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Gaviscon tabs #48

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Pills Gaviscon instructionReed more and buy Gaviscon on this pageTo buy other forms of Gaviscon just contact usCompositionIn terms of 1 tablet contains calcium carbonate 80 mg, sodium alginate 250 mg and sodium bicarbonate 133.5 m..

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Pills Gaviscon instruction

Reed more and buy Gaviscon on this page

To buy other forms of Gaviscon just contact us


In terms of 1 tablet contains calcium carbonate 80 mg, sodium alginate 250 mg and sodium bicarbonate 133.5 mg.
As auxiliary substances, the tablets contain aspartame, macrogol, copovidone, mannitol, acesulfame potassium, magnesium stearate, mint or lemon flavor.
In Gaviscon Double The effect of a dose of basic substances is twice as high - sodium bicarbonate contains 267 mg, calcium carbonate - 160 mg.

Form of issue

In the form of tablets for chewing white or cream flowers, 8 pieces in a blister.
This form of the drug, like a candle, is not produced.

pharmachologic effect

Gaviscon is an antacid drug. In an acidic environment, the stomach is converted to an alginate gel, which has a zero pH value. In this case, a protective layer is formed on the gastric mucosa, which prevents the development of gastroesophageal reflux. When the contents of the stomach are thrown into the esophagus, the gel protects the esophagus mucosa from irritation.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Absorption of the drug in the systemic circulation does not affect pharmacodynamics.

Indications for use

What is Gaviscon applied from?

The drug is designed to eliminate:
    Symptoms that occur when the acidity of the stomach is increased and the contents are thrown into the esophagus (belching sour, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, including during pregnancy);
    gravity in the stomach;
    discomfort after eating.


    individual intolerance;
    children under the age of 12 years.

Side effects

Reactions of an allergic nature.
Excess of therapeutic doses of calcium carbonate causes constipation, "ricochet" syndrome, hypercalcemia.

Instructions for use Gaviscon (Method and dosage)

On how to take Gaviscon, the instruction for use explains in detail: adults and children after 12 years old tablets are taken orally, after chewing well, after eating or, if necessary, before going to bed in a dose of 2 to 4 pieces.
In case of using Gaviscon Double Action, the maximum dose that can be taken per day is 16 tablets.


There is bloating. As a treatment, symptomatic therapy is used.


If you need treatment with other drugs, the interval between taking with Gaviscon Double Action should be at least two hours.

Terms of sale

To buy Gaviscon online you don't need a prescription.

Storage conditions

Temperature conditions 15-30 ° C, away from children.
Shelf life - 2 years.

special instructions

If it is necessary to follow a diet with a low salt content, you need to take into account the sodium content in the preparation.
Patients with a tendency to form calcium kidney stones, with nephrocalcinosis, hypercalcemia should be used with caution because of the calcium carbonate content.
Do not administer to patients with phenylketonuria because they contain aspartame.
From what tablets can lose its effectiveness? With a low acidity of the gastric juice, the effect of the drug is reduced.
If the condition does not improve within 1 week of taking Gaviscon, you should consult a doctor.
It should be borne in mind that tablets can mask signs of serious gastrointestinal lesions.
In the case of gastroenteritis or renal dysfunction, hypernatremia may occur.


Children under 12 years old are only used according to the doctor's prescription.

In pregnancy and lactation

Gaviscon in pregnancy and breast-feeding is allowed to use, because the available observations did not show a negative effect.

Reviews about Gaviscon

On the forums there are reviews about Gaviscon as an effective remedy for eliminating the severity in the stomach after eating, removing heartburn. Tablets have a pleasant taste, but many notice that the drug strongly adheres to the teeth, and this causes some discomfort. Also, drawbacks include high costs, as to eliminate heartburn you have to take 4 tablets at once.
There are a small number of reviews with complaints of a side effect in the form of nausea.
Gaviscon is also widely used in pregnancy. Very often pregnant women are interested in reviews about candles. Therefore, you need to pay attention that this form of release does not exist. Apparently, they confuse with the suppositories of the hexicon, which are used as an anti-inflammatory drug in gynecology.
As for Gaviscon, the reviews in pregnancy in large numbers are only positive and speak of the drug as a good remedy to remove the bitterness and heartburn so common in this condition. Thanks to this, Gaviscon has been widely used in pregnant women.

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