ducts.

What are the side effects of Barsucor in capsules?

The badger is usually well tolerated by man. But in some cases, such a tool becomes the cause of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Some patients face the problem of skin rashes, which most often indicates an allergy (and this, as we have already explained, is a contraindication to the further application of Barsucor).

Is there an overdose from Barsucor in capsules?

Excessive consumption of Barsucor can lead to the appearance of rashes and irritations on the skin that cause itching. There were no other symptoms with an overdose.

How to replace Barsucor in capsules, analogues which use?

In the pharmacy there are not one hundred percent analogues of Barsucor, but on the market you can find similar drugs - Barsucor in the form of drops and syrup.
Barsumed also has similar means, which includes not only badger but also bearish fat, as well as lecithin and sea buckthorn oil.
In addition, the pharmacy can be found Barsucor enriched, it is a source of badger and wheat germ oil.Barsucor - this is a good biologically active additive, which can bring a huge health benefit when properly applied.

Additional Information

Badger fat is widely used in recipes of traditional medicine. It is based on the preparation of various medications. Such a product perfectly helps to cope with ARI, ARVI, bronchitis and influenza. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is advised to take a spoonful three times a day on an empty stomach. In childhood, this dosage should be reduced to one teaspoon.
Even with such diseases, you can use badger fat for rubbing the chest and back. But such manipulations can be carried out only in the absence of temperature.
Badger fat is recommended for use in the therapy of tuberculosis. For the preparation of a medicine, it is necessary to melt a half kilogram of such a product at a minimum power fire. Pour half a liter of milk into the container and boil. Such a mixture must be taken 1/8 cup twice a day. Gradually increase the dosage and bring it to a full glass. Carry out treatment for two months.
Even with tuberculosis, you can put together 100 grams of badger fat, the same amount of natural honey, and fifty grams of aloe juice (before it is prepared, it is necessary to sustain the leaves of such a plant in the refrigerator for three days). Stir well thoroughly all the ingredients. Take the finished medicine on a spoonful three times a day for about half an hour before a meal.
Even for the treatment of tuberculosis, healers are advised to pass through a meat grinder a dozen lemons (along with zedra), fill this mass with a dozen eggs. Add a liter of badger fat, five hundred milliliters of cognac and one liter of honey to the container. Stir well. Take this medicine on a third of glass a day about half an hour before a meal.
Specialists of traditional medicine are often advised to use badger fat for joint therapy. It is best used after a bath or after a hot bath, it will help to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. To prepare the medicine you need to prepare one hundred grams of melted badger fat, mix it with thirty drops of jojoba oil, ten drops of essential oil of lavender and the same amount of essential oil of rosemary, and also with five drops of mint oil. Well, mix this remedy and put it on painful patches. Leave the compress on overnight.

To activate immunity specialists of traditional medicine advise to combine one hundred gram of badger fat and one hundred grams of honey. Also use fifty grams of raisins, the same amount of dried apricots and one hundred grams of walnuts - these components are passed through the meat grinder. Mix all the prepared ingredients. Take the mixture on a spoonful for one month. To children such a preparation is given on a teaspoonful per day.
Patients suffering from peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, as well as from gastritis with excessive acidity, colitis and chronic pancreatitis, are advised to take a spoonful of badger fat from the morning on an empty stomach. It is best to hold such a reception two hours before breakfast. The same medicine will help those who are concerned about the general depletion of the body.
Badger fat is a very useful product. It can be purchased in the form of capsules and taken to achieve a general tonic and therapeutic effect. And on the basis of pure badger fat, you can prepare medicinal medicines yourself.

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