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Ovestin cream 1mg/gr 15gr

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Ovestin cream user manualYou can buy Ovestin cream on this pageSee also - Ovestin suppositoriesCompositionOvestin cream contains estriol, as well as a number of additional ingredients: cetyl palmitate, octyldodecanol, cetyl alcoho..

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Ovestin cream user manual

You can buy Ovestin cream on this page

See also - Ovestin suppositories


Ovestin cream contains estriol, as well as a number of additional ingredients: cetyl palmitate, octyldodecanol, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, polysorbate, stearyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, chlorhexidine hydrochloride, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, water.

Form of issue

The vaginal cream has a homogeneous mass, the shade is pure white or whitish, has a specific smell.

pharmachologic effect

As part of the remedy there is a natural female hormone estriol. This is the so-called short-acting hormone. Consequently, it does not provide stimulation of proliferative processes in the endometrium. The agent accelerates the process of recovery of the epithelium of the vaginal mucosa, as well as the optimization of the pH environment and the restoration of the natural microflora of the vagina. As a result, the level of local immunity increases, an obstacle appears for the development of pathological flora.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The agent can be used in the presence of pathological symptoms, which are manifested due to a lack of estrogens in the body. A special efficacy of the drug in the treatment of disorders of the urogenital character is noted.
If there are atrophic changes in the mucous membrane of the vagina, the drug helps restore the mucosa.
As a consequence, under the influence of the drug, the level of resistance of the vaginal tissues to inflammatory processes and infections increases. Women note that after taking the remedy, the manifestation of dryness and itching of the vagina, dyspareunia, infections of the genitourinary system decreases, and complaints that relate to urinary incontinence disappear.
When the agent is administered intravaginally, the optimal bioavailability of the active substance is provided at the site of its action. The estriol is absorbed into the general circulation system by suction. As a consequence, the concentration in the blood plasma of unconjugated estriol significantly increases. The highest level of concentration of the substance in the blood plasma is observed 1-2 hours after its administration. Approximately 90% of estriol binds to albumin in the blood plasma.
Since estriol is the final product of metabolism, it is mainly excreted in the urine in conjugated form. With faeces only an insignificant part of the preparation (about 2%) is released from the body, mainly in unconjugated form.

Indications for use

Indications for the use of Ovestin candles, as well as tablets and cream are as follows:
    treatment of atrophic colpitis;
    age-related changes in the vaginal mucosa of an atrophic nature that result from a deficiency of estrogens;
    frequent urination, painful urination;
    urinary incontinence;
    Infertility, which is associated with a cervical factor;
    for diagnostic purposes, if the results of the smear for cytology are unclear;
    preventive measures to prevent inflammation of the urogenital area;
    preventive measures to prevent complications after operations with access through the vagina.


Contraindications for suppositories, tablets, ovestin cream are as follows:
    intolerance of constituent agents;
    period of pregnancy;
    oncological disease of the breast, suspected cancer or breast cancer in history;
    estrogen-dependent malignant tumor;
    bleeding from the vagina of an unclear etiology;
    venous or arterial thromboembolism in history;
    acute liver disease or changes in liver samples.

Side effects

The medicine in the form of suppositories can provoke a manifestation of itching or irritation of a local nature. Perhaps the emergence of tenderness or tension of the mammary glands. Such side effects are usually observed in the first days of use, but sometimes their development indicates that too much is prescribed for the remedy.
There was also a manifestation of acyclic bleeding, metrorrhagia, breakthrough bleeding.
In the annotation to the drug it is noted that other side effects may develop in the treatment with Ovestin. Such manifestations are reported in the treatment of estrogen-progestogen, but enough data, whether Ovestin is different in this, no.
These are benign and malignant estrogen-dependent tumors, thrombosis, heart attacks and myocardial infarction, gallbladder diseases, cutaneous and subcutaneous inflammatory processes, dementia.

Instructions for use Ovestin (Method and dosage)

If in the process of treatment the patient is assigned to Ovestin, the instructions for the use of the remedy should be clearly followed.
The drug can be used as a cream, tablets, suppositories, and at the same time, regardless of the mode of administration, it remains equally effective. When using any form of the drug, whether it is a pill ointment or a candle, it is taken once a day.
Instructions for use Ovestin in the form of cream suggests that the drug is administered before bedtime, using a special applicator. Initially, it is used every day, with a noticeable improvement in the condition, you can go to the introduction schedule twice a week. The duration of treatment depends on the disease.
Tablets, as a rule, are prescribed in a dose of 2-4 pcs. (4-8 mg) per day for one month, then the dose is reduced to 1-2 tablets (1-2 mg) per day. If a person has urinary incontinence, a higher dose of the drug may be given.
The introduction of suppositories is shown once a day, and when the symptoms gradually decrease, you can switch to the administration of suppositories twice a week.
Candles are injected once a day, with the improvement of symptoms, they switch to a more rare introduction - 2 times a week.
If preparatory work is being done for an operation with overvaginal access, one candle is administered every day, treatment begins two weeks before surgery. Further, after carrying out manipulations, two more candles are added per week for 14 days. According to the same scheme, Ovestin cream is used.
If the dose was missed, and the interval between doses is no more than 36 hours, you need to take the dose that was missed, and then continue the treatment according to the usual scheme. If the interval is more than 36 hours, the reception of Ovestin continues according to the scheme.


In case of an overdose, Ovestin may experience nausea and vomiting, as well as bleeding from the vagina.
In this case, symptomatic therapy is practiced.


There was no adverse interaction with other drugs.
Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that the pharmacological properties of Ovestin can determine the interaction with anticonvulsant and antiretroviral drugs, antibiotics, as well as with preparations containing St. John's Wort.
There is evidence that estriol is able to enhance the effect of a number of corticosteroids and theophylline.

Storage conditions

Tablets should be stored in a dark and dry place, with a temperature of 2 to 30 ° C.
Suppositories and cream should be stored in a dark and dry place, and the temperature should be from 2 to 25 ° C.
Shelf life - 3 years.

special instructions

It is impossible to spend a long time therapy with high doses of the drug (not more than a few weeks).
If long-term treatment is necessary, a regular examination of the mammary glands and examinations at the gynecologist, careful control of the coagulogram should be carried out.
In the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms, hormone replacement therapy is practiced only if there are severe symptoms that worsen the quality of life.
A woman should be aware of exactly what changes in the mammary glands that appear during the treatment, it is necessary to inform the doctor.
If the factors that are a contraindication to treatment or other negative changes in the state of health are manifested, discontinue treatment with the drug.
Since estrogen can provoke fluid retention in the body, the health of people with heart failure and kidney disease needs to be carefully monitored.


Ovestin for children is used only according to the doctor's indications. The remedy is sometimes used in the case of synechia in children. With this diagnosis, the cream for children is used only according to the scheme and in the dosage indicated by the doctor.

In pregnancy

During pregnancy, Ovestin is not prescribed to women.

Reviews about Ovestin cream

Reviews about the candles The Ovestin, which women leave, going to the thematic forum, are mostly positive. There is a positive effect of the drug as a supportive agent in the menopause. Also, patients leave their comments on Ovestin cream and on tablets, noting that these drugs can reduce the intensity of unpleasant symptoms of menopause, contribute to the treatment of a number of diseases. It is also noted that the ointment is easy to use. The doctors' testimonies indicate that treatment with Ovestin is predominantly effective.
Less common are reviews about how to use a cream for children. Parents note that Ovestin for the treatment of children should be used strictly on the advice of a doctor. Sometimes women talk about the manifestation of burning with the use of candles in the first time. However, this side effect quickly disappears.

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