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Meloxicam tabs 15mg #20

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Meloxicam instructionReed more and buy Meloxicam onlineCompositionThe preparation contains the main active substance meloxicam and the following auxiliary substances: MCC, aerosil 380 (silicon dioxide colloid), magnesium stearate,..

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Meloxicam instruction

Reed more and buy Meloxicam online


The preparation contains the main active substance meloxicam and the following auxiliary substances: MCC, aerosil 380 (silicon dioxide colloid), magnesium stearate, starch 1500 (pregelatinized starch) and sodium citrate dihydrate.

Form of issue

The drug is released in a tablet dosage form, in the form of suppositories, a solution in ampoules.

pharmachologic effect

Nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory agent. The main component has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.
The active ingredient belongs to the class of oxyocams, it is a derivative of enolic acid.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The principle of the effect of the drug Meloxicam is based on the selective inhibition of the enzymatic activity of cyclooxygenase-2, on the inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins. The selectivity of cyclooxygenase-2 decreases with prolonged therapy with meloxicam in high dosages.
The drug most effectively inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins in the inflammatory focus in comparison with the tissues of the kidneys, the mucosa of the stomach wall. Meloxicam rarely causes erosive and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract.

Indications for use Meloxicam

Meloxicam tablets - what are they from? Meloxicam is prescribed for Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis), osteoarthritis, for rheumatoid arthritis, for degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases accompanied by severe pain syndrome.
Indications for the use of Meloxicam in pricks are similar to the tablet form.


Meloxicam tablets are not prescribed for the so-called "aspirin" triad (intolerance to pyrazolone series, acetylsalicylic acid, bronchial asthma and recurrent polyposis of the nose).
The drug is not used for severe pathology of the renal system, for breastfeeding, pregnancy, ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract, intolerance to drugs of the NSAID group.
Suppositories are not prescribed for diseases of the anal and rectum of inflammatory genesis.
To the elderly, Meloxicam is administered with caution.
Before applying the drug, be sure to consult your doctor.

Side effects

    Digestive tract: hidden and obvious gastrointestinal bleeding, erosive and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract, increased level of liver enzymes, epigastric pain, eructation, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, constipation in the form of constipation or diarrheal syndrome.
    Nervous system: increased drowsiness, headaches, dizziness.
    Organs of hematopoiesis: thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, anemia.
    Allergic reactions in the form of blisters, skin rashes, itching.
    Urinary system: increased urea levels, hypercreatininaemia, swelling.
    Cardiovascular system: heart palpitations, blood tides to the upper thoracic region, to the skin of the neck and face, increase in the level of blood pressure.
Medullary renal necrosis, glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome are rarely recorded. A ringing in the ears is possible.

Instructions for use Meloxicam (Method and dosage)

Meloxicam tablets, instructions for use

Medication Meloxicam is taken with food, inside. The daily dosage is 7.5 to 15 mg. For other forms of drug release, such as Meloxicam-Prana, Meloxicam-Lugal and Meloxicam-Ratiofarm dosage may vary.
For patients on hemodialysis, in the renal system pathology, the recommended dosage is 7.5 mg.

Meloxicam injections, instruction manual

Solution preparation Meloxicam DS is administered to adolescents and adults of 15 years of age to 7.5 mg or 15 mg once daily intramuscularly throughout the first few days of treatment. For therapy, it is more expedient to use oral forms of the drug.


In case of an overdose, an increase in the severity of the side effects described above is recorded. It requires timely post-dandruff therapy, gastric lavage.
Specific antidote and antagonists are not developed.


Myelotoxic medications cause an increase in the severity of hematotoxicity of Meloxicam.
With simultaneous therapy with other NSAIDs, the risk of developing gastrointestinal bleeding and erosive ulcerative lesions is significantly increased.
Kolestyramin contributes to the rapid elimination of metabolites of the drug.
Heparin, ticlopidine, indirect anticoagulants, hypotensive drugs increase the risk of bleeding.
Nephrotoxicity increases cyclosporine.

Storage conditions

Keep the drug in its original packaging at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C in a place inaccessible to children.
Shelf life - 2 years.

special instructions

Medication Meloxicam is canceled with the development of side effects from the mucous membranes, skin, with the development of gastrointestinal bleeding, when peptic ulcers occur.
In patients with reduced glomerular filtration (after surgical treatment, with nephrotic syndrome, liver cirrhosis, chronic heart failure, dehydration, against diuretic treatment), with reduced BCC, a clinical picture of chronic renal failure is noted, which is reversible and disappears after completion therapy. Such patients need to carry out daily monitoring of kidney function, diuresis.
With persistent and pronounced changes in the performance of the hepatic system, the drug is canceled, special diagnostic tests are performed.
Patients at risk for risk Meloxicam is prescribed at the lowest dose of 7.5 mg.
A medication can influence the management of a vehicle and the performance of certain types of work.

Reviews about Meloxicam

There are many reviews about Meloxicam in tablets and reviews about injections of Meloxicam DS. Here are some of them:
    "... Tablets Meloxicam very well anesthetize, help with cervical osteochondrosis and pain in the neck. Practically after one tablet the pain recedes and completely passes through the full course of treatment with the drug ";
    "... I took the medicine on a pill twice a day. Already on day 4 everything stopped hurting, but I finished the full ten-day course. The dosage of the tablets was 7.5 mg. "
The doctors' comments on the drug Meloxicam in all forms of release and Meloxicam Teva as a whole are more positive.

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