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Duovit for men #30

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  • 3 or more $22.50
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Duovit for men instruction for useYou can buy Duovit for men on this pageCompositionThe composition of one Duovit tablet for men:    riboflavin - 1.7 mg;    Acid ascorbic acid - 60 mg;  &nbs..

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Duovit for men instruction for use

You can buy Duovit for men on this page


The composition of one Duovit tablet for men:
    riboflavin - 1.7 mg;
    Acid ascorbic acid - 60 mg;
    pantothenic acid 6.4 mg;
    thiamine 1.5 mg;
    cobalamin - 6 mcg;
    retinol - 1000 mcg;
    pyridoxine - 2 mg;
    copper - 2 mg;
    calciferol 5 μg;
    niacin - 20 mg;
    α-tocopherol - 30 mg;
    iodine - 150 mcg;
    acid folic - 200 mcg;
    biotin - 30 mcg;
    magnesium, zinc, iron and manganese - 100, 15, 10 and 3.5 mg.

Form of issue

The drug is available in coated tablets. 30 or 60 such tablets in a polymer bottle, one such bottle in a paper package.

pharmachologic effect

Replenishment of a lack of minerals and vitamins.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Duovit for men is a multicomponent drug that contains 6 minerals and 12 vitamins, which play an important role in metabolic processes.


Vitamin A helps maintain the proper functioning of the retina.
Thiamin is a part of a large number of different enzymes that extract energy from food and activates the metabolic processes in the body.
Riboflavin is a powerful antioxidant.
Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, niacin) is involved in cellular respiration.
Pantothenic acid is necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, production of cholesterol, fats and a number of hormones.
Vitamin B6 is the catalyst for many chemical reactions in the body. Participates in the biosynthesis of serotonin.
Vitamin B9 is indispensable for hemopoiesis.
Vitamin B12 is involved in the processes of tissue regeneration.
Ascorbic acid - effectively removes toxins from the body, including ethanol decay products and cigarette smoke.
Calciferol maintains proper bone density.
Vitamin E protects cells from free radicals.
Biotin is a powerful catalyst for many known biochemical processes.
Minerals in the composition of Duovit for men, participate in the regulation of vital processes occurring in the body of a man.


Not studied.

Indications for use

It is recommended as an additional source of useful minerals and vitamins.


    Individual sensitivity to the drug.
    Age is less than 10 years.

Side effects

It is possible to develop hypersensitivity reactions in people with an allergy to the drug.

Instructions for vitamins Duovit for men

The drug is taken orally 1 tablet a day during meals. The course of admission is up to one month.


There were no cases of overdose.


The features of interaction with other drugs have not been studied.

Terms of sale

Released without a doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature of up to 25 degrees in the original packaging. Keep away from children.
Shelf life - Two years.

special instructions

Does not affect the ability to manage cars.

Reviews for Duovit for Men

Reviews for vitamins for men Duovit report the satisfaction of most patients with the results from taking the remedy.

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