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Coryzalia tabs #40


$15.74 Ex Tax: $15.74

Instruction for CoryzaliaYou can buy Coryzalia tablets on this pageCompositionThe active substances in the composition:Pulsatilla ZnS-0.33 mg;Allium cepa C3-0.33 mg;Sabadilla C3-0.33 mg;Belladonna C3-0.33 mg;Kalium bichromicumC3-0..

Dlianos spray 0.1% 10ml


$5.81 Ex Tax: $5.81

User manual for Dlianos sprayReed more and buy Dlianos hereCompositionXylometazoline hydrochloride, sodium dihydrophosphate dihydrate, sodium dodecahydrate hydrophosphate, disodium edetate, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, ..

Dlyanos kids drops 0.05% 10ml


$4.57 Ex Tax: $4.57

Dlyanos kids drops instruction for useYou can buy Dlyanos kids drops hereForm of release, composition and packagingNasal drops for children 0.05% in the form of a clear, colorless solution, odorless.1 mlxylometazoline hydrochlorid..

Doctor MoM lozenges #20


$7.46 Ex Tax: $7.46

Doctor MoM lozenges instruction for useYou can buy Doctor MoM lozenges hereClinical and pharmacological groupPhytopreparation with expectorant and anti-inflammatory actionForm of release, composition and packaginglozenges green, r..

Doctor Mom ointment 20gr


$8.99 Ex Tax: $8.99

Instruction for Doctor Mom ointmentYou can buy Doctor Mom ointment on this pageDoctor Mom in the form of an ointment for external use has a local irritating, warming and pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. The Doctorug is prescri..

Doctor Mom Syrup 100ml


$19.92 Ex Tax: $19.92

Doctor Mom Syrup instruction for useReed more about Doctor Mom Syrup and buy it hereCompositionThe composition of the syrup includes levomenthol, as well as extracts:    the basilica of the sacred;   ..

Dolphin 2gr #30


$23.81 Ex Tax: $23.81

Instruction for DolphinYou can buy Dolphin on this pageTo buy Dolphin different forms of issue, just contact usCompositionThe composition of one sachet: sodium bicarbonate, dry rose hips extract, sea salt, dry licorice extract.A n..

Dr. Theiss plantain syrup 100ml


$24.78 Ex Tax: $24.78

Instruction for Dr. Theiss plantain syrupTo buy Dr. Theiss plantain syrup just add it to your shopping cartComposition100 grams of syrup include 5 grams of a plantain extract of lanceolate (1: 1) - the active ingredient.Additional..

Dr. Theiss Sagea extract with vitamin C tabs #24


$11.38 Ex Tax: $11.38

Dr. Theiss Sagea extract with vitamin C instructionYou can buy Dr. Theiss Sagea extract with vitamin C herepharmachologic effectDr. Theiss - astringent, antiseptic, hemostatic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory.PharmacodynamicsThe ef..

Dyshi essential oil 10ml


$17.20 Ex Tax: $17.20

Dyshi essential oil instructionYou can buy Dyshi essential oil hereCOMPOSITIONMint oil (without menthol) (Oleum ménthae) 35.45%Eucalyptus oil (Oleum eucalypti) 35.45%Cajeput oil (Oleum cajeputi) 18.50%Levomenthol 4,10%Oil wintergr..

Dyshi essential oil spray 30ml


$18.79 Ex Tax: $18.79

Dyshi essential oil spray instructionYou can buy Dyshi essential oil spray on this pageComposition of natural essential oils in the form of a spray for use in the season of coldsFor children from 3 months and adultsTo use the hous..

Dyshi lozenges #12


$11.15 Ex Tax: $11.15

Dyshi lozenges instruction for useReed more and buy Dyshi lozenges hereRecommendedPastilles Dyshi with honey and raspberries are designed to restore normal throat condition in case of discomfort or after conditions accompanied by ..

Dyshi lozenges for children #12


$13.38 Ex Tax: $13.38

Dyshi lozenges for children instructionYou can buy Dyshi lozenges for children hereComposition 1 lozengesSugar white,glucose syrup,honey bee,water,extract of linden flowers (Tilia cordata),acidity regulator - citric acid,sodium as..

Efferalgan supp 300mg #12


$9.55 Ex Tax: $9.55

Efferalgan suppositories instructionYou can buy Efferalgan suppositories hereIndications    as an antipyretic agent for acute respiratory infections, influenza, childhood infections, post-vaccination reactions and o..

Efferalgan syrup for kids 30mg/ml 90ml


$18.50 Ex Tax: $18.50

Efferalgan syrup for kids instruction for useYou can buy Efferalgan syrup for kids hereThe mechanism of action is to inhibit the activity of the enzyme cyclooxygenase, which regulates the metabolism of arachidonic acid and the for..

Efilipt Bro Baby cream 20gr


$21.35 Ex Tax: $21.35

Efilipt Bro Baby instructionYou can buy Efilipt Bro Baby on this pageCompositionActive components:    Eucalyptus essential oil (Aetheroleum Eucalypti) 2.0%    Essential oil of cayaputa (Aetheroleum Me..

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