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Isla Moos lozenges 1000mg #30

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Instruction for Isla MoosYou can buy Isla Moos hereCompositionIn 1 tablet of Isla Moos contains 80 mg of an aqueous extract of Icelandic moss (Cetraria islandica) (0.4-0.8 to 1) and such inactive components as gum arabic, liquid p..

Instruction for Isla Moos

You can buy Isla Moos here


In 1 tablet of Isla Moos contains 80 mg of an aqueous extract of Icelandic moss (Cetraria islandica) (0.4-0.8 to 1) and such inactive components as gum arabic, liquid paraffin, caramel E150 (c), purified water.
In addition, 424 mg of sucrose is found in one lozenge, which is equivalent to 0.035 grain units.

Form of issue

The tablets (lozenges) for resorption of Isla Moos are packed in contourcellular plates of 10 tab., In each cardboard bundle there are 3 cell contour plates.

pharmachologic effect

The therapeutic and prophylactic effect of pastilles Isla Moos is associated with the antimicrobial activity and immunostimulating properties of the extract of a medicinal plant - Icelandic moss.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The drug Isla Moos is intended for local use in otolaryngological practice. It is able to locally increase immunity, reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes, and also provide an enveloping effect. At the same time, pain and irritation in the throat are eliminated, it acts anti-inflammatory to the upper respiratory tract.
Isla Moos lozenges are able to prevent irritation and dryness of the mucous throat in a group of people who have increased stress on the vocal cords or are exposed to excessive dryness of the air. Extract of Cetraria Icelandic, or as more common - Icelandic moss does not irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Indications for use

Tablets Isla Moos is prescribed for treatment:
    patients with cough, with diseases of the upper respiratory tract or bronchi (acute and chronic bronchitis as a component of complex therapy);
    hoarseness and the presence of a feeling of irritation in the throat (with increased stress on the vocal cords - lecturers, singers and others and in conditions of dry air);
    with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the throat, for example, with pharyngitis, laryngitis, including allergic etymology.
The Isla Moos lozenges can be an auxiliary therapy for bronchial asthma.


    known hypersensitivity to constituents;
    children under 4 years.
Use with caution
In diabetes mellitus, as one lozenge is equivalent to 0.035 grain units due to the constituent sucrose.

Side effects

    Allergic reactions can rarely develop.
    A laxative effect is possible with prolonged use in connection with the sorbitol contained in this agent.

Isla Moos, Instructions for Use (Method and Dosage)

The tablet for resorption should be retained in the mouth until it dissolves completely. Chewing or grinding a tablet can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of Isla Moos.

Adults and teenagers

The recommended single dose is 1 lozenges. You can take the drug every hour if necessary, that is, the presence of pain or sensation of irritation in the throat. The maximum allowable dose for 1 day is not more than 12 tablets.

Children 4 - 12 years old

The recommended single dose is 1 lozenges. Take the pill can be, if necessary, no more than 1 time in two hours. The maximum allowable dose for 1 day - no more than 6 tablets.
The duration and schedule of treatment should be determined individually. Long-term treatment is possible. The drug should be used for 2 more days after the disappearance of the manifestations of the disease in order to achieve a sustainable therapeutic effect.


Isla Moos is an excellent preventive tool for reducing the risk and danger of the common cold, protector of airway sensitivity at elevated loads, presence of perspiration in the throat. The recommended preventive dose is 2-3 lozenges per day.


There have been no reports of overdose cases.


It is allowed to be applied simultaneously with other medicinal preparations.

Terms of sale

To buy Isla Moos a prescription is not needed.

Storage conditions

Dry place. The ambient temperature is up to + 25 ° C.
Keep out of the reach of children!
Shelf life - 48 months

With alcohol

It is not recommended to drink alcohol on the background of Isla Moos therapy.

Reviews about Isla Moos


    affordable price;
    natural composition;
    the possibility of application in pediatrics.


    peculiar taste;
    individual intolerance;
    does not help with severe pain.

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