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Cereton caps 400mg #28

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Cereton instruction for useReed more and buy Cereton hereCompositionIn one ampoule (4 ml of solution) contains 1 gram of the active component of choline alfoscerate. Excipient - sterile water.Each capsule contains 400 mg of active..

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Cereton instruction for use

Reed more and buy Cereton here


In one ampoule (4 ml of solution) contains 1 gram of the active component of choline alfoscerate. Excipient - sterile water.
Each capsule contains 400 mg of active substance. Additional components: yellow iron oxide, water, methylparaben, glycerol, titanium dioxide, propylparaben, sorbitol.

Form of issue

The drug is available in capsular form and as a solution. Each package contains 14 capsules or 3.5 ampoules with a volume of 4 ml.

pharmachologic effect

Nootrop. The active substance ensures the supply of choline to the brain cells. The active ingredient is protected against enzymatic degradation. Choline is actively used in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine, normalizing the work of the affected receptors, increasing the membrane elasticity of neuronal cells, improving synaptic neuronal transmission.
With sufficient provision of the brain with choline, cerebral blood supply is enhanced, the reticular formation is activated, and cellular metabolism is stimulated. After the course of treatment regression of the expressed neurologic symptomatology is registered, improvement of blood circulation in the area of ​​the affected areas of the brain is noted, cognitive indices are improved. The drug has a positive effect on the bioelectric activity of the brain of spontaneous genesis.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

When parenterally administered at a dose of 10 mg / kg, the active component accumulates in the tissues of the lungs, brain and liver. The absorption index is 88%. The active substance easily passes through the blood-brain barrier. 15% of metabolites are excreted through the intestines and by the kidneys; 85% is excreted by pulmonary tissue in the form of carbon dioxide.

Indications for the application of Cereton (Spectrum of purpose)

    senile pseudomelanchia;
    cognitive impairment;
    violation of attention;
    dementia of unknown origin;
    encephalopathy of unspecified origin;
    cerebral infarction;
    after ONMK;
    organic mental disorders;
    disturbances in the behavior of organic genesis (with CNS dysfunction);
    senile dementia;
    lack of initiative, reduced motivation;
    lack of coordination;
    after intracranial hemorrhages;
    after brain injuries.
Additional indications for the use of Cereton in the elderly: psychoorganic syndrome, cerebrovascular insufficiency, multinfarction dementia.


Medication is not prescribed in the acute period of stroke and hemorrhage. Tablets and injections are contraindicated in bearing pregnancy, individual intolerance to choline and ancillary components, with lactation. The drug is not used in pediatrics (the age limit is 18 years).

Side effects

The digestive tract:
    stomach ulcers;
    dryness of the oral mucosa.
Nervous system:
    convulsive syndrome;
    ischemic changes in the brain tissue.
Rarely is there a violation of urination, diarrhea syndrome, pain in the area of ​​injection.

Instructions for the application of Ceretone (Method and dosage)

Ampoules are prescribed mainly in acute conditions. The solution is administered intramuscularly or intravenously. Parenteral medication should be administered slowly. The daily dosage is 4 ml (1 ampoule). Duration of treatment is 10-15 days. After acute conditions in the recovery period, capsules are prescribed.

Instructions for the use of Ceretone in tablets

2 pcs in the morning, 1 pc in the evening. Duration of therapy - up to 6 months. When cerebrovascular pathology of chronic genesis, with dementia, appoint 1 capsule three times a day for 3-6 months. Preferred time of reception - after a meal.


Large doses increase the severity of side effects. Adequate posindrome therapy is required.


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the drug does not depend on the use of other drugs. Adsorbents can reduce the effectiveness of Cereton due to the adsorption of the active substance.

Storage conditions

Room temperature.

Shelf life

Ampoules - 2 years, capsules - 5 years.

special instructions

To prevent insomnia and overexcitation is not recommended to use the medication in the afternoon.

Reviews of Cereton (General view)

Thematic portals and forums contain positive reviews about Cereton: the drug is well tolerated and has a pronounced nootropic effect.
Reviews of doctors about Cereton: the drug improves cognitive functions, helps to restore the brain after a stroke, traumatic lesions.

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