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Stomach, bowels, livers

Stomach, bowels, livers

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Enzystal tabs #80


$19.13 Ex Tax: $19.13

Enzystal instruction for useYou can buy Enzystal on this pageSee also - Enzystal-PCompositionThe composition of the drug includes the following active substances: pancreatin, bile components (lipase, protease, amylase, bile bile e..

Enzystal-P tabs #20


$3.37 Ex Tax: $3.37

Instruction for Enzystal-PYou can buy Enzystal-P on this pageCompositionEnzystal-P contains an active substance such as pancreatin, as well as the following additional components: silicon dioxide colloid, lactose, magnesium steara..

Ercefuryl caps 200mg #28


$43.57 Ex Tax: $43.57

Ercefuryl user manualReed more and buy Ercefuryl hereCompositionOne capsule contains 200 milligrams of nifuroxazide.As auxiliary components, 1.8 milligrams of magnesium stearate, 72 milligrams of sucrose and 88 milligrams of corn ..

Ermytal (Ermital) caps 25000 #50


$37.35 Ex Tax: $37.35

Ermytal instructionReed more and buy ErmitalCompositionAs an active component acts pancreatin, which corresponds to the action of elements of lipase, amylase and protease. Depending on the type of release, the activity of these el..

Ersefuril caps 200mg #28


$49.89 Ex Tax: $49.89

Ersefuril instruction for useYou can buy Ersefuril hereErsefuril is a drug that is used to treat acute bacterial diarrhea. The agent is administered in the form of capsules intended for oral administration. The active substance in..

Eslidine caps #30


$35.93 Ex Tax: $35.93

Instruction for EslidineYou can buy Eslidine onlineCompositionOne capsule contains active substances Lipoide PPL-400 in the amount of 300 mg, and methionine in the amount of 100 mg.Soybean oil acts as an auxiliary component.Form o..

Espumisan 40mg #50


$22.90 Ex Tax: $22.90

Espumisan instruction for useYou can buy Espumisan capsules hereComposition EspumisanIn 1 capsule of simethicone 40 mg. Gelatin, glycerol, quinoline dye, methyl parahydroxybenzoate as auxiliary substances.The composition of the em..

Espumisan Baby drops 100mg/ml 50ml


$33.55 Ex Tax: $33.55

Espumisan Baby user manualReed more and buy Espumisan Baby on this pageCompositionComposition Espumisan for newborns: in 1 ml emulsion simethicone 100 mg. Macrogolustearate, glycerol monostearate, carbomers, banana flavor, potassi..

Espumisan Extra granules 125mg #14


$17.83 Ex Tax: $17.83

Espumisan Extra user manualReed more and buy Espumisan ExtraContraindicationsHypersensitivity to Espumisan's extra components, intestinal obstruction, hereditary intolerance to fructose.Dosing and Administration (Instruction)Insid..

Espumisan L emulsion 30ml


$18.76 Ex Tax: $18.76

Espumisan L user manualReed more and buy Espumisan L on thisp ageCompositionSimethicone, sorbic acid, giprolose, sodium cyclamate, glycerol monostearate, sodium saccharinate, banana flavor, purified water.Form of issueOral drops i..

Essentiale Forte N 300mg #30


$35.93 Ex Tax: $35.93

User manual for Essentiale Forte NYou can buy Essentiale Forte N capsules on this pageCompositionEssentiale Forte N contains the EPL * -substance (300 mg / caps.), As well as solid fat, ethyl vanillin, oils (soybeans and hydrogena..

Essentiale N solution 250mg/5ml 5ml #5


$49.91 Ex Tax: $49.91

Essentiale N instructionReed more and buy Essentiale N hereSee also -Essentiale Forte NCompositionEssentiale N: EPL substance - Essentiale phospholipids of soybean beans (93% (3sn-phosphatidyl) choline) at a concentration of 50 mg..

Essliver Forte caps #50


$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

Essliver Forte user manualYou can buy Essliver Forte on this pageComposition Essliver Forte1 capsule Essliver Forte contains: Essential phospholipids - 300 mg, vitamin complex: vitamins B1 - 6 mg, B2 - 6 mg, B6 - 6 mg, B12 - 6 μg,..

Exhole tabs 500mg #50


$43.99 $48.50 Ex Tax: $43.99

Exhole instruction for useReed more and buy Exhole hereForm of release, composition and packagingTablets covered with a film coating of white or almost white color, oval, with a risk; On a cross-section - white or almost white col..

Exportale kids powder 5gr #6


$12.47 Ex Tax: $12.47

Exportale kids instruction for useYou can buy Exportale kids herepharmachologic effectLaxative drug.In the large intestine, lactitol is split under the action of the intestinal flora into low-molecular organic acids, which leads t..

Exportale powder 10gr #20


$26.39 Ex Tax: $26.39

Exportale user manualReed more and buy Exportale on this pageIf you want Exportale for kids just contact usCompositionIn one bag of powder contains 5 or 10 grams of active lactitol monohydrate, and the drug does not contain any au..

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