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Eucalyptus-M tabs #20

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Eucalyptus-M instruction for useYou can buy Eucalyptus-M on this pageEucalyptus-M is an effective medicinal product of plant origin.Eucalyptus-M is widely used for the treatment of laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis and other dis..

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Eucalyptus-M instruction for use

You can buy Eucalyptus-M on this page

Eucalyptus-M is an effective medicinal product of plant origin.
Eucalyptus-M is widely used for the treatment of laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis and other diseases of the pharynx and respiratory tract.
This drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing properties, it has an exclusively local effect, and therefore, can not cause systemic absorption.

Composition and form of release

The medicinal preparation Eucalypt-M is available in the form of tablets (troches) for resorption. The main active substances are:
    eucalyptus oil;
As additional components, manufacturers use:
    yellow quinoline dye;
    dye indigocarmine;
    magnesium stearate;
    honey aroma;
Tablets have a round and flat shape, with a slightly beveled edge and a light green color, possibly with inclusions, and also with engraved letters NP.
This drug is produced in blisters of 10 pieces, additionally packed in cardboard boxes.

Indications for use

Eucalypt-M resorption tablets are prescribed for the therapy of inflammatory processes that develop in the pharynx and upper respiratory tract:
This drug, created on the basis of plant components, has a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Due to the content of menthol and natural eucalyptus oil, the resorption tablets contribute to a slight narrowing of the vessels, so that the swelling of the upper respiratory tract disappears.

Mode of application

Eucalypt-M tablets are intended for topical use - they must be kept in the mouth until they are completely dissolved. It is not recommended to swallow or chew this remedy.
During the course of treatment with Eucalypt-M tablets, the permissible dosage should be strictly observed.
For children from the age of 8, it is recommended to take 1-2 lozenges a day.
The optimal dose for adult patients: 3 or 4 times a day for 1 tablet.
For both children and adults, the maximum duration of the therapeutic course is five days.

Interaction with other medicinal products

When you are going to take Eucalyptus-M tablets, you should consider some of their features. It is known that natural eucalyptus oil, which is one of the main active ingredients of the preparation, has the property of increasing the toxicity of plants, which contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which have a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to use such drugs at the same time.
In addition, the simultaneous administration of Eucalyptus-M and drugs with antidiabetic properties is undesirable-in this case, the symptoms of hypoglycemia may develop, and the patient's glucose level may begin to decrease.

Side effects of Eucalyptus-M

A selection of interesting facts:
If the drug is taken by all means, do not be afraid of any side effects. In case of an overdose or an increase in the tolerable therapeutic course, the side effects of Eucalypt-M tablets may manifest as allergic reactions.
Some patients may also develop diarrheal phenomena, in particular, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, heaviness in the stomach, heartburn and others.

Contraindications for Eucalyptus-M

Tablets for resorption of Eucalyptus-M are contraindicated in younger children up to eight years.
Also, they can not be taken by individuals who have individual intolerance to the components of Eucalyptus-M, or are hypersensitive to them.

In pregnancy

Since there is currently no exact information on how this drug can affect fetal development, it is recommended that women during pregnancy be refrained from taking Eucalypt-M tablets.
From the same point of view, it should not be taken with breastfeeding.

Conditions and periods of storage of the drug

Tablets for resorption of Eucalyptus-M should be stored in a dry and dark place, inaccessible to children, in conditions of temperature not exceeding +25 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life of this drug is three years.


The medicinal preparation Eucalypt-M enjoys wide popularity and wins a lot of positive responses from patients due to its plant composition, ease of use and quick action.
Most patients who used this drug to treat the inflammatory processes of the pharynx and upper respiratory tract note that it has a pleasant taste and at the same time has an excellent therapeutic effect.
Absolutely natural composition of Eucalyptus-M causes confidence in patients who seek the most safe means. Also, patients pay attention to the fact that the tablets for resorption of Eucalyptus-M help to quickly eliminate attacks of severe cough and have a softening effect on the throat cavity.
Another important advantage inherent in these tablets, a significant portion of patients call a low cost, which is affordable for everyone. To find out in more detail everything that patients say about the herbal medicine Eucalyptus-M, you can at the end of this article.
What should be considered for those who decided to cure the inflammatory process of the upper respiratory tract or pharynx with Eucalypt-M tablets?
As an absolutely natural product, Eucalyptus-M has practically no side effects, but one should be cautious with those who have allergic reactions to menthol and ethereal eucalyptus oil.
Children who have not reached the age of eight, this drug is contraindicated.
Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding should refrain from the use of Eucalypt-M tablets, since the nature of the drug's effects in these periods has not yet been studied.
Do not take Eucalyptus-M in conjunction with herbal preparations containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids, as well as with antidiabetic medications.
Taking this drug, you need to follow the instructions of the instructions and in no case, do not use it for longer than five days in a row.

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