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Hexaspray 2.5% 30gr


$15.74 Ex Tax: $15.74

Hexaspray user manualReed more and buy Hexaspray onlineCompositionThe drug Hexaspray contains 750 mg of the active ingredient biklotimola in one 30-gram vial.Also, the spray contains auxiliary elements: sodium carboxymethylcellulo..

Hexo Broncho syrup 100mg/5ml 150ml


$16.86 Ex Tax: $16.86

Hexo Broncho instruction for useReed more and buy Hexo Broncho hereIndicationsSymptomatic therapy of cough accompanied by difficulty in sputum discharge.ContraindicationsHypersensitivity to any of the components of Hexo Broncho, g..

Hexoral solution 1mg/ml 200ml


$22.48 Ex Tax: $22.48

Hexoral solution instruction for useReed more and buy Hexoral solution hereForm of release, composition and packagingTopical solution 0.1% in the form of a transparent liquid of red color with the smell of mint.100 mlhexiethidine ..

Hexoral tabs Extra #16


$10.96 Ex Tax: $10.96

Hexoral tabs Extra instruction for useReed more and buy Hexoral tabs Extra on this pageComposition1 tablet contains:Active substances:Amyl methacresol 0.6 mg2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2 mgLidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate 10.0..

Homeovox tabs 300mg #60


$17.87 Ex Tax: $17.87

Homeovox user manualTo buy Homeovox tablets just add it to your cartCompositionTablet Homeovox contains:    beladonna, calendula, Kandikan poplar, pharmacy aconite, calcareous sulfuric liver, three-leafed arizema, d..

Influnet caps #20


$11.39 Ex Tax: $11.39

Instruction for InflunetYou can buy Influnet onlineForm of release, composition and packagingHard gelatin capsules Influnet, size No. 0, blue casing, blue lid; contents of capsules - a mixture of powder and / or granules of yellow..

Influnet powder 5gr #10


$12.93 Ex Tax: $12.93

Influnet powder instructionReed more and buy Influnet powder on this pageRead this manual carefully before using this medication.This medicine is dispensed without a prescription. To achieve optimal results, it should be used, str..

Ingavirin caps 90mg #10


$29.58 Ex Tax: $29.58

Ingavirin user manualYou can buy Ingavirin hereComposition Of IngavirinComposition of the preparation:imidazolylidene pentandiol acid;silicon colloidal dioxide, lactose, magnesium stearate, potato starch;shell-titanium dioxide, dy..

Ingavirin kids caps 60mg #7


$20.22 Ex Tax: $20.22

Ingavirin kids instruction for useYou can buy Ingavirin kids hereTo combat viral infections, drugs that can affect viral particles are used. They inhibit their reproduction, destroy viruses or stimulate the immune system so that i..

Inhalypt aerosol 30ml


$7.95 Ex Tax: $7.95

Inhalypt instructionReed more and buy Inhalypt hereThe drug Inhalypt is a drug for topical use with a pronounced antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The drug is widely used for inflammatory diseases of the oroph..

Interferon 1000ME 4doses #10


$8.71 Ex Tax: $8.71

Interferon instruction for useReed more and buy Interferon on this pageCompositionThe composition of interferon preparations depends on their form of release.Form releaseInterferon preparations have the following forms of release:..

IodAngin powder #10


$11.20 Ex Tax: $11.20

IodAngin user manualReed more and buy IodAngin on this pageComposition    Sodium bicarbonate, sea food salt, potassium iodide, eucalyptus extract, sage extract, silicon dioxide, flavor identical to natural "Mint", n..

Isla Moos lozenges 1000mg #30


$23.35 Ex Tax: $23.35

Instruction for Isla MoosYou can buy Isla Moos hereCompositionIn 1 tablet of Isla Moos contains 80 mg of an aqueous extract of Icelandic moss (Cetraria islandica) (0.4-0.8 to 1) and such inactive components as gum arabic, liquid p..

Isla-Mint 1000mg #30


$22.20 Ex Tax: $22.20

Isla-Mint instruction for useYou can buy Isla-Mint hereCompositionIn one lozenge there are 100 milligrams of an aqueous extract of Icelandic moss. Also contained Aqua purificata, Parafin liquid, Chlorophyll (water-soluble) 100%, O..

Isofra (Framycetin) 15ml


$22.95 Ex Tax: $22.95

Isofra instruction for useReed more and buy Isofra onlineSpray Isofra is an antibacterial agent for external topical application. It is used to treat infectious and inflammatory processes with localization in the ENT organs, cause..

Jocet syrup 100ml


$10.97 Ex Tax: $10.97

Jocet instruction for useYou can buy Jocet syrup on this pageComposition5 milliliters of syrup contains 1, 205 milligrams of salbutamol sulfate (corresponding to 1 milligram of salbutamol), 2 milligrams of bromhexine hydrochloride..

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