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Doctor Mom ointment 20gr

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Instruction for Doctor Mom ointmentYou can buy Doctor Mom ointment on this pageDoctor Mom in the form of an ointment for external use has a local irritating, warming and pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. The Doctorug is prescri..

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Instruction for Doctor Mom ointment

You can buy Doctor Mom ointment on this page

Doctor Mom in the form of an ointment for external use has a local irritating, warming and pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. The Doctorug is prescribed for colds, as well as for relief of muscle and joint pain.

Form of formulation and composition of the preparation

The Doctor Mom is available in the form of an ointment for external use. The ointment is packed in 20 g polypropylene jars with a screw cap, in a cardboard bundle with the attached detailed instructions.
Ointment Doctor Mom is a substance of white color, translucent, thick solid consistency with a pronounced smell of menthol and camphor.

The main active components of the medicine are:

    Eucalyptus oil;
    Turpentine oil;
    Oil of nutmeg.
Solid white paraffin acts as an auxiliary component.

Pharmacological properties of the Doctorug

Ointment Doctor Mom is a combined remedy for external use with pronounced anti-inflammatory, irritating, warming and analgesic effect. Therapeutic actions of this form of the Doctorug are due to the components that make up the ointment.
Menthol when applied to the surface of the skin dilates the blood vessels, somewhat cools the skin, thereby achieving a pronounced analgesic effect.
The camphor, which is part of the ointment, irritates the skin, stimulates blood flow to the site of application, and has an analgesic effect.
Timol is an antiseptic of local action, which is widely effective against many pathogens of infection, including fungal microflora.
Eucalyptus oil and turpentine oil irritate the skin, stimulate a greater flow of blood to the site of application, dilate blood vessels and have a warming effect.
Nutmeg nut oil when applied to the skin suppresses the production of prostaglandin, due to which a powerful anti-inflammatory effect is manifested.
Ointment Doctor Mom does not have a systemic effect on the body, since the active components of the Doctorug are not absorbed into the common bloodstream.

Indications for use

Doctor Mom in the form of an ointment for external use is prescribed to patients for treatment of the following conditions:
    Pain in the area of ​​joints of different origin - as a distraction auxiliary;
    Back pain caused by osteochonDoctorosis, muscle strain, bruises and other injuries;
    Headaches - the preparation is applied in a small amount to the area of ​​the temples and slightly massaged;
    As part of the comprehensive treatment of acute respiratory viral infections - rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis.

Contraindications to use

Before starting therapy with Doctor Mom in the form of an ointment, the patient should carefully study the accompanying instructions, since the Doctorug has the following contraindications and limitations:
    The patient's age is up to 2 years;
    Individual intolerance to the components of the Doctorug;
    Violation of the integrity of the skin - wounds, cuts, scratches, pustular rashes, allergic reactions, wet eczema and others.
With special care, the Doctorug is prescribed for patients with bronchial asthma, a tendency to bronchospasm, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Dosing and Administration

Ointment Doctor Mom is intended for external use only. Do not apply the Doctorug to mucous membranes!
Depending on the symptoms of the disease, the doctor sets the individual dose and the course of therapy with the Doctorug. According to the instructions, ointment is prescribed to patients 1-2 times a day with a thin layer on clean, Doctory skin, gently rubbing and massaging until completely absorbed.
In rhinitis and inflammatory processes of the nasal cavity, the Doctorug is applied to the wings of the nose, avoiding the ingress of a substance into the cavity. If inhaled, evaporation of the preparation is observed.
With severe headaches, the Doctorug is distributed in small amounts at the fingertips, with which the region of the temples is massaged.
In case of acute respiratory viral infections, the patient is given ointment on the chest and back area, thoroughly rubbing with massage movements until the Doctorug is completely absorbed. This procedure is more expedient to spend before going to bed, after which it is good to wrap the patient and leave him to sweat. With increased body temperature, trituration with the Doctorug is not carried out, as this can lead to even more fever and fever.
With pain in the joints and muscles, Doctor Mohm is applied to the damaged areas and rubbed lightly.
The duration of the course of therapy with the Doctorug, as a rule, does not exceed 7 days, but if necessary, treatment can be extended at the doctor's instruction.

Use of the Doctor Mom during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Data on the effect of active active components of the ointment on the fetus are absent, therefore, the use of the Doctorug during pregnancy is not recommended for women. Since in the body of the expectant mother in the period of expectation of the child there are serious hormonal changes, she can unpredictably react to the application of the Doctorug on the skin - allergic reactions, bronchospasm, skin rash and itching. If it is necessary for the Doctorug to be treated, it is important to assess the benefits / risks for the mother and the fetus.
Use of the Doctorug Doctor Mom during the breastfeeding period is possible only after consulting a specialist. Avoid applying ointment on the chest area so that the Doctorug does not accidentally get into the body of a child with milk.

Adverse Events

When applying the Doctorug to the skin, in individuals with increased individual sensitivity to the components of the ointment, the following side effects may develop:
    Allergic reactions - rash, redness, skin hyperemia, urticaria;
    Doctoryness and peeling of the skin at the site of application;
    Burning of the skin;
    When inhaled, ointment vapors may develop bronchospasm and lachrymation.
The above manifestations, as a rule, develop in very rare cases, are not dangerous to the patient and do not require the abolition of treatment.


Since the active components of Doctor Mom's ointment are not absorbed into the common bloodstream, local use of the Doctorug can not lead to an overdose.

Interaction with other drugs

Dr Mom in the form of an ointment enhances the therapeutic effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antiviral drugs.

special instructions

Do not let the ointment get on the mucous membranes and eyes. After applying the product, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. In case of accidental ingestion of ointment in the eyes, it is necessary to rinse abundantly with running water and immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

Conditions of storage and leave

Doctor Mom in the form of an ointment is sold in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The medicine must be stored in the refrigerator or other dark cool place, not accessible to chilDoctoren. After each use, the ointment must be tightened tightly with a lid to avoid evaporation of essential oils. The preparation is 36 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package. Do not freeze!

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