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Libexin Muco syrup for kids 2% 125ml

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Libexin Muco for kids instruction for useYou can buy Libexin Muco for kids on this pageIn the treatment of cough, children use different groups of drugs. Some medications make phlegm more fluid and promote its easy cough. Other dr..

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Libexin Muco for kids instruction for use

You can buy Libexin Muco for kids on this page

In the treatment of cough, children use different groups of drugs. Some medications make phlegm more fluid and promote its easy cough. Other drugs suppress the cough itself, acting on both the brain and the cough receptors of the bronchi. Among the popular antitussive drugs allocated Libexin. How does it help in the treatment of cough and is it used in children?

Form of issue and composition

Libexin is produced in the form of tablets, in which the round form is almost white, on one side there is the inscription LIBEXIN, and on the other there are risks, according to which each tablet can be divided into quarters. One packet includes 20 tablets packed in one blister.
The active substance in such a preparation is prenoxdiazine in the form of hydrochloride. One tablet of Libexin contains 100 mg of this compound. In addition to it, talc, lactose, glycerin, povidone, corn starch and magnesium stearate are present in the medication.
Separately release a drug called Libexin Muco. It is presented by syrup in two dosages, infant and adult. The main component of this sweet drug is carbocysteine. In the syrup for children, its dosage is 100 mg per 5 ml (20 mg per milliliter). This medicine is prescribed to children from the age of two.
In the "adult" syrup, not only the dosage of the active ingredient is higher (50 mg / 1 ml), but also ethyl alcohol is present. For this reason, such a drug is not used to treat children under 15 years of age.

Operating principle

Prenoxidiazine has an antitussive effect, which is not central (the drug does not affect the brain), but peripheral. It is associated with such effects from the reception of Libexin:
Reduced irritability of cough receptors located in the airways, due to anesthetic effect (local).
Oppression in the bronchial tubes of the stretch receptors, which participate in the cough reflex, resulting in the expansion of the bronchi.
Some decrease in the activity of the respiratory center, in which respiratory depression does not occur.
The strength of the antitussive effect of the drug is comparable with the preparations of codeine, but does not provoke drug dependence. In addition, if a patient has a chronic inflammatory process in the bronchi, Libexin has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Syrup Libexin kids is used for non-productive cough, the cause of which is:
Acute bronchitis.
Whooping cough.
Heart failure.
Chronical bronchitis.
The medicine is also given to children who are going to perform a bronchographic examination or bronchoscopy. With this use, Liebexin has a local anesthetic effect, promotes the expansion of the bronchi and suppresses the cough reflex, so that the procedure is performed most fully.

At what age is it allowed to take?

In the instructions to syrup Libexin for kids, there are no age restrictions, but there is information that children are prescribed this drug with caution.


Libexin is not prescribed if the child has:
A large amount of sputum is produced (wet cough).
There was an inhalation anesthesia.
There is intolerance to any ingredient in the drug, as well as galactose.
There is a deficiency of lactase.

Side effects of the syrup Libexin Muco for kids

Sometimes in the treatment of Libexin, the child develops an allergic reaction in the form of angioedema or rash on the skin.
The digestive system of a small patient can react to tablets with dryness in the throat or in the mouth, as well as temporary numbness in the oral mucosa. Occasionally, taking medication causes pain in the stomach, provokes constipation or nausea.
If high doses are used, treatment with Libexin may increase fatigue and provoke an unexpressed sedative effect.

Instructions for use

Dividing the tablet Libexin on risks, the right amount of the drug offer the child to swallow and drink water. Chew medication is not recommended, as this can cause anesthesia of the oral mucosa.
The dosage of the drug for children is determined by both the body weight of the small patient and his age. Calculate the dose for a particular patient should be the attending physician. On average, a child is prescribed one-fourth of a pill (25 mg) or 1/2 tablet (50 mg) per dose.
Medication is often given to children three times a day, but sometimes the pediatrician appoints a fourfold use.
The maximum dose for one intake in childhood is 50 mg of prenoxediazin, which corresponds to a half of the tablet. In a day, children should not be given more than two tablets (200 mg of active compound).


An excessively high dose of the drug may cause severe sedation and weakness, but there have been no cases of overdose of tablets before this time.

Compatibility with other drugs

If the child has a strong dry cough, the drug is often combined with antispasmodics (No-shpa, Drotaverin, Papaverin). You can not prescribe Libexin together with expectorant medications or mucolytics, since such a combination of drugs will make it difficult to remove diluted sputum.
There is no information on the interaction of the drug with other medications.

Terms of sale

To buy Libexin syrup for kids a prescription from a doctor is not needed, but it is not recommended to purchase a medicine for a child without first consulting a pediatrician, pulmonologist, ENT or another specialist.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Shelf life is 5 years. To prevent the tablets from losing their healing properties, they should be kept at home in a dry place at a temperature of no more than +25 degrees Celsius. Access in children to the drug should not be.


There are many positive reviews about the use of Libexin in children with a strong dry cough. They note the high efficacy of the drug and the rapid therapeutic effect with an obtrusive and painful cough. The size of the tablets is small, so problems with swallowing in most small patients are not noted.
To divide the medicine into halves or quarters, according to moms, is fairly easy. As for the cost of tablets, some parents call it high, and others - acceptable.

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