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Detralex tabs 1000mg #30

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Detralex instruction for useYou can buy Detralex onlineCompositionDetralex contains 500 mg of the micronized flavonoid fraction (Purified micronized flavonoid fraction), in which the diosmin is 90% (450 mg), hesperidin 10% (50 mg)..

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Detralex instruction for use

You can buy Detralex online


Detralex contains 500 mg of the micronized flavonoid fraction (Purified micronized flavonoid fraction), in which the diosmin is 90% (450 mg), hesperidin 10% (50 mg).
Auxiliary components: gelatin, magnesium stearate, MCC, sodium carboxymethyl starch, talc, purified water. Ingredients: Macrogol 6000, sodium lauryl sulfate, premix for p / o orange-pink color (magnesium stearate, glycerol, hypromellose, iron dyes - yellow and red oxides, titanium dioxide).

Form of issue

Tablets n / captive. shell. In blisters for 15 pcs., Packing No. 30; №60.
In other countries, the manufacturer can use for its product the trade names Variton, Daflon 500, Venitol, Capiven, Ardium, Arvenum 500.

pharmachologic effect

Venoprotective and venostabilizing. Pharmacological group: microcirculation correctors and angioprotectors in combinations.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

It has angioprotective and venotonic action, reduces venostasis, extensibility of veins and permeability of capillaries, increases the tone of venous walls, improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Increases the ability of capillaries to maintain the integrity of the walls under mechanical action.
The use of the drug Detralex helps to reduce the interaction of leukocytes and the endothelium, as well as the adhesion of leukocytes in postcapillar venules, which reduces the severity of the damaging effect of inflammatory mediators on the valves of the veins and venous walls.
T½ - 11 hours. The excretion of active components is mainly through the intestine. About 14% of the dose is excreted by the kidneys.

Indications for use Detralex

When are the tablets prescribed for veins?

Indications for the use of Detralex are organic and functional venolymphatic insufficiency of the lower extremities, which is manifested by swelling and soreness, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, trophic disorders, convulsions.

When is the drug used as a pill for hemorrhoids?

The use of the drug Detralex is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of an acute hemorrhoidal attack.


And with varicose veins, and with hemorrhoids, the drug is used as a symptomatic and often in the complex therapy.
To reduce the severity of the symptoms of venous insufficiency, along with tablets, a venotensive ointment or gel may be prescribed.
In the treatment of hemorrhoids, rectal suppositories (Relief, Proctosan, Nigepan, etc.) and ointments (Ichthyol, Hepatrombin, Bezornil, etc.) can be used to treat pain and inflammation, improve vascular tone, reduce thrombosis and stop bleeding.


The only contraindication to use is the intolerance of one or more pill components.

Side effects

Side effects Detralex are extremely rare. Most often, the body reacts to dyspepsia (nausea, diarrhea, etc.), sometimes neurovegetative disorders (malaise, headache, dizziness, etc.) and disorders from subcutaneous tissue and skin (hives, skin rashes , itching).
In extremely rare cases, Quincke's edema may develop.

Tablets Detralex: instructions for use

Instructions for use Detralex for varicose veins

With venolymphatic insufficiency, the recommended dose is 2 tablets. 500 g per day. Tablets are taken with meals, one during the day, the second - in the evening.
The medication is prescribed only to adult patients. To enhance the effect, the doctor may recommend the use of external therapy - ointment or gel.
The duration of treatment with Detralex for varicose, as well as the need for repeated courses, is determined by the doctor.

Detralex with hemorrhoids. How long does it take to take hemorrhoids?

In the description attached to the preparation of how to take with Detralex hemorrhoids, it is indicated that in the acute stage of the disease (with an acute hemorrhoidal attack) it is necessary to take 6 tablets / day. during the first 4 days of treatment and 4 tab. / day. in the next 3 days. Take the medicine while eating, dividing the daily dose into 2-3 doses.
Treatment of chronic hemorrhoids involves the daily intake of 4 tablets. They are taken with meals, 2 for each reception. After a lapse of 7 days, you can reduce the dose by half and reduce the number of applications to 1 p. / Day.
How long to take the medicine depends on the degree of neglect of the disease and the effectiveness of therapy. On average, doctors with chronic hemorrhoids recommend taking pills in courses lasting 2-3 months. In an acute attack, treatment is given in short courses of 7 days.
If symptoms persist longer than this time, the patient should be examined by a proctologist.
Reviews about Detralex with hemorrhoids are mostly good. The main disadvantage of the drug, according to consumers, is its high price. However, given that Detralex is a tool with proven efficacy (patients often notice improvement after 2-3 days of taking pills), many people prefer it to him, not cheaper ones.


There are no reports of cases of overdose.


Special studies regarding the drug and other forms of drug interaction have not been conducted. Nevertheless, given the extensive experience of Detralex's post-marketing application, there are currently no statements about its adverse interaction with other drugs.

Terms of sale

You can buy Detralex without a prescription.

Storage conditions

The preparation does not require special storage conditions. Tablets belong to the category of potent agents (List B), so they should be kept out of the reach of children.
Shelf life - 4 years.

special instructions

The use of tablets in acute hemorrhoidal attacks can not replace specific therapy and creates obstacles for the treatment of other proctologic diseases.
If, after a short time, there is no rapid decrease in the severity of the symptoms, the patient should be examined by a proctologist, and the doctor should review the therapy.
People with impaired venous circulation to improve the effectiveness of the drug is recommended:
    avoid prolonged exposure to the feet and prolonged exposure to the sun;
    correct body weight and diet;
    wear compression knitwear to improve blood circulation;

What is better - Detralex or Flebodia 600?

On the forums the drug is often compared with its counterparts. And most often with the preparation Flebodia 600. The basis of both drugs is diosmin. Its concentration in Flebodia 600-600 mg / tab., Detralex 450 mg / tab. However, in the latter its effect is increased due to the presence of hesperidin (50 mg / tab.).
When varicose Flebodia 600 drink 1 tablet / day, Detralex - 2 tab. / Day, that is, the daily dose of diosmina in the first case - 600 mg, in the second - 900 mg.
If we compare the pharmaceutical effect of drugs and the features of the application, then there are practically no differences.
Nevertheless, due to the use of a unique processing technology of the active substance in its production, Detralex is absorbed faster and more fully than its analogue in the body, and its concentration in the blood plasma reaches a maximum in three to four hours.

What is better - Detralex or Antistax?

Antistax is a phytopreparation, which is used for violations of venous circulation. The basis of the capsules is a dried extract of red grape leaves with a high content of isokvetsetin and quercetin glucuronide - flavonoids, which help stabilize cell membranes, normalize vascular permeability, reduce edema.
However, if the effectiveness of Detralex was confirmed during clinical experiments, there is no scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of Antistax today.
Another difference between the drugs is that Detralex is allowed to be used during pregnancy, but there is no information on the safety and effectiveness of Antistax for pregnant women.
According to experts, Antistax in vascular diseases can be recommended more as a preventive agent and as an addition to the main treatment.

For children

Data on the use of the drug in pediatric practice are not available.

Compatibility with alcohol

There is no categorical prohibition on alcohol consumption during the period of Detralex treatment. The active substances of the drug are flavonoids hesperidin and diosmin, which, according to Wikipedia, are plant pigments and powerful natural antioxidants, do not interact with other substances and have no significant side effects.
However, it should be borne in mind that, when acting on SSS, alcoholic beverages provoke an increase in blood pressure and vasodilation, and a sharp influx of blood causes an increase in its stagnation in congestion sites.
Thus, alcohol reduces the effectiveness of therapy and contributes to the progression of the disease.

Detralex during pregnancy

Despite the fact that Detralex's teratogenic properties were not detected during the study, it is used with caution during pregnancy.
Because of the lack of information about the ability of diosmin and hesperidin to penetrate into breast milk during breast-feeding, the use of the drug should be avoided.
The action category for the fetus according to the FDA classification is not defined.
Studies in rats have shown that the drug does not have reproductive toxicity.
Reviews of Detralex during pregnancy make it possible to conclude that the drug really helps with problems with veins and hemorrhoids. Against the background of the application of the tablets pains in the legs disappear, the legs are less tired and do not swell (and if swollen, then not so much), the development of varicose disease slows down, or hemorrhoids disappear (or significantly reduce).

Reviews about Detralex

On the forums you can meet a variety of (and often completely opposite) reviews of the tablets Detralex on the forums can be found different. But still the majority of patients respond well to the drug.
If you take pills for hemorrhoids, the result becomes noticeable already on the 2-3 day of treatment. And the medicine "works" even in neglected cases (including during pregnancy, when almost all drugs are contraindicated, and surgical intervention is simply unacceptable).
If you take tablets from varicose veins, the effect develops somewhat more slowly, but the result achieved can significantly improve the quality of life. Analyzing the doctors' opinions about Detralex, one can come to the conclusion that the drug is effective, but:
    the result is more noticeable the earlier treatment is started (reviews about Detralex with varicose testify that if you start taking the pill when the first signs of the disease appear, you can forget about it (illness) for many years);
    the effect develops gradually, that is, if the doctor said that the medicine should be drunk for 2 months, then it really is necessary to drink the specified amount of time, and to maintain the results achieved, repeat 1-2 times a year;
    the approach to treatment should be comprehensive - to achieve the desired effect, one should not forget about the regime, diet, adequate physical exertion, the use of other medicines.
Side effects on the background of the use of tablets are extremely rare, and they do not require special treatment and cancellation Detralex. This effect is due to the unique medicinal formula of the drug and the special production technology: particles of Detralex active components are so small that they are easily absorbed by the body (due to its high bioavailability the drug is considered more effective than its more inexpensive analogs).

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