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Paracetamol syrup 125mg/5ml 100ml

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Paracetamol syrup user manualReed more and buy Paracetamol syrup hereAn effective anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drug with SARS, flu, otitis the child is "Paracetamol" - a children's syrup or suspension. The remedy is used for ..

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Paracetamol syrup user manual

Reed more and buy Paracetamol syrup here

An effective anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drug with SARS, flu, otitis the child is "Paracetamol" - a children's syrup or suspension. The remedy is used for fever and pain of any origin in children older than 6 months. The drug should be accurately dose, so treatment does not lead to stomach pain and liver problems.

Form of issue, composition

"Paracetamol" for children in the form of thick liquids with a pleasant smell and sweet taste is produced. The color of the syrup is yellowish, the suspensions are white and pink. Bottles of 50 m 100 ml are packed in cardboard boxes with pictures and inscriptions confirming that the medicine is intended for children. It is easier for a child to drink a sweet and fragrant liquid than a hard pill.
The content of the active ingredient in Paracetamol syrup is 120 mg for 5 ml of the solution. The active component has another name - acetaminophen. This is a relatively safe, over-the-counter medication for children. Among the auxiliary ingredients - sucrose, ethanol and flavors, simulating the taste of strawberry or orange.

Pharmacological action and indications for use

High temperature in children is dangerous due to the development of complications of the infectious-inflammatory process, the occurrence of seizures. "Paracetamol" reduces pain and reduces temperature due to the influence on the functions of the corresponding nerve centers.
    Pain of mild to moderate intensity in the throat, in the ears, head, joint, muscular, dental (including, when teething).
    Feverish condition in diseases of infectious origin.
    Increase in temperature after vaccination.
    Pain due to burns or injury.
    Heat of unclear etiology.
Medical experts recommend the use of paracetamol, ibuprofen or combined preparations with these active components in the composition to get rid of febrile syndrome. Medicines are antipyretics, non-narcotic analgesics. Paracetamol refers to anilids, ibuprofen to a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The effect of paracetamol on the inflammation area is much weaker than ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. However, acetaminophen less irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa.

At what age can children be given?

Pediatricians and drug manufacturers recommend the use of Paracetamol baby syrup for the treatment of infants older than 3 months. You can drink it for children up to 12 years.
Paracetamol is used to reduce temperature in ARVI, respiratory tract and middle ear diseases, classic childhood infections (chickenpox, scarlet fever, rubella, etc.).
Infants are given syrup at a temperature above 38 ° C. Children older than 1 year take the medicine at t = 38.5 ° C.

Through how much antipyretic agent begins to act

The effect of the drug begins to appear, on average, 25 minutes after a dose that corresponds to the age and weight of the patient. Acetaminophen reaches its maximum concentration in the blood for 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion. The antipyretic effect is maximal during the first 2 hours, then starts to decrease.

Children's syrup "Paracetamol": instructions for use

Before use, the liquid contents of the vial are shaken. Use a more accurate syrup dispensing a measuring syringe or spoon. One of the devices manufacturers put inside a cardboard package.

Dosing and Administration

The syrup / suspension is given to the child between meals, not earlier than 1 to 2 hours before or after eating. The drug is diluted only if the baby can not drink a thick liquid. Instruction for use contains detailed information on the dosages of syrup for children of different ages.
At one time:
    infants 2 - 3 months with a body weight of 4.5 - 6 kg - as prescribed by the doctor;
    Infants from 3 to 12 months weighing more than 6 kg: 2.5 - 5 ml (0.5 - 1 measuring spoon, m. l);
    from 1 year to 5 years: 5 - 10 ml (1 - 2 m. l.);
    from 5 to 12 years: 10 - 20 ml (2 - 4 m. l.);
    Children with a body weight of more than 60 kg: 20 - 40 ml (4 - 8 m. l.).
    Dosage of the syrup provides for the proportion of 10-15 mg of active ingredient per 1 kg of body weight.
Children can take Paracetamol syrup up to 4 times a day. During the day the child is given no more than 60 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

Special instructions for taking syrup

If the child is sick, parents do not always have the opportunity to go with him to see a doctor or call a pediatrician at home.
    Without consultation with a physician, a paracetamol-based remedy may be given once to a baby over 2 months of age.
    A child older than 3 months is treated with an antipyretic and analgesic drug without a pediatrician for 3 days.
    Syrup "Paracetamol" as an analgesic for various variants of the pain syndrome is used no more than 5 days.
    Do not give the child an antipyretic agent in amounts intended for the treatment of adults.
    Avoid overdose, which is possible when ingested simultaneously with syrup, rectal suppositories and a suspension with the same active substance.

Drug interaction with other drugs

Antihistamines enhance the therapeutic effects of Paracetamol syrup for children. A temperature-abating child can be given at night, at the same time as the antipyretic agent of a drop of Zirtek or syrup, Erius. Antihistamines reduce intoxication of the body and prevent the appearance of allergic reactions to drugs.
The bioavailability of the active substance of the syrup "Paracetamol" is reduced after administration of activated carbon. "Phenobarbital" and "Rifampicin" reduce the antipyretic effect of the drug. Antiepileptic drugs and ethanol increase the rate of formation of metabolites, including, negatively affecting the liver (hepatotoxic).

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