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Dalargin powder 1mg #10

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Dalargin user manualReed more and buy Dalargin on this pageCompositionThe active substance is dalargin.Additional components of the solution for internal administration: sodium chloride, water, acetic acid.Form of issueThis prepar..

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Dalargin user manual

Reed more and buy Dalargin on this page


The active substance is dalargin.
Additional components of the solution for internal administration: sodium chloride, water, acetic acid.

Form of issue

This preparation is sold as a lyophilized powder and a solution for internal administration.

pharmachologic effect

An anti-ulcer drug that reduces the secretion of the pancreas and gastric juice.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The medicine is an antiulcer. It blocks proteolysis and helps in healing of peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. The drug has antisecretory activity, it reduces the acidity of gastric juice. The active substance inhibits the secretion of the pancreas, responding to external stimuli.
In the case of pancreatic lesions, it reduces hyperfermentation, inhibits the synthesis of proteolytic pancreatic enzymes, restricts and replaces the full tissue with foci of necrosis.
The drug also has some hypotensive effect.

Indications for use

Used in case of exacerbations of stomach and duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis, and also as a component of treatment of alcoholism and obliterating diseases of the lower limbs.


You can not use this tool in the presence of a tendency to hypotension, acute infectious diseases, intoxication with hypnotics and drugs, pregnancy.

Side effects

When taking the medication, hypotension and some allergic reactions are possible.

Instructions for use Dalargin (Method and dosage)

Before use, the lyophilizate must be dissolved in an isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Instructions for use Dalargin reports that the drug is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. In the case of peptic ulcer, 0.001 or 0.002 g is administered. The maximum daily dose is 0.005 g. The course dosage is from 0.03 to 0.05 g.
Instructions for use Dalargin in acute pancreatitis indicates that the drug should be administered intravenously at a dosage of 0.002 g, after this 1-2 times a day apply a dose of 0.005 g. The course of treatment is calculated for 4-6 days.
In the case of pancreatic necrosis, 0.005 g is injected intravenously at intervals of 6-8 hours for 2-6 days. In addition, it is possible to administer intramuscularly at a dose of 0.002-0.003 g every day 2 times.


There is no information about an overdose.


Clinically significant drug interaction with other agents was not detected.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Dalargin online.

Storage conditions

Store the product in the dark at a temperature of up to 20 ° C.

Shelf life

Do not use the medicine after the expiration date indicated on the package. Shelf life of the drug is 3 years.

Reviews about Dalargin

Reviews about Dalargin for pancreatitis, alcoholism and other diseases are mostly positive. Patients note the effectiveness of this tool. Nevertheless, there are also reports of the occurrence of adverse reactions. In such cases, the drug should be replaced with analogues.

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