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Oestrogel gel 0.06% 80gr

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Instruction for OestrogelYou can buy Oestrogel hereComposition1 gram of gel contains 600 μg of estradiol, the active ingredient.Additional components: carbomer, ethanol, trolamine, purified water.Form of issueOestrogel is produced..

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Instruction for Oestrogel

You can buy Oestrogel here


1 gram of gel contains 600 μg of estradiol, the active ingredient.
Additional components: carbomer, ethanol, trolamine, purified water.

Form of issue

Oestrogel is produced in the form of a gel in tubes of 80 grams with a dispenser (1 dose is 2.5 grams of gel, including 1.5 mg of estradiol).

pharmachologic effect

Hormonal (replacing the lack of estrogens).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Gel Oestrogel, thanks to its active ingredient - estradiol (estrogen), is a drug with estrogenic activity, intended solely for external (local) use.
Against the background of therapy with the use of Oestrogel significantly reduced manifestations of climacteric syndrome (including depressive conditions, hot flushes, hyperhidrosis, dryness of the vagina). According to the clinical efficacy of the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms, Oestrogel is not inferior to therapy with oral estrogen preparations. In addition, with the use of the drug during the menopause, a slowdown in processes that reduce bone density is observed.
Conducted treatment also helps to reduce the level of total cholesterol, passing without deviations in the ratio of HDL / cholesterol.
Among other things, Oestrogel has a procoagulant effectiveness, reduces the content of antithrombin III and increases the hepatic synthesis of vitamin K-dependent blood coagulation agents (II, VII, IX, X).
When carrying out the application of Oestrogel, rapid evaporation of ethanol and, as a consequence, the penetration of estradiol through the skin. Most of the drug at the same time immediately enters the systemic bloodstream, and its residual quantities remain in the subcutaneous fat, where they are also gradually released into the systemic bloodstream.
With local use of the gel plasma Cmax of estradiol is observed after 180-240 minutes. Bioavailability is at 82%.
External application of estradiol leads to the fact that the drug is not subjected to the phenomenon of "first passage", resulting in a higher plasma concentration of estradiol, compared with its oral counterparts.
Metabolic transformations of estradiol and its further elimination, when used in the form of a gel, are comparable to those for natural estrogens.

Indications for use

The use of estrogen is recommended to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of climacteric syndrome (including artificially induced menopause), as well as for the prevention and therapy of osteoporosis in the postmenopausal period.


Oestrogel is absolutely contraindicated for use when:
    ischemic / hemorrhagic stroke;
    acute thrombophlebitis or thromboembolism;
    Rotor Syndrome;
    uterine bleeding of uncertain etiology;
    renal failure;
    the Dubin-Johnson syndrome;
    estrogen-dependent malignant tumors or suspicions of their presence;
    benign / malignant tumors of the pituitary gland;
    serious pathologies of the liver in the acute period, jaundice, liver tumors.

With extreme caution, it is possible to use an estrogen with:

    violations of hepatic function;
    diabetes mellitus;
    bronchial asthma;
    familial hyperlipoproteinemia;
    inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system in women;
    observed earlier jaundice (including its manifestations during past pregnancy);
    hepatic porphyria;
    arterial hypertension in severe form;
    thrombosis, thrombophlebitis or thromboembolism in an anamnesis, against the background of estrogen therapy;
    hypercalcemia associated with metastases in bone tissue in breast cancer;
    pathologies of the gallbladder, in particular cholelithiasis (in the anamnesis);
    circulatory disorders.

Side effects

Local manifestations:

    cutaneous hyperemia;
    skin irritation.


    headaches / migraines;
    mood swings.

Sexual system:

    increased size and / or increased sensitivity of the mammary glands;
    breakthrough bleeding;
    Sparing discharge from the vagina during intermenstrual periods;
    increased libido;
    neoplasms in the mammary glands.

The digestive system (rarely due to the absence of the phenomenon of "first passage through the liver):

    obstruction of the gallbladder;
    vomiting of the central genesis (as a rule, when using an overestimated amount of gel);
    pain in the epigastric region;
    cholestatic jaundice;
    spasms of the gastrointestinal tract (including intestinal / biliary colic).


    intolerance to contact lenses;
    peripheral edema;
    weight change;
    allergic manifestations (including hives and itching of the skin);
    increased blood pressure;
    contact dermatitis.
All these side effects are most often poorly expressed, mainly manifested in the initial stages of treatment and rarely require withdrawal of the drug.

Oestrogel, instructions for use

The estrogen is used only externally, in a cyclic or continuous mode of application. The duration of treatment and dosage of the gel is selected individually.
1 dose of the gel (2.5 g) includes 1.5 mg of estradiol.
When using the gel is shown a one-time daily application of its first dose with a thin layer on the skin of the lumbar region, abdomen, forearms or shoulders, to absolute absorption. The patch of skin on which the gel is applied should be no less than the area of ​​both palms of the patient.
The correct procedure for the application with the most effective result is a procedure in which the complete absorption of the gel occurs in 2-3 minutes. Preservation of a sticky consistency of one dose of the preparation for more than 5 minutes after its application means an insufficient area of ​​used skin.
The use of Oestrogel should be the woman herself, in the morning or evening hours, preferably on pre-cleaned skin.


In the case of applying excessive dosage of the gel, nausea may occur, with or without vomiting, and the development of uterine bleeding.
In the formation of these manifestations, the use of the gel is stopped and a treatment corresponding to the observed symptoms is prescribed.


In the case of concurrent administration with antihypertensive drugs, indirect anticoagulants and hypoglycemic drugs, their effectiveness may be reduced, which may lead to a revision of the dosage regimen.
The combined use of Oestrogel and hypolipidemic drugs leads to an increase in the effectiveness of the latter.
When combined with drugs that are inducers of microsomal hepatic enzymes (including Rifampicin, Griseofulvin, Carbamazepine, barbiturates), a decrease in the plasma content of estradiol occurs.
The use of Oestrogel reduces the effectiveness of diuretics (diuretics) and male sex hormones.
Joint use of opioid analgesics, tranquilizers and drugs used for general anesthesia, promotes the acceleration of the metabolism of estradiol.
The combined use with certain antibiotics (including Rifampicin, Ampicillin) and Phenylbutazone reduces plasma concentrations of estradiol.
Parallel therapy with hormonal thyroid medications and folic acid increases the effects of estradiol.

Storage conditions

Preservation of the gel requires a temperature regime of its storage up to 25 ° C.
Shelf life - 3 years.

special instructions

Before using Oestrogel, a woman must undergo a full gynecological examination, and in case of prolonged use of the gel, such a test should be carried out at least once every 12 months.
On the recommendation of a gynecologist, it is advisable to carry out treatment with estradiol in combination with gestagen therapy. This drug combination has protective properties in relation to the endometrium.
It is necessary to protect the mucous membranes of the vagina and vulva, as well as the skin in the region of the mammary glands from getting a gel on them.
Prolonged use of Oestrogel, especially at high dosages, increases the possibility of endometrial and breast cancer.
Glandular or atypical hyperplasia is often a harbinger of endometrial cancer.
If it is necessary to conduct a planned surgical intervention, estrogen treatment should be stopped 4 to 6 weeks before the operation.
Estrogen does not have a contraceptive effect and does not protect against pregnancy.
In the case of jaundice, thrombosis, migraine-like pain, thromboembolism, significant increase in blood pressure, visual impairment, the use of Oestrogel is immediately stopped, until the diagnosis of these conditions is complete.
Against the background of estrogen therapy, the occurrence of irregular menstrual discharge in patients with an intact uterus may require a diagnostic scraping procedure to exclude the formation of malignant uterine tumors.
When appointing Oestrogel, it is necessary to constantly monitor blood pressure, liver function and blood glucose level (with diabetes mellitus).


Due to the specific nature of the testimony for use in children, Oestrogel is not prescribed.

In pregnancy and lactation

Do not use Oestrogel during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Women who use this drug for the relief of climacteric symptoms basically leave positive comments about Oestrogel and note the high efficacy of the drug, as well as a lower incidence and severity of adverse events compared to its oral analogues. Among the positive qualities of the gel mention its convenient dosing mechanism, rapid absorption into the skin, lack of a sticky feel after the application procedure and stains on clothes.

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