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Lidase 64E amps #10

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Lidase user manualReed more and buy Lidase hereLidase powder is an enzyme preparation that cleaves compounds in intercellular substance molecules of connective tissue. It is used for resorption of various types of scars, including..

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Lidase user manual

Reed more and buy Lidase here

Lidase powder is an enzyme preparation that cleaves compounds in intercellular substance molecules of connective tissue. It is used for resorption of various types of scars, including correction of cosmetic defects.

Form of issue and composition

Lidase powder is white, it is prepared by lyophilization (drying of the solution under vacuum conditions). The main active substance of the drug is the enzyme hyaluronidase, its content in one ampoule is 64 units (units of action).
Ampoules with Lidase powder are packaged in a package of 10 pieces. Cardboard pack contains one package with ampoules and instruction on the use of the drug.

pharmachologic effect

The main active substance of Lidase Hyaluronidase powder is an enzyme that catalyzes the cleavage of the kelloid and hyaluronic acid, which are the basis of scar tissue. Also, the drug stimulates an increase in the number of capillaries and an improvement in the blood supply to the rumen area.
The active substance of the drug has a therapeutic effect directly in the area of ​​its administration, it does not have a systemic effect.

Indications for use

Use of injections of Lidase is indicated for resorption of scar tissue in such situations:
    Contracture of joints, which is a connective tissue scarring of articular surfaces that develops as a result of trauma or a pronounced, prolonged inflammatory process.
    Hematomas are interstitial hemorrhages, which are most often traumatic in nature.
    Pronounced scarring after surgery or after burns.
    Retinopathy - degenerative-dystrophic pathology of the retina, which is characterized by partial replacement of the connective tissue.
    Post-traumatic or postoperative corneal scars.
    Ankylosing spondylitis is an autoimmune pathology in which, due to the development of antibodies to the body's own tissues, connective tissue fusion between the vertebrae is formed.
    Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye.
Also Lidase powder is used in cosmetology to correct various skin defects, especially with the presence of scars.

Contraindications for use

Use of injections Lydas is contraindicated in several pathological conditions, which include:
    Hypersensitivity to the drug and its components.
    Malignant neoplasms of any localization in the body and tissue type.
    Acute inflammatory processes in the body.
    Severe pulmonary or cardiac failure.
    Pulmonary tuberculosis.
    Pulmonary bleeding at the time of use of the drug or transferred in the recent past.
Before using Lidase powder, you should make sure that there are no contraindications.

Dosing and Administration

Before use, the Lidase powder is dissolved in 1 ml of 0.5% novocaine solution. It is administered parenterally, subcutaneously or intramuscularly, directly into the area of ​​cicatricial changes. In ophthalmic practice, it is possible to directly administer the solution to the cornea of ​​the eye, vitreous, conjunctiva, retrobulbar fiber, as well as application in the form of instillation together with an antibiotic. Such procedures are carried out once a day. Duration of the drug the doctor determines individually, depending on the location and severity of the scar.

Side effects

In general, Lidase powder is well tolerated, it is sometimes possible to develop allergic reactions at the site of administration of the solution, which are characterized by reddening of the skin (hyperemia), its itching and the appearance of a rash.

special instructions

Use of the drug is possible only in the conditions of a medical institution where it is possible to comply with all the necessary rules of antiseptics and asepsis to prevent infection of tissues in the area of ​​administration of a solution prepared from Lidase powder. Injections should only be carried out by an appropriate medical professional. The drug has no effect on the speed of psychomotor reactions and the ability of the cerebral cortex to concentrate attention. In the pharmacy chain, Lidase powder is dispensed only by prescription. The drug is used with caution for pregnant women.


To date, cases of an overdose of Lidaz powder have not been recorded.

Terms and conditions of storage

The shelf life of Lidaz powder is 2 years from the date of its manufacture. After the preparation of the solution, it must be used within an hour. Unprinted ampoules should be stored in a dark, dark place at an air temperature of not more than + 15ºC.

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