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Fluditec syrup 5% 125ml


$19.82 Ex Tax: $19.82

Fluditec user manualYou can buy Fluditec on this pageTo buy Fluditec for children just contact usComposition    1 ml of Fluditec 5% syrup for adults contains 50 mg of carbocysteine.    Excipients: sun..

Fluifort granules 2.5gr/5gr #10


$20.48 Ex Tax: $20.48

User manual for FluifortYou can buy Fluifort on this pageComposition1 bag of granules contains 2.7 grams of carbocysteine ​​(lysine salt) and additional substances: cedar flavor, polyvinylpyrrolidone, mannitol, citric acid, orange..

Fluifort syrup 9% 120ml


$37.50 Ex Tax: $37.50

Instruction for Fluifort syrupYou can buy Fluifort syrup on this pageFluifort is a group of mucolytics and is given to patients for liquefaction and facilitating the departure of viscous sputum.Form of formulation and composition ..

Fluimucil solution 10% 3ml #5


$12.18 Ex Tax: $12.18

Fluimucil instructionTo buy Fluimucil just add it to your cartComposition1 ml solution for inhalation and injection contains 100 mg of acetylcysteine, in 1 ampoule - 300 mg of acetylcysteine, additional substances: sodium hydroxid..

Galazolin gel 0.1% 10gr


$8.54 Ex Tax: $8.54

Instruction manual for GalazolinReed more and buy Galazolin on this pageCompositionGel Galazolin nasal - xylometazoline hydrochloride, sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium hydrogenphosphate, benzalkonium chloride, ..

Gelomyrtol caps 120mg #20


$19.25 Ex Tax: $19.25

Gelomyrtol user manualYou can buy Gelomyrtol hereCompositionIn 1 capsule: Myrtol 120 mg, it includes cineole in the amount of 30 mg, limonene 30 mg, α-pinene 8 mg;Gelomyrtol Forte contains: myrtol in a dose of 300 mg, in its compo..

Gelomyrtol forte caps 300mg #20


$22.60 Ex Tax: $22.60

Gelomyrtol forte instruction for useReed more and buy Gelomyrtol forte on this pageComposition    1 capsule contains:    Active substance: Myrtol standardized 300 mg;    Excipients: med..

Golden star balm liquid 5ml


$7.97 Ex Tax: $7.97

Golden star balm liquid instruction for useYou can buy Golden star balm liquid hereCompositionPer 100 ml of the preparation:Active components:Menthol crystalline (L-menthol) 28.00 gCamphor 8.88 gPeppermint oil 22,90 gEucalyptus oi..

Golden Star pencil for inhalation 1.3gr


$8.14 Ex Tax: $8.14

Golden Star pencil for inhalation instructionYou can buy Golden Star pencil for inhalation hereThe effectiveness of the pencil "Golden Star" is due to a special composition, which includes essential oils derived from medicinal pla..

Grammidin kids spray 0.03mg + 0.1mg/dose 112doses


$22.87 Ex Tax: $22.87

Grammidin kids spray instructionYou can buy Grammidin kids spray hereCompositionOne dose of Grammidin kids spray contains:Deactive substances:Gramicidin C dihydrochloride - 0.0319 mg (in terms of gramicidin C - 0.03 mg)ethylpyridi..

Grammidin spray 0.06mg + 0.1mg/dose 112doses


$19.50 Ex Tax: $19.50

Grammidin spray instruction for useReed more and buy Grammidin spray on this pagepharmachologic effectPharmacotherapeutic group:Antibiotic + antisepticАТХ:R.02.A Drugs for the treatment of throat diseasesPharmacodynamicsCombined d..

Halixol tabs 30mg #20


$6.88 Ex Tax: $6.88

User manual for HalixolReed more and buy Halixol tabs on this pageCompositionThe composition of tablets Halixol includes active substance ambroksol and auxiliary components:    lactose monohydrate;   ..

Hedelix drops 50ml


$21.21 Ex Tax: $21.21

Hedelix instruction for useReed more and buy Hedelix hereComposition    The composition of 100 ml drops Hedelix volume includes 4 grams of extract of ivy leaves. Additional components: glycerol, propylene glycol, fl..

Herbion cowslip syrup 150ml


$18.57 Ex Tax: $18.57

Herbion cowslip syrup instructionReed more and buy Herbion cowslip syrup on this pageSee also - Herbion plantain syrup and Herbion Ivy leaf syrupCompositionThe composition contains active natural components: extracts of the roots ..

Herbion Ivy leaf syrup 150ml


$23.35 Ex Tax: $23.35

Herbion Ivy leaf syrup instruction for useTo buy Herbion Ivy leaf syrup just add it to your shopping cartSee also - Herbion Plantain syrupCompositionThe syrup contains dry ethanol ivy leaf extract.Additional constituents: sorbitol..

Herbion plantain syrup 150ml


$16.31 Ex Tax: $16.31

Herbion plantain syrup user manualReed more and buy Herbion plantain syrup hereCompositionThe syrup contains active ingredients: extract of plantain leaves and mallow flowers, ascorbic acid.Additional ingredients: sucrose, methyl ..

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