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Nitrosorbide tabs 10mg #60

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Nitrosorbide instruction for useYou can buy Nitrosorbide hereCompositionOne tablet contains the active ingredient isosorbide dinitrate in an amount of 0.01 g.Release form - available in tablets.pharmachologic effect - vasodilatorP..

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Nitrosorbide instruction for use

You can buy Nitrosorbide here


One tablet contains the active ingredient isosorbide dinitrate in an amount of 0.01 g.
Release form - available in tablets.
pharmachologic effect - vasodilator

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

It has a peripheral effect on the venous vessels. Under the action of the drug Nitrosorbide decreases the need of the heart muscle for oxygen. The effect is achieved by reducing the preload, afterload.
The drug has a coronary expanding effect. Nitrosorbide reduces the pressure in the ICC (pulmonary circulation), reduces blood flow to the right atrium, reduces the severity of symptoms in pulmonary edema. Under the action of the drug, there is a redistribution of blood flow in the area where blood circulation is reduced. In patients with CHD, the drug increases resistance to physical exertion.
Nitrosorbide dilates blood vessels in the brain, possible headaches. With long-term reception marked cross-tolerance to nitrates. After a break in treatment, the body's sensitivity to nitrosorbide is restored quite quickly.
After taking the pills, nitrate begins to act after 5 minutes. There are prolonged forms of the drug, the effect of the reception of which develops after half an hour and lasts 12 hours.

Indications for use of Nitrosorbide

What pills are used for? There are the following indications for use.
The drug is used to prevent, relieve angina attacks, myocardial infarction, spasm of the coronary arteries, pulmonary edema, chronic heart failure, angiospastic retinitis, obliterating endarteritis.


Intravenous nitrosorbide is not allowed for intracranial hypertension, traumatic brain injury (increases the level of intracranial pressure), constrictive pericarditis, cardiac tamponade, hemorrhagic stroke, hypovolemia.
Caution is prescribed for acute myocardial infarction, thyrotoxicosis, severe anemia, glaucoma, arterial hypotension (accompanied by low systolic blood pressure), severe renal failure, during pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
Tablet form is contraindicated in malabsorption syndrome, increased intestinal motility.
Nitrosorbide is not used in pediatrics.

Side effects of Nitrosorbide

Nervous system: blurred vision, drowsiness, stiffness, reduced ability to fast motor activity, mental reactions, cerebral ischemia is rarely observed.
Digestive system: dry mouth, dyspepsia, burning tongue, nausea.
Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, a drop in blood pressure, flushing of the skin of the face, dizziness, a feeling of heat, headaches.
Allergic reactions: rash, itching, hyperemia at the site of application.
Other side effects: exfoliative dermatitis, cross-tolerance to other nitrates.

Nitrosorbide tablets, instructions for use

2.5-5 mg, if necessary, the reception is repeated after 2 hours. An attack of angina pectoris is recommended to arrest with sublingual pill, while chewing the vasodilating effect develops faster. With the complex treatment of chronic heart failure, nitrosorbide is taken 4 times a day for 10-20 mg.

Preparations with nitrosorbide

The spray is injected into the oral cavity during breath holding, 1-3 injections with an interval of 30 seconds. If there is no effect for 5 minutes, inhalation must be repeated. Before catheterization for the prevention of coronary spasm is necessary to make 2 inhalations.
Parenteral administration: intravenously at a rate of 4 drops per minute, dosage calculation: 0.1 mg per ml. The maximum allowable rate of administration is 33 drops per minute.
When buccal application of nitrosorbide plate glued to the gums at the level of small molars or incisors, three times a day, alternate sides.
Spray for application to the skin: spraying is done at a distance of 20 cm, 2 injections, the contents are rubbed with the tips of your fingers.
The ointment is applied twice a day at a dose of 1 g on the stomach, the inner surface of the forearm, the chest area. The minimum area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is 20 square centimeters.


Overdose causes visual disorders, palpitations, fainting, dizziness, convulsions, hyperthermia, sweating, anoxia, cyanosis, methemoglobinemia, dyspnea, hyperpnea, coma, paralysis, bradycardia, increased intracranial pressure.
Immediate gastric lavage is required, with developed methemoglobinemia, a 1% solution of methylthioninium chloride is administered intravenously at a dosage of 1-2 mg per kilogram.
When blood pressure drops, phenylephrine is administered intravenously.


Alpha-blockers, beta-blockers reduce antianginal effect. Verapamil, Nifedipine, Propranolol, amiodarone, ascorbic acid increase the antianginal effect of the drug.
The simultaneous intake of antipsychotic, vasodilating, antihypertensive drugs, ethanol, procainamide, tricyclic antidepressants, sildenafil, quinidine enhances the hypotensive effect.
Enveloping, astringent, adsorbents reduce the absorbability of Isosorbide dinitrate.
M-holinoblokatory in combination with Nitrosorbide increase intraocular pressure.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Nitrosorbide.

Storage conditions

In a dry, cool, dark place inaccessible to children.
Keep away from fire.
Shelf life - till two years.

special instructions

During the period of treatment, it is recommended to regularly monitor the level of blood pressure and pulse.
In acute myocardial infarction, an attack of angina pectoris, the use of sublingual forms of the drug or intravenous administration is recommended. Long-term use of large doses leads to the formation of tolerance, it is recommended to take breaks.
You must completely abandon the reception of alcoholic beverages.
During pregnancy, breastfeeding Nitrosorbide is prescribed solely for strict indications.
The drug is ineffective in toxic pulmonary edema, heart failure caused by cardiac tamponade.
Abrupt withdrawal of the drug is unacceptable, a gradual reduction in dosages is recommended.
Nitrosorbide reduces the speed of psychomotor, psychoemotional reactions, requires special caution when managing complex mechanisms, driving a car.


Cheap, high-quality, effective drug for heart attacks. Requires careful use, can also drastically reduce pressure.

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