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Folic acid forte 5 mg #20


$3.45 Ex Tax: $3.45

Folic acid forte instruction manualIndications for use:Macrocytic hyperchromic anemia, caused by a deficiency of folic acid.Combined therapy of the following diseases: anemia and leukopenia caused by drugs and ionizing radiation; ..

Gerimax energy #60


$35.90 $41.08 Ex Tax: $35.90

Gerimax energy instruction for useYou can buy Gerimax energy on this pageComposition of Gerimax EnergyIn the composition of one tablet:    85 mg of standardized extract of ginseng root;    37, 2 mg of..

Gerovital 200ml


$20.41 Ex Tax: $20.41

Instruction for Gerovital elixirYou can buy Gerovital on this pageComposition100 grams of elixir include:    450 mg - ascorbic acid;    25 mg of iron (II) lactate;    40 mg of dexpanthe..



$0.99 Ex Tax: $0.99

Hematogen instructionYou can buy Hematogen heregeneral characteristicsmain physico-chemical properties: raised tile brown or dark brown, separated along and across the dotted lines in the plate, sweet taste, low odor of vanill..

Hendevit drajee #50


$3.68 Ex Tax: $3.68

Instruction for HendevitYou can buy Hendevit on this pageComposition of HendevitOne dragee contains:    3300 IU of vitamin A (retinol);    250 IU of ergocalciferol (vitamin D2);    1.5 ..

Hexavit drajee #50


$3.37 Ex Tax: $3.37

User manual for HexavitReed more about Hexavit and buy it hereThe composition of HexavitOne Hexavit gel contains 0.07 g of ascorbic acid, 0.015 g of nicotinamide, 0.002 g of pyridoxine hydrochloride, 5000 IU of retinyl palmitate, ..

Kalcinova tabs #27


$12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

Instruction for KalcinovaYou can buy Kalcinova on this pageCompositionPyridoxine hydrochloride, retinol palmitate, colcalciferol, ascorbic acid, calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate, corn starch, citric acid, povid..

Ladys formula Polyvitamins caps #60


$42.20 Ex Tax: $42.20

Ladys formula Polyvitamins instruction for useTo buy Ladys formula Polyvitamins just add it to your shopping cartpharmachologic effectLadys formula more than polyvitaminshave an action that replenishes the deficiency of vitamins a..

Magne B6 #60


$26.19 Ex Tax: $26.19

Magne B6 instruction for useYou can buy Magne B6 on this pageClinical and pharmacological groupA drug that replenishes magnesium deficiency in the bodyForm of release, composition and packagingThe tablets covered with a cover of w..

Magne B6 Forte tabs #30


$33.75 Ex Tax: $33.75

Magne B6 Forte instructionYou can buy Magne B6 Forte on this pageSee also - Magne B6CompositionThe film membrane contains macrogol, titanium dioxide, hypromellose and traces of talc.The oval tablet contains 618.43 mg of magnesium ..

Magnelis B6 Forte tabs 100mg + 10mg #60


$28.36 Ex Tax: $28.36

Magnelis B6 Forte instructionYou can buy Magnelis B6 Forte hereSee also - Magnelis B6Indications for useAn established deficiency of magnesium, isolated or associated with other deficient conditions, accompanied by symptoms such a..

Magnelis B6 tabs #90


$23.18 Ex Tax: $23.18

Magnelis B6 user manualTo buy Magnelis B6 just add it to your shopping cartThe drug Magnelis B6 is a drug whose therapeutic effect is based on the replacement of magnesium deficiency in the body.Composition and form of the drugMag..

Magnesium Plus tabs #10


$9.17 Ex Tax: $9.17

Magnesium Plus instructionReed more and buy Magnesium Plus hereForm of issueThe effervescent tablets are round planar cylindrical with a beveled edge of white or white with a slightly yellowish-greenish tint of color, with a separ..

Magnistad tabs #50


$18.23 Ex Tax: $18.23

Magnistad instruction for useReed more and buy Magnistad on this pageIndications for useMagnistad is used to treat an established deficiency of magnesium, isolated or associated with other deficient conditions, accompanied by symp..

Makrovit tabs #30


$11.20 Ex Tax: $11.20

User manual for MakrovitYou can buy Makrovit on this pageComposition1 tablet contains:    vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate);    vitamin A (synthetic retinyl palmitate);    vitamin B5..

Maltofer tabs 100mg #30


$19.60 Ex Tax: $19.60

Instruction for MaltoferYou can buy Maltofer on this pageCompositionOne milliliter of drops for oral administration contains 50 mg of the polymaltose complex of ferric trivalent iron hydroside + sodium propylparahydroxybenzoate, w..

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