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ACC syrup for kids 20mg/ml 100ml

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ACC syrup for kids instructionYou can buy ACC syrup for kids hereIn a house with small children, coughing is quite a frequent visitor. Modern pharmaceuticals have developed a huge number of drugs. Syrup ACC for children - one of t..

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ACC syrup for kids instruction

You can buy ACC syrup for kids here

In a house with small children, coughing is quite a frequent visitor. Modern pharmaceuticals have developed a huge number of drugs. Syrup ACC for children - one of the drugs that treat acute and chronic bronchopulmonary diseases in small patients. The medicine helps to improve the process of sputum discharge.
Instructions for the use of children for children: adolescents over 14 years and adults are prescribed 10 ml of the drug 2-3 times / day.
    Children from 6 to 14 years - 5 ml of the drug 3 times / day and in a dosage of 10 ml of syrup 2 times / day.
    Children from 2 to 5 years - 5 ml of the drug 3 times / day.
    In cystic fibrosis, children older than 6 years of age should take syrup 10 ml 3 times / day; children from 2 to 6 years - 5 ml of the drug 4 times / day.
In order to cope with a cold, the drug is recommended to take 4-5 days. With chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis, the syrup is used for a longer period. To avoid prolonged course of the disease, a doctor's consultation is recommended.
Syrup is taken orally after eating. Additional fluid intake enhances the mucolytic effect.
The drug ACC are taken using a measuring syringe, or a glass, packed in the package along with the instructions for use. 10 ml of ACS syrup corresponds to ½ of the measuring cup or 2 measuring syringes.

How to use a measuring syringe

    Open the lid by slightly pressing it and turning it counterclockwise;
    remove the cork from the syringe with the hole, insert it into the vial. Then press against the stop. The purpose of the plug is to connect the syringe to the bottle;
    then firmly insert the syringe into the plug. Carefully turn the bottle up, pull the plunger of the syringe and dial the required amount of the drug. If the air bubbles are visible in the syrup, it is necessary to push the piston to the end and fill the syringe again. Then return the bottle to its original position, turn over and remove the syringe with the syrup;
    the drug from the syringe should be poured on a spoon, or directly into the child's mouth. Carefully, so that the child can swallow the liquid without choking. When you pour in the drug to the child, it is desirable that it is in an upright position;
    After completion of the procedure, it is necessary to rinse the syringe and the measuring cup with clean water.


Like any long-known and widely used drug, ACC is surrounded by a variety of reviews. Someone ascribes miraculous properties to the drug, someone, on the contrary, is written into ardent opponents and claims that these funds do not help. Below are reviews of specialists and patients.

Reviews of doctors specialists

ACC - quite a long time in the market for cough suppressants. During the whole period of time many people managed to get acquainted with this medicine. The drug was widely prevalent in the practice of specialists and a lot of positive feedback. Doctors often prescribe the current drug, indicating its effectiveness, if the treatment is scheduled on time and the admission scheme is observed.
    Starichenko V.K. The drug is a very effective cough treatment. Thanks to advertising, they already know and praise a large number of buyers. The syrup is administered with viscous sputum. Again, it is not forbidden to use for prophylaxis in patients with bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. In the current dosage is used by children from 2 years of age. Be careful!
    Antipova TM During the illness repeatedly excruciates a runny nose, cough, resulting in phlegm in the throat. ACC from cough - a very convenient and effective tool, helping in a few days to get rid of sputum. A good expectorant is an effective remedy.
    Kiseleva V.E. The price of ACC is relatively inexpensive, hence, everyone can afford. Ats has a pronounced expectorant effect, dilutes and removes phlegm, reducing its viscosity. Very effective. Out of the shortcomings I will allocate only a short period of storage after the opening of the package.

Reviews of people

Victoria. Acquaintance with this syrup occurred about a month ago, when my girls cough became unbearable. Decided to give the children to the children. Just say, I do not usually cough. Usually it is enough to humidify the air with a moisturizer, more often to water the children, back massage and moving games, but this time the cough started suddenly, immediately strong. At the eldest daughter at first was dry, then he passed into the wet one, but the phlegm did not depart. Before the doctor arrived almost two days gave the girls an amberbone. There were no improvements. I think, the cough became stronger. The syrup was applied in the morning. By the evening, the sputum began to recede. Separately, I want to say that the taste of the sling is not cloying. The young woman did not resist and calmly drank the prescribed dose. One bottle was enough to cure my two princesses. Residual cough has already passed without a day syrup for four after stopping the reception.
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To buy ACC syrup for kids you don't need a prescription.

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