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Metrogyl gel 1% 30gr

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Instruction manual for MetrogylYou can buy Metrogyl hereSee also - Metrogyl dental gelCompositionMetrogyl solution contains the active ingredient metronidazole, as well as: sodium chloride, sodium hydrogenphosphate (anhydrous), ci..

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Instruction manual for Metrogyl

You can buy Metrogyl here

See also - Metrogyl dental gel


Metrogyl solution contains the active ingredient metronidazole, as well as: sodium chloride, sodium hydrogenphosphate (anhydrous), citric acid, water.
Metrogyl tablets contain the active ingredient metronidazole, as well as: corn starch, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide colloid, hydrogenated castor oil, Opadry II dye, water.
Metrogyl gel includes metronidazole and additional components: propyl parahydroxybenzoate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, disodium edetate, carbomer 940, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, water.

Form of issue

Currently, a solution of Metrogyl for intravenous administration, as well as tablets, gel vaginal and gel for external use, is produced.
    The solution for intravenous administration can be colorless or pale yellow, transparent, packed in transparent ampoules of 20 ml (100 mg solution) and in 100 ml polyethylene bottles (500 mg solution). Tanks are put in packs of cardboard.
    Tablets 200 mg - pink, biconcave, with a film sheath, round, packaged in blisters of 10 pcs., In cardboard packs of 2 blisters.
    Tablets of 400 mg - orange, biconcave, with a film membrane, round, packaged in blisters of 10 pcs., In cardboard packs of 2 blisters.
    Vaginal gel Metrogyl is homogeneous, colorless or has a yellow tint, contained in tubes of 30 g.

pharmachologic effect

The broad-spectrum drug contains in its composition metronidazole, a derivative of 5-nitroimidazole.
The drug has antimicrobial and antiprotozoal effect. The mechanism of action is based on the reduction of the 5-nitro group of metronidazole by transport intracellular proteins of anaerobic microorganisms and protozoa. 5-nitro group metronidazole interacts with DNA cells of microbes, inhibiting the synthesis of their nucleic acids. As a result, bacteria die.
Metrogyl demonstrates activity towards Gardnerella vaginalis, Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardiai nestinalis, Entamoeba histolytica, Lamblia spp. Also, the drug is active against obligate anaerobes and to a number of gram-positive microorganisms.
If metronidazole is combined with Amoxicillin, activity is shown with respect to Helicobacter pylori.
Facultative anaerobes and aerobic microorganisms do not show sensitivity to metronidazole, however, in the presence of mixed flora, there is a synergistic effect of metronidazole with antibiotics that are effective against aerobes.
It provokes disulfiram-like reactions, under its influence, the sensitivity of the tumors to radiation increases, and the reparative processes are stimulated.
When applied externally, there is an anti-acne effect, the mechanism of which is not fully known. Metrogyl ointment, probably, demonstrates antioxidant activity. Under the action of this agent, the production of active oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals, that is potential oxidants, which contribute to tissue damage in the place where the inflammatory process develops, is reduced by neutrophils.
The external form of the drug is active against telangiectasias in rosacea.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After the patient has been administered Metrogyl intravenously, approximately 30-60% of the substance is metabolized through hydroxylation, oxidation and glucuronidation. As a result, a 2-oximetronidazole metabolite is formed, which also produces an antiprotozoal and antimicrobial effect. Half-life - 8 hours (under normal liver function), up to 18 hours (with alcohol damage to the liver).
About 60-80% of the administered dose is excreted through the kidney, another 6-15% is released through the intestine. Both metronidazole and its metabolites are removed from the blood by hemodialysis.
If the antibiotic was taken orally, it is quickly absorbed, and its maximum concentration in the blood is observed after 2 hours. There is a high penetration ability of the agent in tissues, body fluids. At 10-20% binds to plasma proteins. Through the kidneys, about 60-80% is excreted, while approximately 20% is displayed unchanged. The elimination half-life is 8 hours.
When the external use of the product is absorbed, the minimum amount is absorbed, therefore, only the traces of the active component are noted in the blood. It should be taken into account that the absorbed active substance passes the blood-brain and placental barriers.

Indications for use

The instructions define such indications for the use of Metrogyl intravenously:
    protozoal infections: (trichomoniasis, extraintestinal and intestinal amebiasis, balantidiasis, giardiasis, cutaneous leishmaniasis, giardiasis, vaginitis and trichomonas urethritis);
    infectious diseases, provoked by Bacteroides spp .: infections of the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs, skin, soft tissues;
    infections, provoked by Bacteroides spp .: infections of the nervous system, joints, bones, including brain abscess, meningitis, endocarditis, empyema, lung abscess, pneumonia;
    infectious diseases caused by Bacteroides spp., including Clostridium spp., B. Fragilis: sepsis;
    pseudomembranous colitis, as a consequence of antibiotic treatment;
    gastritis or ulcer, as a consequence of the action of Helicobacter pylori;
    prevention of complications after surgery.

Tablets should be used in such cases:

    to prevent the development of postoperative complications (in particular gynecological);
    in protozoal infections (giardiasis, trichomoniasis, amoebic dysentery, amoebiasis, etc.);
    anaerobic infections (those that were provoked by Bac.fragilis, as well as clostridia, fusobacteria, anaerobic cocci, eubacteria);
    period after operations;
    infectious diseases of the respiratory tract;
    gas gangrene;
    meningitis, brain abscess;

Cream Metrogyl is prescribed for such diseases and conditions:

    acne vulgaris;
    seborrheic dermatitis, oily seborrhea;
    trophic ulcers, which appear on the lower extremities as a consequence of varicose veins, diabetes mellitus;
    pressure sores;
    wounds that heal badly;
    cracks in the anus, hemorrhoids.
Metrogyl vaginal gel is indicated for the therapy of vaginitis, which is caused by a microflora that is sensitive to metronidazole, and also for the treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis.


Metrogyl IV is contraindicated for use in such conditions and diseases:
    lesions of the nervous system organic (epilepsy, etc.);
    blood diseases;
    hepatic insufficiency (do not take large doses);
    blood diseases;
    lactation and pregnancy (first trimester);
    pronounced sensitivity to metronidazole, to nitroimidazole derivatives.
Caution injections are administered intravenously to people suffering from kidney failure.
Metrogyl tablets should not be taken in the following cases:
    with organic lesions of the nervous system, in particular epilepsy;
    with blood diseases;
    with hepatic insufficiency (large doses of tablets);
    under the age of 12;
    during pregnancy (first trimester);
    high sensitivity to the active substance, to other derivatives of nitroimidazole.
Cautiously appoint people with liver and kidney disease.
Vaginal gel is not prescribed for such diseases and conditions:
    violations of coordination of movements;
    leukopenia (also in the anamnesis);
    lesions of the nervous system of an organic nature, including epilepsy;
    pregnancy (first trimester);
    liver failure;
    high sensitivity, also sensitivity to nitroimidazole derivatives.

Side effects

When using the drug intravenously and orally, these side effects may develop:
    GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT: deterioration of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, intestinal colic, vomiting, constipation, dryness or taste of metal in the mouth, glossitis, pancreatitis, stomatitis;
    nervous system: impaired coordination, dizziness, impaired consciousness, ataxia, violent excitability, irritability, insomnia, weakness, headache, hallucinations, convulsions;
    allergy: rash, flushing, urticaria, fever, nasal congestion, arthralgia;
    urinary system: cystitis, dysuria, urinary incontinence, polyuria, candidiasis, color change of urine to red-brown;
    local manifestations: thrombophlebitis, development of puffiness pain, redness at the injection site;
    other manifestations: leukopenia, neutropenia.
When Metrogyl gel is used for local use, an insignificant amount of active ingredient is absorbed into the blood, therefore systemic side effects are unlikely. It is rare to develop allergic manifestations, lachrymation, dryness and burning of the skin.

Instructions for use Metrogyl (Method and dosage)

gel Metrogyl, instructions for use

Outer gel is applied to the cleansed skin twice a day, the treatment lasts from 3 to 9 weeks, it is possible to use the remedy for a longer time - up to 4 months. You can impose an occlusive dressing if necessary.

Metrogyl for acne

Often those who use Metrogyl gel for the face, reviews from acne leave positive. Despite the fact that the official instruction does not inform in detail about the use of this medication for a person, nevertheless Metrogyl gel from acne is used very often, as metronidazole has a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect. Accordingly, it helps to get rid of dermatological problems. If the patient has a single acne, the ointment should be applied several times.
In the case of acne, treatment can be longer. However, after the first application, the severity of the negative symptoms decreases. Metrogyl is used as the main tool for the treatment of acne, and in conjunction with other drugs. Apply the gel two times a day to the places affected by acne.

Metrogyl and Differin

Differin, which is a synthetic retinoid, contains an active component of adapalene. This drug has a beneficial effect on the skin, when used with Metrogyl users notice a more pronounced effect.


When taking large doses of tablets, it is possible to develop nausea, vomiting, ataxia, with severe poisoning, peripheral neuropathy develops, epileptic seizures are possible. There are no specific antidotes, they carry out symptomatic treatment.
When applying the Metrogyl gel, there are no cases of overdose.


A dropper with Metrogyl should not contain other medicines - it is not recommended to mix the remedy with other drugs.
Metronidazole activates the effect of indirect anticoagulants, as a result, the time of formation of prothrombin increases.
Causes intolerance to ethanol. When used simultaneously with disulfiram, a variety of neurological symptoms may develop. It is important to adhere to the interval between taking these drugs at least 2 weeks.
When cimetidine is taken, metronidazole metabolism is suppressed, so the concentration of the latter may increase, which leads to the development of side effects.
With the simultaneous use of Phenobarbital, phenytoin, that is, drugs that stimulate enzymes of microsomal oxidation in the liver, it is possible to accelerate the elimination of metronidazole. As a consequence, its concentration in the plasma is reduced.
If metronidazole is taken concomitantly with lithium preparations, the concentration of the latter in the plasma may increase. In this case, there may be signs of intoxication.
Do not combine Metrogyl with non-depolarizing muscle relaxants.
The antimicrobial effect of metronidazole is enhanced by sulfonamides.
With topical application of the gel, there is no significant interaction with other drugs, but one should carefully apply it with warfarin and other indirect anticoagulants, since an increase in prothrombin time is possible.

Storage conditions

Refers to list B. Storage temperature Metrogyl - no more than 30 ° C. Keep away from light, from children.

Shelf life

The solution and tablets can be stored for 3 years, Metrogyl gel - 2 years.

special instructions

It is not recommended to combine Metrogyl with amoxicillin to patients who are not yet 18 years old.
Long-term therapy requires constant monitoring of the blood picture.
If a patient develops leukopenia, the continuation of therapy depends on whether there is a risk of developing an infectious process.
It is necessary to stop therapy if the patient develops dizziness, ataxia and other symptoms, indicating a worsening of the neurological status.
Under the influence of the drug, immobilization of treponema can occur, which leads to a false positive test of Nelson.
In the process of treatment, urine is painted in a dark color.
During the treatment of trichomonas vaginitis and urethritis, one must abstain from sexual intercourse. It is important that both sex partners undergo therapy at the same time. During the period of monthly treatment do not stop.
Do not allow the gel to come into the eyes. If this happens, you should wash your eyes with warm water.
A dropper Metrogyl in gynecology is used only for the purpose of the treating doctor.
In cosmetology, Metrogyl gel for the face is used to treat acne and other skin lesions. Use it for the face can only be recommended by a specialist.


If necessary, the solution is used according to the instructions. Tablets are not prescribed for children under 12 years.

With alcohol

Contraindicated in drinking alcohol during treatment with all forms of the drug Metrogyl, since it is possible manifestations of disulfiram-like reactions.

Metrogyl during pregnancy and lactation

The use of this drug in pregnancy is contraindicated, it is possible to use it late in life only on vital indications. Lactation in treatment Metrogyl must be discontinued.

Reviews about Metrogyl

In most reviews of the drug, users write that all forms of the drug are quite effective. Women who used vaginal Metrogyl gel leave feedback that the drug is convenient to use and at the same time it helps quickly and effectively to cope with the treatment of infectious diseases. Many women write that the vaginal gel helped to cure thrush.
Also often there are opinions that Metrogyl ointment is an excellent tool for the treatment of acne. Reading reviews of Metrogyl from acne, we can conclude that this medicine after the course of use significantly improves the situation. Negative moment, the patients consider a strong dryness of the skin when applying the cream. However, to combat acne it is often used, the external Metrogyl instrument under the supervision of a woman's doctor is also used in pregnancy.

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