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Capoten tabs 25mg #56

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Capoten instruction for useReed more and buy Capoten onlineCompositionAs part of one tablet, Capoten contains 25 mg of active ingredient - captopril, as well as such auxiliary substances as starch, lactose, MCC and stearic acid.Fo..

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Capoten instruction for use

Reed more and buy Capoten online


As part of one tablet, Capoten contains 25 mg of active ingredient - captopril, as well as such auxiliary substances as starch, lactose, MCC and stearic acid.

Form of issue

Capoten (INN - Captopril) is available in the form of tablets of 25 mg, in blisters for 14 tablets, in a cardboard box there are 1-4 blisters.

pharmachologic effect

Has hypotensive effect. It is an ACE inhibitor. The drug may interfere with the occurrence of angiotensin II, reduces its ability to narrow arterial and venous vessels.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In the annotation to Capoten it is indicated that this drug reduces afterload and preload, lowers arterial pressure, and also reduces pressure in the atrium and in the small circle of blood circulation. Increases the minute volume of the heart, reduces the level of excretion in the adrenal glands of aldosterone.
After taking about 75% of the substance is quickly absorbed through the digestive tract. With simultaneous intake of food, the rate of absorption of the drug decreases. More than 90% of the drug is excreted through the kidneys, while about 50% is excreted unchanged, the remainder of the substance - in the form of metabolites.
How quickly does Capoten work? Already after 10 minutes after taking the drug, its effect begins, but the maximum effect manifests itself in an hour and a half and lasts up to 6 hours.

Indication of application of Capoten

What can help Capoten? Indications for the use of Capoten are as follows:
    myocardial infarction;
    chronic heart failure (combination therapy);
    arterial hypertension (monotherapy, combinations with other drugs are also possible);
    Diabetic nephropathy in diabetes mellitus (grade 1).
The main symptom of what Capoten tablets can help is high blood pressure.


This drug has a number of contraindications for use:
    patient's condition after kidney transplantation surgery;
    stenosis of the aortic aorta and similar diseases that hinder the outflow of blood;
    stenosis of the artery of a single kidney with possible progressive azotemia;
    a history of hypersensitivity;
    bilateral stenosis of the renal arteries;
    breastfeeding and pregnancy;
    violations of the functionality of the liver and kidneys;
    children and adolescents under 18;
    intolerance to one of the components of the drug.
The medicine should be taken with caution in suppressing the hemopoiesis of the bone marrow, ischemia of the brain, in autoimmune diseases of connective tissues, patients currently on hemodialysis and patients who follow a diet with controlled intake of sodium, elderly patients.

Side effects

The use of the medicine can lead to the following side effects:
    hypotension orthostatic, peripheral edema and tachycardia;
    bronchospasm, dry cough, pulmonary edema;
    edema of the extremities, mucous membranes of the larynx, edema of the lips, tongue, general edema of the face;
    hyperkalemia, proteinuria, hyponatremia, acidosis, a high concentration of urea nitrogen in the blood;
    agranulocytosis, anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia;
    a taste disorder, aphthous stomatitis, dry mouth, increased level of activity of liver enzymes; In rare cases, there may be significant pain in the abdomen, gingival hyperplasia, hepatitis, diarrhea;
    Rash, which is usually accompanied by itching and rarely - increased temperature; rashes of the vesicular and bullous type, frequent flushes of blood to the face, photosensitization, erythema;
    drowsiness, ataxia, dizziness and headaches, impaired vision, paresthesia.

Instructions for use Capoten (Method and dosage)

How to take Capoten: under the tongue or wash down? The pills prescribed by the doctor from the pressure of Capoten are taken inside, an hour before meals. You can also take Capoten under your tongue. Dosing is assigned individually.
How to take medicine for pressure? With arterial hypertension, treatment with the drug begins with the smallest dose, which is set individually for each patient. With a mild (moderate) degree of hypertension, the initial dose of the drug is 12.5 mg (1/2 tablet) twice a day. When there is a need to increase the dosage gradually, the interval should be 2-4 weeks. Effective portion - 50 mg (2 tablets) twice a day. In severe hypertension, the initial dose should not exceed 12.5 mg (1/2 tablet) of 2 divided doses per day. Gradually, the dose should be increased to the maximum - 150 mg (three times a day, 50 mg each).
Method of application of the drug in case of heart failure: treatment should be performed exclusively under the supervision of the attending physician. To maximize the effect of transient hypotension, from the beginning of the course of treatment, dosage should be prescribed no more than 6.25 mg (1/4 tablet) of 3 doses per day. The optimal maintenance dosage is 25 mg (1 tablet) for 2-3 doses. If necessary, every 14 days, you can increase the dose, up to a maximum of 150 mg.
In the treatment of myocardial infarction, it is possible to start a course of therapy 3 days after the attack of an infarct. The optimal starting dose - three times a day for 6.25 mg (1/4 tablet), it is gradually necessary to increase the dose to 1 tablet (25 mg) three times a day.
The recommended dose for diabetic nephropathy can be 75-100 mg (3-4 tablets) 2 or 3 times per 24 hours.
Moderate and weak stage of renal dysfunction requires a daily dose of 3-4 tablets (75-100 mg) three times a day. Doctors recommend starting with a portion not exceeding half a tablet (12.5 mg) with extremely serious impairment of kidney function. If this dose is not effective enough, then gradually it should be increased to obtain a therapeutic effect.
How to drink pills for elderly patients? Persons over 65 years of age are selected individually by the doctor. It is recommended to start treatment with a minimal dose, and then maintain it at the same level during the entire course of the drug.
Before taking Capoten at high pressure and with other symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor.


Symptom of overdose is a strong drop in blood pressure.
The course of treatment is carried out by the introduction of plasma-substituting drugs, as well as hemodialysis.


Hypotensive action of Capoten is enhanced when used with diuretics, adrenoblockers and ganglion blockers. An increase in the concentration of potassium in blood can be caused by potassium-sparing diuretics (spironolactone, triamterene, amiloride) or potassium supplements.
Indomethacin and clonidine reduce the antihypertensive effect of the drug on pressure.
The combination of Capoten with allopurinol or procainamide may result in neutropenia and / or Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
Such immunosuppressants as cyclophosphamide and azathioprine with simultaneous use with Capoten increase the possibility of appearance of hematological disorders.
The use of ACE inhibitors and lithium leads to an increase in the level of lithium in the blood, which increases the risk of side effects of lithium preparations.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Capoten.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the drug at an average temperature of 15-25 ° C.
Shelf life - 3 years.

special instructions

When checking urine for acetone, it can give a false positive reaction.
Instruction on the Capoten for patients who are on a low-salt or low-salted diet: the medicine must be prescribed with caution, treatment should be started with small doses, since there is a possibility of arterial hypotension. If after receiving Capoten arterial hypotension arises, the patient is recommended to take a horizontal position and raise his legs.
Under medical supervision, Capoten should be administered to patients suffering from chronic heart failure.
Approximately 20% of patients with a prolonged course of treatment with Capoten observed an increase of more than 20% urea and creatinine in the blood.
Monthly it is necessary to keep the level of leukocytes under control for the first three months of taking the drug, after - once in 3 months. Patients with autoimmune diseases should monitor the level of white blood cells every 2 weeks in the first 3 months, then every 2 months. A general blood test should be performed with a total number of white blood cells less than 4000 / μl. The course of therapy with the drug is recommended to be completed if the level of leukocytes is less than 1000 / μl.
The drug must be discontinued and a medical examination should be conducted in the event of an angioedema. If swelling appeared on the face, then to reduce it you can use antihistamines, another treatment is not required. If the swelling has spread to the throat, larynx or tongue, immediately it is necessary to inject an 0.1-percent solution of epinephrine (adrenaline) in a volume of 0.5 ml.
At the initial stage of the course of reception, dizziness may develop, so during treatment it is recommended that patients refrain from driving and any work that requires quick response and increased attention.

Capoten and alcohol

When taking the drug should completely refrain from taking alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks worsen the absorption of potassium, its lack in the body causes hypertension, the action of Capoten is aimed at replenishing this element, and alcohol blocks the increase in its reserves. Thus, the interaction of Capoten with alcohol can cause severe hypertension.

Capozide or Capoten?

Capozide is prescribed to patients in the event that the application of Capoten was ineffective. Capozide is a drug, besides captopril containing diuretics. So, in its composition, in addition to 50 mg of captopril is 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide. In this combination increases the hypotensive effect of the drug, as well as the duration of its effect on the body, which allows you to take it a day once.

Reviews of Capoten

The overall rating of the drug is 4.5 points out of 5. Patients note that the tablets are quick, reduce pressure, and they mention the convenient form of release. Some patients complain of manifestations of side effects, in particular, mild numbness of the tongue.
Doctors' comments: Before using, you should consult a doctor who will determine the need for the drug and set the dose. In general, the drug acts quickly and effectively, with a minimum of side effects with the correct dosage.

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