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Lasolvan syrup 30mg/5ml 100ml

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Lasolvan syrup user manualTo buy syrup Lasolvan just add it to your shopping cartSyrup Lasolvan belongs to the pharmacological group of medicines that have mucolytic and expectorant action. The drug is used to improve the excretio..

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Lasolvan syrup user manual

To buy syrup Lasolvan just add it to your shopping cart

Syrup Lasolvan belongs to the pharmacological group of medicines that have mucolytic and expectorant action. The drug is used to improve the excretion of sputum for various pathologies of the respiratory system.

Form of issue and composition

Syrup Lasolvan is a colorless or almost colorless viscous liquid for oral administration (oral administration) with the smell of strawberries or forest berries. The main active substance of the drug is ambroxol, its content in 15 ml of syrup can be 15 and 30 mg. The syrup also contains auxiliary substances, which include:
    Liquid sorbitol.
    Acesulfame potassium.
    Benzoic acid.
    Vanilla flavor.
    A flavor of forest berries or strawberries.
    Purified water.
Syrup is contained in bottles of dark glass with a volume of 100 and 200 ml. A cardboard pack contains one bottle of syrup and instructions for the use of the drug.

pharmachologic effect

Therapeutic effects of Lasolvan syrup are realized due to its main active substance ambroxol, they include:
    Mucolytic effect - a decrease in the viscosity produced in bronchial sputum.
    Expectorant effect - is realized due to the increase in sputum secretion in the bronchi, as well as activation of mucociliary clearance (cilia movement of the respiratory epithelium, aimed at excretion of sputum).
Due to such therapeutic effects, Lasolvan syrup intake allows to reduce the intensity of cough accompanied by the production of viscous sputum.
After taking Lasolvan syrup inside, its active substance is quickly and completely absorbed into the blood from the lumen of the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract. Ambroxol is almost evenly distributed in the tissues of the body with a slightly larger concentration in the structures of the respiratory system. It is metabolized in the liver cells with the formation of inactive decay products, which are excreted from the body with urine. The half-life of the active substance of the drug (the time for which half of the entire dose is taken out) is about 10 hours.

Indications for use

Lasolvan syrup intake is indicated in the pathology of the respiratory system, which is accompanied by a cough and increased production of viscous sputum in the bronchi:
    Acute or chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa.
    Chronic obstructive bronchial pathology, which is characterized by a narrowing of their lumen and a significant deterioration in the excretion of sputum.
    Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs.
    Bronchoectatic disease is a pathology of the bronchi, which is predominantly hereditary, while in the bronchi, pathological enlargements are formed with the accumulation of viscous sputum in them and the development of an inflammatory reaction.
    Bronchial asthma is a specific allergic inflammation of the bronchi with the development of attacks of their constriction (spasm) and production of viscous vitreous sputum.
Also, the drug can be used as a pathogenetic therapy for acute respiratory viral pathology accompanied by a cough.

Contraindications for use

Reception of syrup Lasolvan is contraindicated in a number of pathological or physiological conditions of the body, which include:
    Individual intolerance to ambroxol or auxiliary components of the drug.
    Intolerance to fructose, which is mainly hereditary.
    Pregnancy in the first trimester of her course, as well as breastfeeding.
    Children under 6 years old for dosing 30 mg ambroxol in 5 ml Lasolvan syrup.
Before you start taking Lasolvan syrup, you should make sure there are no contraindications to the use of the drug.

Dosing and Administration

Syrup Lasolvan is taken inside regardless of the previous meal. The dosage depends on the age of the patient:
    Children under 2 years of age - 2.5 ml of syrup with a concentration of ambroxol 15 mg in 5 ml of syrup 2 times a day.
    Children from 2 to 6 years - 2.5 ml syrup with a concentration of ambroxol 15 mg in 5 ml of syrup 3 times a day.
    Children aged 6 to 12 years - 5 ml syrup with a concentration of ambroxol 15 mg in 5 ml of syrup 3 times a day.
    Adults and children over the age of 12 years - 5 ml of a syrup with a concentration of 30 mg ambroxol 5 ml syrup 3 times a day.
In the case of preservation of cough and shortness of sputum discharge within 4-5 days from the initiation of syrup Lasolvan, should consult a doctor for further examination and to determine its causes.

Side effects of Lasolvan syrup

The intake of Lasolvan syrup can lead to the development of undesirable reactions from various organs and systems:
    Digestive System - nausea, decreased oral mucosa sensitivity can be less vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, which may have a spasmodic or character drawing, dry mouth and throat.
    The nervous system and sensory organs are dysgeusia (a violation of taste budgets).
    Allergic reactions - skin rash and its pruritus, urticaria, resembling burn skin nettles, angioneurotic angioedema (pronounced edema of tissues with preferential localization in the areas of the face and external genital organs) or anaphylactic shock (severe systemic allergic reaction to the decrease in blood pressure and development of multiorgan insufficiency).
The development of side effects after taking Lasolvan syrup is the basis for stopping its application and contacting a doctor.

special instructions

Before you start taking Lasolvan syrup, you should carefully read the annotation to the drug. Consideration should be given to a number of specific indications regarding its application, which include:
    Perhaps the use of the drug for pregnant women in II and III trimester with extreme caution, if the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the developing fetus.
    It is not recommended to take Lasolvan syrup against the background of the use of medicinal antitussives, which make it difficult for sputum to escape.
    The drug as an auxiliary substance contains sorbitol, therefore it should not be taken to persons with congenital intolerance to fructose.
    Sorbitol, which is part of the syrup, can have a mild laxative effect.
    A study on the effect of the drug on the rate of psychomotor reactions and the ability of the cerebral cortex to concentrate attention was not conducted.
Syrup Lasolvan in the pharmacy network is released without a prescription. If you have questions or doubts about taking it, you should consult your doctor.


Cases of an overdose of Lasolvan syrup have not been described. In the case of a significant excess of the dose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain may develop. To treat overdosage, the stomach, intestine, intestinal sorbents (activated charcoal), and symptomatic therapy are washed.

Terms and conditions of storage

The shelf life of Lasolvan syrup is 3 years from the date of its manufacture. The drug should be stored in a dark place inaccessible to children at an air temperature of not more than + 25ÂșC.

Terms of sell

To buy Lasolvan syrup the prescription is not required.

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