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Domstal tabs 10mg #30

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Domstal instruction for useTo buy Domstal tablets (domperidone) just add it to your shopping cartpharmachologic effectAntiemetic means. Has antiemetic effect, soothes hiccups and eliminates nausea in some cases. The effect is due ..

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Domstal instruction for use

To buy Domstal tablets (domperidone) just add it to your shopping cart

pharmachologic effect

Antiemetic means. Has antiemetic effect, soothes hiccups and eliminates nausea in some cases. The effect is due to blockade of central dopamine receptors. This eliminates the inhibitory effect of dopamine on the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract and increases the evacuation and motor activity of the stomach.


Absorption after ingestion, fasting - fast (intake after meals, decreased acidity of gastric juice slow down and reduce absorption). Cmax is achieved after 1 hour. Bioavailability is 15% (the effect of "first pass" through the liver). Binding to plasma proteins - 90%. Penetrates into various tissues, it does not pass well through GEB. Metabolised in the liver and in the intestinal wall (by hydroxylation and N-dealkylation). Output through the intestine 66%, kidneys - 33%, incl. in unchanged form - 10% and 1%, respectively. T1 / 2 - 7-9 hours, with expressed CRF - lengthened.


Nausea, vomiting, hiccough of various genesis (with toxemia, radiation therapy, diet disorders, taking certain medicines / morphine /, endoscopic and radiopaque studies, in the postoperative period). Postoperative hypotension and atony of the stomach and intestines, biliary dyskinesia, meteorism, reflux esophagitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, various types of dyspepsia. Nausea and vomiting caused by dopaminomimetics.


Gastrointestinal bleeding, mechanical intestinal obstruction, perforation of the stomach or intestine, prolactinoma, children under 1 year of age (up to 5 years and children weighing up to 20 kg for tablets), hypersensitivity to domperidone, pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding) ).


Adults and children older than 5 years - 10 mg 3 times / day for 15-30 minutes before meals, and if necessary 10 mg additional before bed. In acute cases of nausea and vomiting, marked dyspepsia - 20 mg 3-4 times / day. With renal failure, the frequency of application should be reduced.

Side effects of Domstal

From the side of the central nervous system: rarely - increased excitability and / or extrapyramidal disorders, headache.
From the digestive system: spasms of smooth muscles of the digestive tract, dry mouth, thirst.
Allergic reactions: itching, rash, hives.
Other: increased prolactin levels in plasma, galactorrhea, gynecomastia.

Drug Interactions

When Domstal used simultaneously with antacids, antisecretory drugs (including cimetidine, sodium bicarbonate), the bioavailability of domperidone decreases.
With simultaneous use with anticholinergic drugs, the action of domperidone is inhibited.
Since domperidone is metabolized mainly with the participation of the CYP3A4 isoenzyme, it is believed that with the simultaneous use of domperidone and inhibitors of this isoenzyme (including antifungal drugs of the azole group, antibiotics of the macrolide group, HIV protease inhibitors, nefazodone), it is possible to increase the level of domperidone in the blood plasma .

special instructions for Domstal

With caution should be used for violations of the liver and kidneys.

Pregnancy and lactemia

Domperidone is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Application in childhood

Domstal Contraindicated in childhood up to 1 year (up to 5 years and children with body weight up to 20 kg - for tablets).

In case of violations of kidney function

With caution Domstal should be used for violations of kidney function. With renal failure, the frequency of application should be reduced.

With violations of liver function

With caution should be used for violations of liver function.

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You don't need a prescription to buy Domstal.

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