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Fluifort granules 2.5gr/5gr #10

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User manual for FluifortYou can buy Fluifort on this pageComposition1 bag of granules contains 2.7 grams of carbocysteine ​​(lysine salt) and additional substances: cedar flavor, polyvinylpyrrolidone, mannitol, citric acid, orange..

User manual for Fluifort

You can buy Fluifort on this page


1 bag of granules contains 2.7 grams of carbocysteine ​​(lysine salt) and additional substances: cedar flavor, polyvinylpyrrolidone, mannitol, citric acid, orange juice powder and aspartame.
In 100 ml of syrup fluid contains 9 grams of carbocysteine ​​and additional components: cherry flavor, sucrose, purified water, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, caramel.

Form of issue

Fluifort is available in the form of granules and syrup. Pellets of light cream color with a peculiar citrus smell are intended for the preparation of suspension. The syrup is dark in color with the smell of cherries.
Granules are packed in sachets (5 mg each), syrup - in bottles (100 ml) with a glass.

pharmachologic effect

The drug has expectorant, mucolytic effects. The principle of action is based on the activation of carbocysteine ​​by the enzyme sialic transferase, which is located in the mucosa of the bronchi. The active substance of the drug normalizes the ratio of acidic and neutral sialomucins in sputum, improves elasticity and normalizes the viscosity of phlegm.
Against the background of treatment normalization of the ciliary epithelium is registered, the structure of the mucous membranes is restored, the regeneration processes are improved. The active component increases the immunity (specific, nonspecific), increases mucociliary clearance.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The drug is well absorbed into the systemic circulation. The peak concentration is recorded after 60 minutes. The greatest concentration is observed in bronchial secretions. Therapeutic concentrations persist for 8 hours. The elimination half-life when taken 20 mg is 100 minutes. The active substance is excreted by the kidney system.

Indications for use

Fluifort is prescribed for diseases of the bronchopulmonary system (acute and chronic forms), accompanied by the formation of a viscous secretion, difficult to separate sputum:
    bronchial asthma;
    bronchiectatic disease;
The medication can be prescribed in the pathology of ENT organs, accompanied by the production of viscous mucus:
    otitis media;
Powder from a cough can be prescribed before diagnostic manipulation: bronchoscopy, bronchography.


The drug is not prescribed for individual hypersensitivity to carbocysteine.
Cough syrup contains sucrose and is contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Powder is not used in the therapy of patients suffering from phenylketonuria.
With ulcerative pathology of the digestive system, medicament is not prescribed.
In pediatric practice, the syrup can be used only in the treatment of children from 1 year (granules - from 16 years).

Side effects

Allergic Answers:
    skin rashes;
    hyperemia of the skin;
Nervous system:
    fast fatiguability;
The digestive tract:
    development of gastritis (rarely);
    enhanced gassing;
    diarrheal syndrome;
    epigastric pain;
The above-described adverse reactions are transient and are self-extinguished after drug discontinuation.

Instructions for the use of Fluifort (Method and dosage)

How to take a fluffy syrup?

Instruction: the drug is dosed using a measuring cup or a special spoon. The syrup can be drunk with tea or water, but the manufacturer is recommended to take the medicine in undiluted form. The measuring device after taking the drug should be rinsed under running water. The use of Fluifort is not dependent on food intake. During the whole course of treatment it is recommended to use an increased amount of water.

How to take Fluifort powder?

Before each reception it is necessary to prepare a fresh solution, it is inadmissible to use the solution after long storage. The contents of 1 packet are diluted in 1 glass of water, once a day. Duration of treatment from 4 days to six months.


The use of elevated doses of the drug leads to an increase in the severity of adverse reactions. Specific antidote does not exist. Step-by-step, post-syndrome therapy is recommended.


It is inadmissible simultaneous administration of antitussive drugs because of the risk of complications on the background of impaired sputum excretion.
The effectiveness of carbocisteine ​​decreases with the treatment of m-holinoblokatorami.
The synergistic effect is recorded in the treatment of glucocorticosteroids.
In inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, Fluifort enhances the action of antibiotics.
The bronchodilator effect of theophylline is enhanced by simultaneous treatment with carbocisteine.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Fluifort.

Storage conditions

The temperature regime for syrup and granules is 15-25 degrees.

Shelf life

Syrup - 2 years; powder - 3 years.


Fluifort syrup for children is allowed to use after the first year of life of the child.

In pregnancy and lactation

The drug is absolutely contraindicated in the first trimester. It is recommended that breastfeeding be discontinued if Fluifort treatment is necessary.

Reviews of Fluifort (general view)

The drug has proved to be a highly effective remedy in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Reviews about syrup for children
The drug is well tolerated without causing pronounced adverse reactions. Pediatricians prescribe medicines to children without fear. Reviews about Fluifort are only positive.

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