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Stomach, bowels, livers

Stomach, bowels, livers

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Baraclude tabs 0.5mg #30


$281.00 Ex Tax: $281.00

Baraclude user manualReed more and buy Baraclude on this pageCompositionThe coated tablet contains the active substance entecavir in two dosages: 0.5 mg and 1.0 mg.Additional components: polysorbate, hypromellose, magnesium steara..

Becarbon #6


$1.81 Ex Tax: $1.81

Becarbon user manualReed more and buy Becarbon hereCompositionOne tablet contains 10 mg of belladonna extract (Belladonnae Spissum) and 300 mg of sodium hydrogen carbonate.As auxiliary substances used: cornstarch, anhydrous colloi..

Bereta tabs 20mg #14


$28.95 Ex Tax: $28.95

Instruction for Bereta pillsYou can buy tablets Bereta on this pageComposition1 tablet can include 10 mg or 20 mg of rabeprazole sodium, the active ingredient.Additional constituents: magnesium oxide, low-substituted giprolose, ma..

Berlithion 300 tabs 300mg #30


$39.27 Ex Tax: $39.27

Berlithion instruction for useReed more about Berlithion and buy it on this pageCompositionOne tablet contains 300 mg of thioctic acid. In addition: magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose sodium, MCC, colloidal si..

Bifidumbacterin caps #30


$20.23 Ex Tax: $20.23

Bifidumbacterin user manualYou can buy Bifidumbacterin on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug includes dry microbial mass containing live bifidobacteria (that is, those bacteria that enter the intestinal microflora in ..

Bifidumbacterin Forte powder 0.85gr 5doses #30


$46.14 Ex Tax: $46.14

Bifidumbacterin Forte instructionYou can buy Bifidumbacterin Forte hereCompositionThe composition of this tool includes a previously dried mass of live bifidobacteria, which were immobilized on a sorbent (it is a stone activated c..

Bifidumbacterin powder 5dose #10


$5.31 Ex Tax: $5.31

Bifidumbacterin powder instructionYou can buy Bifidumbacterin powder herepharmachologic effectLive bifidobacteria possess high antagonistic activity against a wide range of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms of..

Bifiform Balance caps 375mg #20


$34.97 Ex Tax: $34.97

Bifiform Balance instruction for useTo buy Bifiform Balance just add it to your shopping cartEach of the four strains of the Bifiform Balance product has proven in research useful properties, efficacy and safety.Form of issueCapsu..

Bifiform caps #30


$22.67 Ex Tax: $22.67

Bifiform user manualReed more and buy Bifiform on this pageCompositionBifiform consists of the following active substances - Bifidobacterium longum, Enterococcus faecium. These are lactobacilli, which affect the functioning of the..

Bifiсol powder #10


$12.98 Ex Tax: $12.98

Bifiсol user manualReed more and buy BifiсolBifiсol is a combined preparation from the group of probiotics, which has a pronounced beneficial effect in the restoration of the intestinal microflora when it is disturbed and develops..

Bisacodyl rectal supp. 10mg #10


$1.99 Ex Tax: $1.99

Bisacodyl user manualReed more and buy Bisacodyl on this pageBisacodyl is a drug that belongs to the pharmacological group of laxatives used to treat various pathologies of the digestive system.Form of issue and compositionCandle ..

Bisacodyl tabs 5mg #30


$2.99 $3.50 Ex Tax: $2.99

Bisacodyl tabs instruction for useReed more and buy tablets Bisacodyl on this pageBisacodyl-Hemofarm refers to laxative drugs that enhance intestinal motility, and is used to eliminate constipation.Form of issue and compositionthe..

Bobotik drops 30ml


$14.32 Ex Tax: $14.32

Bobotik instructionReed more and buy Bobotik drops hereCompositionThe composition of Bobotik includes emulsion of simethicone as an active substance.Excipients: propyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium saccharinate, citric acid monohydr..

Buckthorn bark (Cortex Frangulae) 1.5gr #20


$4.27 Ex Tax: $4.27

Buckthorn bark instructionYou can buy Buckthorn bark hereCompositionThe composition of the product includes vegetable raw materials of buckthorn bark in the form of a powder.Form of issueRaw materials are produced in filter bags, ..

Calcium gluconate tablets 500 mg #30


$2.46 Ex Tax: $2.46

Calcium gluconate instruction for useYou can buy Calcium gluconate on this pageClinical and pharmacological groupThe drug that replenishes calcium deficiency in the bodyForm of release, composition and packagingTablets are white, ..

Carsil 35mg #80


$12.99 $14.98 Ex Tax: $12.99

Carsil instruction for useReed more about Carsil and buy it hereThe composition of CarsilThe 1st pill contains 22.5 mg of silymarin (dry extract of fruit of spotted milk thistle).Additional ingredients: povidone K 25, lactose mono..

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