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ACC syrup for kids 20mg/ml 100ml


$14.50 Ex Tax: $14.50

ACC syrup for kids instructionYou can buy ACC syrup for kids hereIn a house with small children, coughing is quite a frequent visitor. Modern pharmaceuticals have developed a huge number of drugs. Syrup ACC for children - one of t..

Aerius syrup 0.05% 60ml


$35.87 Ex Tax: $35.87

Aerius syrup instuction for useYou can buy Aerius syrup hereClinical and pharmacological groupThe blocker of histamine H1 receptors. Anti-allergic drugForm of release, composition and packagingOrange syrup, transparent.1 ml deslor..

Althea syrup 150ml


$12.42 Ex Tax: $12.42

Althea syrup instructionYou can buy Althea syrup on this pageCompositionIn 100 grams of syrup contains 2 g of an extract of an altine root.The content of excipients: 63.3 g of sucrose, 0.38 g of sodium benzoate and 34.32 g of puri..

Ambrobene syrup 15mg/5ml 100ml


$17.77 Ex Tax: $17.77

Ambrobene syrup user manualTo buy Ambrobene syrup just add it to your cartSee also - Ambrobene tabletsCompositionActive substance: ambroxol hydrochloride - 15 mg / mlExcipients:    70% liquid sorbitol - 60 g; &..

Ambrohexal syrup 6mg/ml 100ml


$13.79 Ex Tax: $13.79

Instruction for AmbrohexalReed more and buy Ambrohexal hereCompositionSyrup Ambrohexal. 5 ml of active ingredient syrup - 0.015 mg + excipients (benzoic acid, essence of raspberry monohydrate, sorbitol p-op, polyvidone, sodium cyc..

Ascoril Expectorant syrup 100ml


$29.86 Ex Tax: $29.86

Ascoril Expectorant syrup instructionYou can buy Ascoril Expectorant syrup hereSee also - Ascoril tabsComposition    10 ml of syrup contain:    Active substances: salbutamol (in the form of sulfate) 2..

Bronchicum C syrup 100ml


$16.37 Ex Tax: $16.37

Instruction for Bronchicum CReed more and buy Bronchicum C on this pageSee also - Bronchicum TPComposition15 g. Of the liquid extract of thyme grass is contained in 100 ml of syrup.Additional substances: rose oil, sugar syrup, sod..

Bronchinol syrup 100ml


$15.17 Ex Tax: $15.17

Bronchinol user manualReed more and buy Bronchinol on this pageComposition100 ml of Bronchinol syrup contains:psyllium extract 5 gextract of leaves of mother-and-stepmother 5 gpeppermint oil 10 mgeucalyptus oil 10 mg  &n..

Bronchipret syrup 100ml


$19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

Instruction for BronchipretReed more and buy Bronchipret on this pageComposition100 grams of drops for internal reception contain: thyme liquid extract - 50 g, tincture of ivy leaves - 15 g. Content of ethyl alcohol - 19%. Excipie..

Bronchobos syrup 5% 200ml


$39.30 Ex Tax: $39.30

Bronchobos syrup instructionYou can buy Bronchobos syrup on this pageComposition1 measuring spoon of syrup (5 ml) 2.5% contains: carbocysteine, in a dosage of 125.00 mg.1 measuring spoon syrup (5 ml) 5% contains: carbocysteine, in..

Bronchoplant syrup 100ml


$11.24 Ex Tax: $11.24

Bronchoplant instruction for useYou can buy Bronchoplant syrup on this pagepharmachologic effect    has an expectorant and antimicrobial effect    liquefies phlegm and reduces its viscosityIndications..

Cashlestopy kids syrup 100ml


$10.17 Ex Tax: $10.17

Cashlestopy kids user manualReed more and buy Cashlestopy kids hereCompositiongranulated sugar, purified water, althea drug root extract, peppermint leaf extract, thyme herb extract, nicotinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride.pharmach..

Cashlestopy syrup 100ml


$11.14 Ex Tax: $11.14

Cashlestopy instruction for useYou can buy Cashlestopy syrup herepharmachologic effect of Cashlestopy syrupCashlestopy syrup has an anti-inflammatory effect, has a softening effect with a dry cough.Licorice contains glycosides, su..

Cholosas syrup 300ml


$44.77 Ex Tax: $44.77

Cholosas instruction for useYou can buy Cholosas on this pageCompositionThe composition of 100 grams of Cholosas syrup is not less than 40 grams of 25% extract of rose hips and an additional substance of sucrose.Form of issueDark ..

Clenbuterol syrup 100ml


$6.73 Ex Tax: $6.73

Clenbuterol syrup instruction for useYou can buy Clenbuterol syrup hereThe agent has the fastest bronchodilator effect. It can stimulate the expectoration process, it can not affect heart rate and blood pressure.Form of issue and ..

Cytovir-3 syrup 50ml


$19.79 Ex Tax: $19.79

Cytovir-3 instructionReed more and buy Cytovir-3 hereCompositionOne milliliter of syrup contains:    as active ingredients - sodium salt of α-glutamyl-tryptophan - 1 ml, bendazole - 1.25 μg, ascorbic acid - 12 mg;&n..

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