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Amigrenin tabs 100mg #6

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Amigrenin user manualReed more and buy Amigrenin on this pageCompositionIn the tablets: 50 or 100 mg of sumatriptan (sumatriptan succinate) + additional ingredients (microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, magnesium stearate, h..

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Amigrenin user manual

Reed more and buy Amigrenin on this page


In the tablets: 50 or 100 mg of sumatriptan (sumatriptan succinate) + additional ingredients (microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, macrogol, titanium dioxide, talc, lactose, sodium carboxymethyl starch, povidone, polyethylene glycol 4000).

Form of issue

The preparation is released in the form of white or slightly grayish tablets of round, biconvex form. If you divide the tablet in half, you can clearly see the two layers. Internal - white or yellowish, external - the color of the shell. The drug is released in two doses of 50 or 100 mg, in contour cell packs of 2 in each. In a cardboard pack two tablets of the drug.

pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Sumatriptan narrows the vessels of the brain by interacting with 5-HT1 receptors in the brain. It is noteworthy that the substance does not affect 5-HT2-5-HT7 receptors. Serotonin 5-HT1D receptors also participate in the mechanism of action of the drug, however, in selective order. Due to this, the trigeminal system is not activated, and the specific stimulating protein in the nuclei of the trigeminal nerve does not accumulate. Vessels, which during the attack of migraine were dilated, narrowed, the attack ceased. Direct means for analgesic effect does not.
When ingestion or intranasal application, the active component of the drug is quickly absorbed into the systemic bloodstream. Its bioavailability is only 15%. After 2.5 hours, the drug reaches its maximum concentration of 51 ng per ml. When administered intranasally, this occurs after 1.5 hours.
The drug has a low degree of binding to plasma proteins, about 17%, MAO participates in its biotransformation in the body. The main metabolite of sumatriptan is its glucuronide. The drug is excreted by the kidneys and through the gastrointestinal tract.
Improvements in the patient's condition begin to occur in half an hour after taking 100 mg of the drug and 15 minutes after intranasal administration.
Within a day after the attack and taking the drug, there may be relapses, in this connection, the remedy is used again.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed for arresting migraine attacks occurring with or without an aura.


The medicine is contraindicated:
    pregnant and lactating women;
    with hemiplegic migraine;
    ophthalmoplegic migraine;
    basilar migraine;
    at an insult or other infringements of blood circulation of a brain;
    with ischemia;
    adolescents and the elderly;
    with serious liver disease;
    with epilepsy;
    allergies to the components of the product;
    with transient ischemic attacks;
    when taking medications not combined with Amigrenin, for example MAO inhibitors, ergotamine (see Lect Interactions).

Side effects

Side effects from the CC system: lowering of pressure, tachycardia and angina, palpitation, increased blood pressure, bradycardia, ischemia. Very rarely, Raynaud's syndrome is possible.
Possible allergies (hives, rashes on the skin or itching).
Side effects on the part of ZHTK: vomiting, indigestion, pain in the stomach, nausea. Rarely is there ischemic colitis or an increase in the level of hepatic transmiases.
From the nervous system may appear: weakness, drowsiness, impaired vision, apathy.
Also observed: sensations of heat, compression, tingling or heaviness, pain in the muscles.

Instructions for Amigrenin (method and dosage)

The medicine can be used only with sudden migraine attacks, as an emergency.
Instructions for use Amigrenin: The drug is administered to adults. The maximum amount per day is 300 mg. As a rule, appoint 50 or 100 mg at a time.
If after a while the symptoms resumed, then the next dose can be taken no earlier than 2 hours, but no later than one day after the initial one.
If the drug has not brought relief, consult a doctor and take another medicine.


If an overdose of the drug occurs, symptomatic therapy should be given. In this case, hemodialysis is not an effective tool to combat overdose. The doctor should observe the patient's condition within 10 hours, after taking the drug.


The drug is pharmacologically incompatible with MAO inhibitors.
The combination of the drug with ergotamine can lead to a long-term vasospasm spasm.
Simultaneous use of antidepressants and Amigrenin increases the risk of hyperreflexia, movement coordination and asthenia.
The drug increases the toxicity of furazolidone and lithium preparations.
It is highly not recommended to combine the drug with selegiline.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Amigrenin online.

Storage conditions

The drug is stored in a protected from direct sunlight, a cool place.
Shelf life - 2 years.

special instructions

Particular care should be taken when prescribing the drug to epileptics, with controlled hypertension or people with reduced seizure activity.
In order to avoid coronary artery spasm in patients with cardiovascular diseases, the first intake of the drug should be performed under the supervision of a physician.
With increased sensitivity to sulfanilamides, strong allergic reactions are possible. Prescription medication is not recommended.
There were no pharmacokinetic features in patients older than 65 years.
Because of the high risk of developing drowsiness when taking the drug, it is recommended that you refrain from driving or performing activities that require high concentration and reaction speed.

Reviews about Amigrenin

On the forums on the Internet there are many good reviews about Amigrenin. The drug quickly helps and relieves the painful migraine headache. Occasionally, side effects occur, but patients still continue to take the drug, because, in their opinion, this is the only way out to avoid seizures.

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